Cable Bahamas’ lack of transmission proves disastrous for Bahamians …


The country cannot any longer leave communication of the national station to Cable Bahamas!

Nassau, Bahamas – A national assessment must now be made on how Bahamians are allowed to access television communications independent of Cable Bahamas.

The recent passage of Hurricane Matthew proves that the decision to allow transmission through the country solely by Cable Bahamas was huge mistake.

Prior to CBL introduction to the Bahamas, residents in New Providence accessed ZNS live and it was free.

During the storm it was realized that no matter how many persons’ power were restored still no one could access Cable Bahamas and what is worse was the fact that Cable still cannot tell customers when its services will be restored.

Additionally, the company has yet to say what it will give customers after days of blackout with its network.

This is a travesty!

Leaders should note you can’t run a country in the dark. And you definitely cannot leave transmission of important national information to the public in the hands of Cable Bahamas.

We report yinner decide!