Carl Bethel, Where is the money [$18,000pa] to run your constituency office going?

Carl Bethel encouraging the Bad Candidate days before he lost 'Lizzy'.

Nassau, Bahamas – Residents in Sea Breeze Constituency should ask their MP, Carl Bethel, why is he running what appears to be a virtual “CRACK HOUSE LOOKING” constituency office on the main road of the Prince Charles Highway.

Papa is building a superhighway in the eastern area, and in full view of the public sits this eyesore. It appears that a derelict vehicle is parked in the yard, making the building look like a Stanford and Sons Bahamas branch. The grass is high, the windows busted, littered with card boards and posters blocking the view inside. The white paint looks flaky; the porch dingy and to put it blunt, the building looks “DUTTY”! We believe if you open the door and look inside someone would be smoking pot!

Never in our wildest dreams had we envision such a NASTY LOOKING place would be regarded as a shelter representing FNMs in the community. Abandoned, Neglected, Abused and Scary best describes it. The place looks horrible; it looks like an extension of the City Dump on Prince Charles.

Carl you ‘gata’ do better man! YOU NEED TO DO BETTER! Residents should know Bethel is the CHAIRMAN of the FNM, and constituents should take a good look at the place their ‘representer’ wants them to visit! Besides that, all MPs collect $18,000 a year to upkeep the branch office, so where is the money going to run this scrap metal looking dump site facility?

Bethel should not expect BP to stop by and drink VODKA or smoke Salem cigarettes in that nasty looking branch office eh? The voters in Sea breeze should not encourage such a DUMPSITE to exist.


Just a reminder, this is Carl Bethel week on BP…Stay Tuned!


  1. @media
    All those who have ever worked with Mr. Gibson on the campaign trail know that he is rather disorganized. To try and blame Carl for the lack of, or state of the Kennedy office is unfair. Even HAI can’t fix the Giant. He just big, lazy and wutless.

  2. @Gee, Totally Unprejuciced & media
    Mr. Bethel has been consumed with organizing the branches at the national level and because of time constraints was unable to pay attention to the Sea Breeze office but in short order the anomaly will be corrected. Mr. Bethel can be trusted to do this.

    • Has he organized a branch in Kennedy yet? We cannot find the constituency office and guess what? Someone collected money for the branch office? HINT: he stands above the average man….GO FIGURE!


  3. I agree, it looks terrible, they need to clear the yard and tear down that building…(cause I dont think they will be winning that seat anytime soon)<–my opinion.
    (You should have posted a pictures, for others to see)

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