CDU officer gunned down tonight-on Montrose Ave. just south of the Porch Bar…


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Breaking Report >>> Sgt. Wayne Rolle is tonight’s latest homicide victim….

BP live at the scene of that murdered officer last night.
Sgt. Wayne Rolle is tonight's homicide victim...

Nassau, Bahamas — Hundreds of residents poured into the streets of Montrose Ave. to witness the crime scene where a CDU officer was shot dead.

Police are already following leads into the death of Sgt. Wayne Rolle who was stationed at the Central Detective Unit.

Sources tell us Rolle, who was off duty at the time, had come to the area to lend assistance to a woman when he was shot to the head. This is not good.

A manhunt is already underway and, from our sources, police have their suspect in sight.

One officer told us, “Rolle was down to earth. He was a sweet person. You heard his voice before you saw him and he always made his presence known. He was one of our finest sons, a hard worker who took his job in battling crime very serious. We are going to miss him, but his spirit, I know, will live with us as we continue fighting this war on our streets.”

If you know the killer, if you know the yard, the street or the house he is in right now, warn the people around him to VACATE! This ain’t ga end well.

We report yinner decide!

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