Carl Bethel, Duane Sands and Marvin Dames must resign and resign NOW!!!

Minister for National Security Marvin Dames and Attorney General Carl Bethel.

Nassau | Carl Bethel has become the scorn of the legal profession in the country and, as Attorney General, a disgrace as the protector and upholder of the rights of every citizen in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

For months now BP has called for his resignation from office after his shameless and dutty handling of the country’s legal teams.

Bethel abandoned sound advice and competent legal counsel out of his Office of Attorney General in the Frank Smith matter. He knew he didn’t have any legal footing to proceed with a criminal case against the former Chairman of the Hospitals Authority. He rejected the counsel of the first prosecutor. He knew police could not organize a real charge sheet the day Frank Smith was charged. And Bethel knew that what was unfolding under his watch was against every right of a citizen that he is constitutionally charged to protect.

Bethel cannot serve in this office any more and he knows he could kiss godbye any ambition he has to become Chief Justice of the Bahamas!

Carl Bethel should resign as he has damaged the credibility of this office, failing to protect the Government. He has caused a collapse of confidence at the OAG and he has failed to protect even the innocent.

What a waste! Carl Bethel MUST RESIGN!

We report yinner decide!

PM Minnis and Health Minister Duane Sands.