BTC’s Service is beginning to feel like some submersible – LOST IN THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN!


And where is URCA in this BTC telephone crisis?!

BTC Crisis gets worst by the day. Here the company celebrates a logo while in some areas services down for 24-hours!

Dear BP,

On BTC – A Commission of Inquiry is needed.

Somehow this issue has passed through successive governments unresolved. BTC continues to provide mediocre services at all levels, although subscribers complain nothing is being done.

URCA says where ya put me and the subscribers are left confused and dazed by the continuing incompetence of a corporation which has the gall to say “It’s your preferred” service provider.

Indeed, when you are lucky enough to get through on their phones you are offered even more services usually, those you are calling to complain about like, Landlines and Internet services being useable for months yet the bills keep coming.

To this day no one has adequately explained how the once jewel in our telecommunications sector was allowed to fall into the hands of a company universally derided in the Caribbean as being “careless and wutless”.

No one has explained why a profitable, efficient organization with millions in its bank accounts, a fully funded pension scheme and staffed by full-time dedicated, talented professionals was sold to a company that now only offers outsourced services.

BTC and its unreliability have become a quality-of-life issue for Bahamians. The continued silence on what is being done to correct this corporate dumpster fire will also have a political cost. SERIOUS POLITICAL COSTS IF LEFT UNCHECKED!

If BTC, its management and staff believe for one moment that they will get away with this corporate abuse of Bahamians, they will find that they are sorely mistaken.

We are waiting patiently for any viable alternative to their BS.

Michael J. Brown