Chervita Campbell now heads Freeport City Council


New Councillor Heads say it is a new day for Bahamians!

Ms. Chervita Campbell, Chief Councillor for the City of Freeport is pictured here with her Deputy, Nevar Lionel Smith, a 27- year-old newcomer to Local Government.

New Future Leaders on the Rise!

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama – Ms Chervita Khadine Campbell was voted in as the new Chief Councillor for the City of Freeport District Council, Monday June 23, replacing Kevin Rupert Ferguson.

And Nevar Lionel Smith, a 27-year-old radio personality from Mix 102.1 FM is the new Deputy Chief Councillor.

The nine-member Council was sworn into office, June 25, in the meeting room of the National Insurance Board office in Freeport, by

City Administrator Alexander Williams.

Ms. Campbell, a 36-year-old Guidance Counsellor from the Jack Hayward High School, contested the Marco City area and was the top vote-getter among the eight persons vying for the three Councillor positions, with 626 votes. Finishing second was Kevin Ferguson with 433 votes and Mrs. Omes Lockhart-Lightbourne finished third with 395 votes.

In Central Grand Bahama Marco Carey and Mrs. Frazette Gibson secured the vast majority of votes among the six persons contesting and was also sworn in as Councillors on Wednesday.

In East Grand Bahama, Chavaz Campbell and Nevar Lionel Smith emerged the winners among the seven persons contesting. Also making it to the Council were Ms. Melvina Albury and Clifton Francis who out-polled two others in the Pineridge Constituency.

Freeport, GB — Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Grand Bahama, Melvin Seymour, congratulated the new Councillors, and also applauded the unsuccessful candidates noting they showed a keen desire of wanting to serve.

He told Councillors: “You have taken oath today to serve in a very sacred office, an office of trust, and I wish to say to you that you should and truly take seriously the oath that you would have taken this morning.”

He called on Councillors to communicate openly with each other and to work as a team, treating each other with respect and encouragement, and also reminding them that they were elected to do a job.

“You must show a desire to work hard. You must work hard with a passion and dedication. You should motivate and you should inspire, always giving hope to those who elected you, those in various communities around you,” he stated.

Chief Councillor Campbell thanked the Almighty God and her parents for affording her the opportunity.

“I want to thank also the elected officials. Definitely we are on a new vision, new direction. It is my desire, and I am pledging today that I would work with each and every one of you in the capacity for you to serve your communities and the greater good of the island.

“And, our effort does not just stop within the City of Freeport! Our efforts extend for the whole island of Grand Bahama, and therefore all persons will feel the City of Freeport Council District,” she stated.

This marks the second consecutive time that Ms. Campbell has been elected to the local government board.

COUNCILLORS FOR FREEPORT – Member of the City of Freeport Local Government Council are pictured after being sworn in on Wednesday morning. Left to right seated are: Rev. Peter Pinder, President of the Grand Bahama Christian Council; Nevar Lionel Smith, Deputy Chief Councillor; Alexander Williams, Administrator, City of Freeport; Ms. Chervita Khadine Campbell, Chief Councillor; and Mr. Melvin Seymour, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Grand Bahama. Standing left to right are Councillors Marco Antonio Carey, Omes Lockhart-Lightbourne, Kevin Ferguson, Frazette Gibson, Clifton Francis, Melvina Albury, and C. McMahon Campbell.