Cabinet is now being held in the room where General Elections Ballots are recounted!

PM Minnis lost on COVID and direction of the country.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now informing the country and, indeed, the world that the Minnis Government has moved its weekly Cabinet Meetings into the secure Paul Farquarson Command Centre where the General Elections ballots are recounted and stored!

BP wonders what could be the plan here? To enter that room one must be finger scanned. Ya think CORRUPT Minnis getting prepared to get access into the ROOM WHERE THE BALLOTS ARE PROTECTED?

Ya see, I want the Minnis GOVERNMENT to know they could go to the depths of hell to hold Cabinet Meeting and LO – WE AT BP WILL BE THERE!

We been seated deep in the Cabinet Room before yinner came – and we will be the fly on the wall even after yinner leave! LIVE WITH IT!

What is the Cabinet of the Bahamas doing having meetings where the General Elections ballots are stored and recounted? WHAT IS THIS?

We warned yinner how Minnis wants 10,000 dead Bahamians to stay on the current register!

We report yinner decide!