Cabinet agrees to ax 35 more Bahamians at NIB and NHI with some six additional persons to be sent home tomorrow on Grand Bahama!


Everyday some group are getting sent home under the FNM!

The Minnis-led Cabinet set to fire Grand Bahamians tomorrow!

Nassau, Bahamas – The Minnis-led government is quickly moving to undo that which the Christie Government began and one of the plans for the health security of the country is just one of them.

Bahamas Press has learned that an additional 35 persons have lost their jobs at the National Insurance Board after some 50 persons assigned to NHI were axed earlier this week.

Minnis told Bahamians if they do their jobs, they have nothing to fear and, from the looks of things, this is getting to be untrue.

Tomorrow [Friday] we understand an additional six persons on the island of Grand Bahama will be axed.

Our Cabinet source confirmed, “Some will lose their job tomorrow on Grand Bahama. This has been agreed and will come as we right size the government.”

Grand Bahama is one of the larger communities in that part of the country that broadly supported the FNM in the last elections. With three Cabinet Ministers and five MPs in Parliament, why would those politicians agree with the axing of Bahamians in an already depressed community?

It’s Dem People Time!

We report yinner decide!