Bus driver shot dead was charged in the 2015 murder of Luternier Excelus…and the attempted murder of three others…

Giovanni Lafluer aka stickman

NASSAU| Your on the ground investigative BP team has now identified that homicide victim on Robinson Road just off Florida Court this morning.

The victim is this man Giovanni Lafleur aka stickman, who drove his 15a bus enroute when he encountered an armed gunman.

Most readers will not recall how Lafleur was charged along with Aaron Virgil in connection with the May 8, 2015 homicide of Luternier Excelus, and the attempted murders of Stephen Bastian, Denario Andrews and Fredrick Morley.

Somehow Lafleur was back on the streets walking up and down and driving a public bus. What is this?

He died on the scene and has become the 104th homicide victim for the year.

We report yinner decide!