Cabinet Minister’s relative is now first known case of malaria in the capital



Nassau, Bahamas — A health officer has now confirmed to Bahamas Press that there is at least one case of malaria that is now being treated at the hospital here in the capital.

The breaking update comes just five days following a press statement of a possible malaria outbreak by shadow Minister of Health, Dr. B.J. Nottage.

According to the officer in the health department, the victim had recently returned to the capital following a trip to Africa where he contracted the disease. According to the officer, the victim was treated while in Africa and discharged, however, symptoms returned shortly after his arrival back to the capital.

Malaria is a potentially fatal blood disease caused by a parasite that is transmitted to human and animal hosts by the Anopheles mosquito. Once infected, the disease forms clots in the blood, which if left unchecked could cause blood to clot in the body turning its victim into a fatality.

The man, who BP will not name, is now quarantined and all the necessary protocols are in place. Doctors are monitoring him and at this time there is no cause for alarm. Bahamas Press has learnt he is a relative of a senior Cabinet Minister.

While the government is yet to announce this developing story, health officials are reporting some 2,500 persons have been contracted with the Dengue outbreak that has landed also the wife of the Governor General, Lady Joan Foulkes in hospital. An outbreak in Trinidad has also landed the Prime Minister of that Caribbean island in hospital.

Garbage outside the Muslim building on Carmichael Road. The Garbage has not been collected in the area for 3 weeks. It is no wonder the Dengue is taking over the southwestern New Providence. We can do Better!

And while health officials say no one on Grand Bahama has become infected, BP update in Long Island confirms 5 cases, on Exuma 1 and in North Eleuthera at least 6. The spread of the disease has caused major disruptions in work environments where at ZNS alone we are told some 6 persons are on sick leave because of the dengue.

BP warns all residents to do not wait for the government to clean up and collect garbage in their surrounding areas. For goodness sakes CLEAN UP YA YARD! GET rid of those mosquito infested derelict vehicles. Get rid of the water collecting pots and bins around the yard. Old tires and buckets. And if your garbage is piled up, call IMPACT WASTE DISPOSAL LTD at 361-6722 or at 424-2322 or 361-8112 and let them collect that waste pileup in your yard.



  1. One day after this report was logged, the garbage services came by and collected the heap of garbage in the area. The residents garbage had not been collected since JUNE 1.


  2. why the hell the let that nigger who had the malaria in africa come over here i know when he come off the plane at least five mosquito bite him, soon you will here more people having it cause of our poor health system, we pose to have major screenings for people who come from such countries and not let them come over here

  3. Finally ZNS reports what BP knew over a week ago. Only hours after we report it, it finds itself in the mainstream press. WHAT KINDA GAME ARE THEY PLAYING IN THIS COUNTRY?


  4. Seems as if the Bahamas is going throuh a sold to the devil period and a curse to go with it. We must have asked God for the wrong thing or things. The majority of us collectively.

  5. Dengue Fever has been on Grand Bahama for 4 weeks now.

    I was one of the first infected and had called on the Minister of Health to announce that we have an epidemic then.

    I have 5 plus immediate family members and at least 6 friends that has or have had dengue fever in the last four weeks.

    The doctors at the hospital tried everything to convince people that it wasn’t dengue fever if at least one of the symptoms was missing.

    Because I didn’t have bleeding gums but all the other symptoms they said they didn’t want to hastily conclude that.

    There was others waiting in the ER with the same symptoms including children.

    Even the medicine and procedures prescribed was as mentioned to threat dengue.


    It was until someone in the same house also came down with the symptoms and we insisted on the blood tests it was able to be confirmed.

    One has to question as to why the Minister would want to hid this fact rather than have people be aware and prepared to deal with it.

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