WSC Executive Chairman Gibson warns staff to not venture on social media or they could be sacked as a result!


This Executive Chairman needs to get baptized by WSC workers!

WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson

Nassau – Another Executive Chairman of a Government Corporation will cost the Minnis Government plenty votes come the next general election as power has hit the head of Adrian Gibson.

BP is now calling the baby politician in diapers Jackass Adrian after he unceremoniously issued a dumb circular to Water and Sewerage staff this week, warning them against communicating on social media.

Now readers must remember this is the same Executive Chairman who told staff not to listen to social media as much of it is FAKE NEWS. But after we burst his bubble on the hire of Harry Joseph, the Jackass Gibson has become antsy!

Remember, now, he hired Harry Joseph who told police he was directed to spy on staff. Joseph had stalked the former AGM Kimberly Rolle who left the Corporation last week Thursday, citing serious breeches in the rules at the Corporation.

Anyway, this morning Jackass Adrian warned staff of their interaction in the use of social media and the discussing of information sensitive to the Corporation. In his warning he suggested that anyone caught sharing secrets would be fired immediately. Well, what is this?

Well, we at BP have some news for WSC staff. We want them to set up multiple social media accounts across Facebook and the like and put Jackass Gibson on blast! Let him know you have nothing to fear when it comes to speaking truth to power!

Tell Jackass Adrian carry his…[yinner know what we want say]!

PM Most Honourable Ever has another Executive Chairman he need to get rid of in his government!

We report yinner decide!