Children could go missing in the Bahamas if laws are not tighten to protect them from dangerous pedophiles! – Could slackness in the system be the reason why all the SEX OFFENDERS are seeking to hide out in the Bahamas?


Who do we have living hire with records of Sexual Crimes from around the world? READ THIS STORY WHICH BROADCASTED LAST YEAR AUGUST IN THE DAILY MAIL!

Robert Van Gundy, pictured with wife Arielle, were planning to sail to the Bahamas.

Is the Bahamas a haven for Sexual Offenders? What did we sign and when?

Fugitives: Police nabbed Robert Joseph Van Gundy, left, and wife, Arielle Van Gundy, at Dinner Key Marina.

A fugitive who allegedly sexually assaulted a minor was arrested with his wife near a sailing boat, packed with weapons, which they were planning to use to flee to the Bahamas.

Robert Van Gundy, 29, and his wife Arielle had boasted to friends that they would never be taken alive before being nabbed by police at Dinner Key Marina in Miami yesterday afternoon.

Investigators say the pair were just days away from escaping, with Robert Van Gundy – wanted for 16 counts of interfering with a minor – posting a request for sailing directions on a ‘cruising blog’.

‘I want to cruise the Bahamas and maybe farther… I would like to sail from Biscayne to Bimini…I will freely admit that the gulf stream crossing scares the crap of me…I’m not from this area (Miami, FL) so I don’t know anyone…I’m from the desert and in a strange land’, Robert Van Gundy wrote, according to 7 News.

Robert Van Gundy, charged with 16 counts of sexual conduct with a male victim under the age of 18 between 2008 and 2009, fled Arizona after missing his court hearing. A warrant for his arrest was issued soon after on August 14.

Officials received a tip a few days ago saying the self-described ‘anti-government’ couple were staying at the Chesapeake Motel in Hialeah, and making daily trips to a boat they had bought for $4,000 on July 31.

The 31-foot split sailing boat was also stocked with weapons and ammunition.

‘This is an individual who basically traveled 3000 miles all the way across the United States and now he’s here in Florida on a sail boat with a cache of weapons and ammunition, and he was trying to get out of Florida to flee to the Bahamas,’ Marshals Service spokesman Barry Golden told Fox 10.

Officers from the U.S. Marshals Service, Miami-Dade Sexual Predators and Offenders Unit and Miami Police staked out Pier 4 at the marina all day until the couple arrived on the dock.

‘We snuck up behind them, basically surprised them and they had no idea we where there and arrested him without incident,’ Golden said.

Robert Van Gundy, a boating enthusiast, has reportedly been taken back to Arizona to face his charges.

Arielle Van Gundy was also arrested after authorities found a small handgun inside a dog purse and she does not have a concealed weapons permit in Florida, the Miami Herald reports.

Three small dogs that were with the couple were picked up by Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Golden said it was critical the couple were arrested before making their escape.

‘They made statements he would not be taken alive, so when you have someone who is making those kind of statements and you have fire arms involved, there’s a huge concern for safety with law enforcement,’ Golden told Fox 10.

Fellow boaters said they thought the couple were ‘pleasant’ and had seen them with their three dogs as they made several trips each day to their sailboat.

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Escape vessel: The Van Grundys bought this 31-foot split sailboat for $4,000 about a month ago and kept it at Dinner Key Marina.