Police leaves gun in the bathroom and the matter swept under the rug!

Magistrate Court

By thegallery242.com

A Woman Police Inspector attached to the Magistrates Court on Nassau Street forgot her service weapon in a restroom in the court complex on Monday and she could not remember where she left it.

Luckily for her, a court employee eventually found the gun in the bathroom and turned the weapon into a court Marshall.

The woman’s negligence could have resulted in a police-issued weapon falling into the wrong hands.

However, instead of penalizing the officer for this serious breach of the Police Act, which could have had far more dangerous consequences, the Marshall returned the gun to the Woman Police Inspector later that day and the decision was made by court officials to keep it hush hush.

As a result, the officer’s weapon was not confiscated by the Police Commissioner and no investigation was launched to determine if her actions were negligent.

According to section 62 of the Police Act, “Any police officer who pawns, sells, loses by negligence, spoils or makes away with the whole or any portion of his arms, clothing, accoutrements, appointments or any Government property whatsoever shall, in addition to any other punishment, be liable to make good the amount of such damage or loss by stoppages from his salary, allowances or other emoluments.”