Christian Council find their tongue to talk about Crime!

Members of the Christain Council.

Council want to deal with crime after the CRIME BOSS gets fired by the people

Breaking News <<< All of a sudden out of no where the ‘vicked’ CHRISTIAN Council wants to have a press conference on CRIME.

Now could you imagine after 4 years of record murders the Christian Council could not be heard, but all of a sudden since the dictator has been fired by the people, they want to speak to the issue.

But yinner know BP want say something, but we just biting our lip.


  1. It seems that the country has a crime problem because that is what is being manifested. But in fact the country has a SIN problem. The SIN of HATE is being manifested at it’s extreme in the amount of murders, The SIN of LUST is being manifested in Rape, Sexual harassment, incest etc. The SIN of GREED and COVETOUSNESS is being manifested burglary, fraud, embezzlement.The SIN of ADULTERY/FORNICATION is manifested in teenage pregnancy, sweethearting, homosexuality, and Lesbianism. The Christian Council need to call a solemn assembly to address the SIN problem, they and their members need to get out of their cushion pews and go from door to door to encourage families to go back to God’s teaching in the Bible. THESE ISLANDS NEED JESUS!!!!

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