Cabinet Minister must be drinking BARBANCOURT 70CL! BP reveals how an employee in the Ministry has not reported to work for one year!


Government worker puts in 1/2 an hour of work weekly, collects a full salary, housing allowance and lives in Florida!

Prime Minister Christie confronted outside the Cabinet Office by key generals from Centreville who cannot get an audience with him. Generals have warned Christie that a new day is coming in 2017.

PM Christie should call for a real staff audit  in the department before the Bahamian people uncover the details on Bahamas Press

Nassau, Bahamas — Some are beginning to believe a senior member in the Christie Cabinet is regularly swilling a bottle of Haitian Rum before and after he joins the Cabinet table, ‘cause when BP examines what is going on in his ministry, one can only come to that conclusion.

Sources deep in the department tell us the Minister, who is MP for a northern family island seat, has promoted top generals of the opposition party within the department. But it gets worse; the employee we focus on today is a relative of the Minister. And here is where our story gets better.

Bahamas Press has learnt that, since promotions within the department the employee has become an untouchable, collecting a full salary along with a lavish housing allowance – all paid for by taxpayers.

In documents shown to BP, the employee’s half hour once a week contribution is communicated to the department via email from community of Port St. Lucie, Florida. And according to our sources deep within the department, the government employee has taken up a second job in that Florida community.

What in the hell is dis?

We are told the “untouchable” was first transferred into the department under the Ingraham regime, but was for years employed by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. And it gets worse.

Recently, the BARBANCOURT horse backing Minister hired a red gal out of one of the dying dinos [WUTLESS MEDIA DEM] to do the work of his relative so she would have absolutely nothing to do and collect money from the public purse; while we the Bahamian people wait on the regime’s indecision and lack of public education on VAT!

Bahamas Press is now on the move looking through documents and paper trails of the soon outgoing regime, and we will report how another BARBANCOURT swindling MP racked up a $48,000 credit card bill on the public purse while in London for four days…

Selling Dreams to the Bahamians People – das the best we’ll get from the Christie Regime!

Boy I tell ya! Someone gats to be serving that Haitian rum around the Cabinet Table every Tuesday!

BP will report and let yinner decide!