Cable Bahamas’ NewCo Mobile Project IN TROUBLE! Mobile package announce to start at $500 a month! WELL BLOW ME DOWN!


CBL’s NewCo cannot build a real mobile network without first making a REAL INVESTMENT WITH A NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE!

Nassau, Bahamas – Cable Bahamas’ new mobile company NewCo has ran out of time and its October 1 launch date deadline has come and gone and we wonder where are the phones?

The company has taken many of its 22 cell towers off the ground where dog and cat piss frequent and have erected them into the air. But there still is a problem. Roaming tests had failed and from what we understand the company didn’t even order the proper needed equipment to meet the deadline.

On Saturday NewCo circulated its package. They announced how customers would operate on a 3G and LTE network with a plan starting at $500 per month. Then there is the question that cannot be answered by anyone not even Cable supporters at URCA: Where are the sub offices around the country to signup for the service? We have seen this playbook from Cable Bahamas before!

We believe Cable Bahamas hiked the price to $500 because they knew no resident would buy the package and they know the service is not up and ready. This will hurt the new brand.

Cable Bahamas paid $62.5 million for its spectrum licence to the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) and lodge an $18.2 million performance bond with the regulator to guarantee performance of its network roll-out obligations by October 1st. That did not happen and we wonder what will be the consequences imposed by URCA! Perhaps that will not be discussed in the news.

NewCo has no BPL power connecting to any of its New Providence cell locations as they have hit a rock in a hard place finding the funding to build a national network.

Sources deep inside the CBL operations say, “This will be an uphill battle and finding money is not only impossible in this market but is a serious challenge around the world. From the way it looks we will lose portions of our bond if we fail to meet the launch deadline.”

NewCo claims it intends to build a national network to take mobile to the next level in the country, but its sister company Cable Bahamas have completely abandoned whole islands and failed to meet its national mandate to provide service throughout the country.

NewCo had hoped to use BTC’s expensive and vast cell towers across Bahamas in hope to bamboozle residents in believing that its has an infrastructure. But even while BTC has prepared its network for roaming CBL’s NewCo still have yet to make connections. WHAT IS DIS?

The fact of the matter is simple; if you use another company’s infrastructure it means your service will cost much much more!?

Cable Bahamas’ NewCo needs more than half a billion dollars to provide a fairly decent level of service to customers with building its own network. From the looks a things they will not get the equipment, the money or the customers in the end.

We report yinner decide!