Canonballs Bradley Roberts bites into publisher of the Mighty Punch…



PLP Chairman, Bradley Roberts

Bradley B. Roberts
National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party

For the past several issues, the down rag publication known as THE PUNCH has engaged in a systematic and insidious campaign of bold face lies and deceit against PLP members of parliament, others and the Bank of The Bahamas in a vain attempt to distract the government from its constitutional obligation to the Bahamian people – which is to govern this country and turn this economy around.

Notwithstanding the inconvenient facts that the loans were granted during an FNM government; approved by an FNM appointed Board of Directors; the bank’s impressive record of profitability since 1989 ($100 million) and its stellar record of regulatory compliance with applicable banking laws, Ivan Johnson and his down rag shoulders on with their tissue of lies and deceit. He never allows the facts and the truth to get in the way of a slimy story.

Sensible people know that banks grant million dollar loans against matching collateral as security, a proven track record of business performance and a business plan.

Publisher of the MIGHT PUNCH who bitch-licked Hubert Ingraham and the PLP - Ivan Johnson

Further, the bank monitors the expenditure to protect their investment. Only a fool would believe that a bank would grant millions of dollars in unsecured loans or that a career business person would borrow millions of dollars against their business only to gamble it away on politics. Such stupidity exists only in the sick, twisted and perverted mind of Ivan Johnson. Nobody believes that crap he is peddling because it has no connection to reality.

The Bahamian people who read THE PUNCH for entertainment and comic relief are not fools so the joke is clearly on Ivan.

We all understand the need to sensationalize stories and make up tall tales to sell papers, but I offer some unsolicited advice to Ivan Johnson: Whatever you are binging on that is causing you to hallucinate and tell these tall tales, please cease and desist as it cannot be good for your mental health.