Bus driver almost murdered a passenger in the street on Prince Charles Drive


Both men say the incident was a misunderstanding – even though blood was leaking from one of the men head after being smashed by a rock several times!….

Head smashing exercise in the street after a man got into a row with bus driver on Prince Charles….

Nassau, Bahamas – Two men, one a Public Service Bus Driver, were in the public road fighting this Thursday afternoon around 4 PM on Prince Charles opposite the Quality Foodstore in the area.

From what we understand, one of the men, who was a foreign national [THE BUS DRIVER], almost smashed open the head of the other with a stone. Eyewitnesses say the man almost beaten to death had hopped off the bus without payment. The bus driver decided that was not going to happen and before ya know it both were bloody in the road trying to paint the street red with blood.

In the end, the fight was stopped and one was left leaking blood from the head.

Both men, who claim the ordeal was a misunderstanding, decided not to press charges. Amazing hey?

All we ga say is this: the driver should not be driving any public bus and his public service license should be revoked! What this is? We ga wait til he kill a passenger for $1!

We ga report and let yinner decide!