Cabinet is set to approve another ‘Gussiemae’ Delegation – this time to Singapore…


The Minnis Cabinet

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now learning from our sources deep inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that another ‘Gussiemae’ Delegation is now headed to Singapore for another major international trip.

The trip, according to our source, will engage more friends, family and lovers than the last ones to London and Peru.

We are learning Gal Pal #2 who was not allowed on the Peru and London trip will be joining this international trip.

Some 36 persons from the Bahamas were on the trip to London. BP understands even a chief photographer inside the office of the Prime Minister was allowed to add her special male friend along for the ride.

Sources tell us the preliminary list to Singapore could gather more than 40 persons in the delegation. What they are going to do is still unknown!

With 1.7 Billion borrowed in 10 months and scores of vendors still unpaid and even more Bahamians being sent to the unemployment lines, one must wonder what is the rationale behind this loaded, bloated spending on global tours which come and go with no plans for the Bahamas.

Well, BP gata pay our own way to tell yinner what’s happening. Dis something, eh?

We report yinner decide!