Christie: “There will be no retreat…There will be NO SURRENDER!” Pinder is PLP Candidate



Perry Christie at the Doris Johnson Senior High School on Thursday this week. Christie told thousands gathered at the school his Party is ready to march to victory.

Nassau, Bahamas There will be no retreat…there will be NO SURRENDER!” Those were the words given at PLP at a rally in Elizabeth this week by PLP leader, Perry Christie. In less than 24-hours after Malcolm Adderley‘s resignation from the House of Assembly, Bahamas Press has learned Christie quickly sprung into action and has already rolled the PLP into a bloodthirsty fighting political machine.

Ryan Pinder copyBahamas Press now projects the PLP will return a candidate to the Elizabeth seat in Parliament. We are now getting word Ryan Pinder will indeed receive the nod as standardbearer for the PLP. The announcement will come early this week. Bahamas Press will ENDORSE Pinder, who is the son of former PLP Cabinet Minister and MP for Malcolm Creek, Marvin Pinder.

Christie, we are told by a Party insider, has unleashed a fullscale assault on the Ingraham FNM machine, and was the first to hold a rally in the big by-election dance. Insiders tell us, PhilipBraveDavis, Bradley Roberts, Obie Wilchcombe and Dr. Bernard Nottage have all locked hands surrounding the PLP leader in the March to re-claim Elizabeth. We are also told the men have all commenced a serious ground campaign assault, which include delegations of PLP foot soldiers flown into the capital out of Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador.

“By the direction of Christie, we will leave no stone unturned in Elizabeth. Every living person in that constituency will be talking to our leadership team, and they will be assured of our commitment to them as we are set to reclaim the government whenever the General Elections are called,” a PLP NGC member told BP.

brave-davisBahamas Press can confirm Christie along with PLP Deputy Leader, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, were in the area in the rain yesterday walking-a-bout Elizabeth along with MPs and Senators. A PLP supporter also told BP, “We are committed to crowning ChristieKing of Politics after this fire dance. This will be the undoing of Ingraham, his waterloo. Mr. Davis you should also know has assembled more than 40 lawyers – 3 for each polling division – to examine every voting ballot cast in the by-election.

Davis has gone out of his way to carry out the wishes of his longtime law partner, flying and bussing in ground workers to flood the ground in the constituency. With Christie now being protected and fully supported by PhilipBraveDavis, Bradley Roberts, Obie Wilchcombe and Dr. Bernard Nottage, there is no better machine assembled on the ground.”

FNMs we are told have become shell shock following the PLP’s response to a by-election and to this day have yet to announce Dr. Dawne Sands as the candidate. In a meeting on Tuesday of last week hosted by Carl Bethel, we understand the residents of Elizabeth have rejected Ingraham nod for Sands. We are told the move by the FNM members has stalled the rollout of the FNM machine and has caused the PLP to gain the head start in the race.

A FNM resident living in the area told BP, “Sands is needed in the medical field not politics. Why Ingraham wants to push him down our throats?”

The situation we are told has further pushed FNMs into panic and is snowballing into a ball of chaosHubert Ingraham and AaronKikiKnowles, we shall report tonight on developmentsnow happening – in the FNM political campaign.

We Cry Shame on Mugabe and his band of Charlatans.



  1. Well i shall say this again. The ppl of elizabehth DOES NOT CARE FOR EITHER PLP OR FNM, After lester turnquest time in the house on our behalf we had our eyes opened on lousiness. then came malcolm who is the epitome of louse.And while im very sure ryan pinder is a decent man and the son of the father of elizabeth, im just no so sure we are willing to TRUST because we saw first hand what has happend to the thousands of bahamians who fell for the trick of that TRUST word by the deemons with the torches. funny thing how true that statement is WHEN YOU PLAY WITH FIRE YOU GET BURNED! Its time to out those flames and abandoned that sinking S.S.PLP ship.

  2. media Reply: January 10th, 2010 at 9:53 pm
    We also said Dr. Dwane Sands will be the Candidate for the FNM. Pressures inside the FNM are now attempting to block that. When developments happen and persons make changes, what are we to do? We simply report you decide.

    BP, if a story changes after you have posted it, then the responsible thing to do is state that there is new information. You dont do that. You just post all willy nilly with no reference to the previous post on the same topic.

    Yes information is fluid, but its bad journalism to report something and then a few days later come back and write a story that totally contradicts what you wrote earlier and not give an explanation as to why.

    If its an update, say so. If there is new info coming in that changes what you wrote earlier, then say so. You garner respect and credibility from your readers and other local and international media outlets who frequents this site.

    Like I said, we know that information is fluid and things change rapidly, so instead of writting a whole new post, why not just update the previous post and repost it on the front page and indicate that there is an update? Or if your going to write a new post on the same topic with updated info, just state that this is an update with a link to the previous post?You will look more credible as a news source. 

    There isnt anything wrong with updating your post. Online newspapers do it several times a day. Just indicate that its an update. When you post contradicting stories, it makes it look as if your rushing to get info out and your not taking your time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

    (PS: please dont take my criticism or suggesting the wrong way. I really appreciate what your trying to do with this blog.)

  3. The greedy grub meet his match he betta collect more money fa dis one he shall need himself afte this one hehelol

  4. I like the fact that colour isnt playing in this affair he is a bahamian he wishes to serve good on him time will determine his contribution i wish him well

  5. Josh, the very same things you say about Ryan Pinder, i can say the same things about Brent Symonette!

  6. Ryan Pinder is a great choice.  He’s a brilliant young man, the FNM can’t find a better candidate than the PLP’s standard bearer. I’m a poor black man who went to school with family members of Mr.Pinder and can tell y’all one thing…they are a smart, kind bunch of caring and compassionate people…very patriotic Bahamians…this is the beginning of the end of the FNM’s time as the governing party for a very, very long time.Good luck Mr.Pinder…stay strong…you will win and win big!!!!

  7. B.P. , I think you all gat this wrong.Pussycat indicated in his usually illusive way that neither Pinder or Butler may be his choice and /or the Party’s choice. He also indicated that the choice may be temporary and drafted from the Senate.With that said I submit and place into the Ballot of discussion….. Jerome Fritzgerald !!

  8. BP I see you trying with the Pussycat it must have been very difficult to write this story and believe it! Hopefully Brave will take charge and make this campaign what his was for deputy Leader. However, with Christie in the mix it will be a miracle.

  9. @Media: Why lie about what you reported. Try to maintain honesty & integrity in your journalism. On 6th Jan you did report that Big Brad would be the candidate. Simply put: you were wrong that time and there’s no reason to lie about it!!!!

    • We also said Dr. Dwane Sands will be the Candidate for teh FNM. Pressures inside the FNM are now attempting to block that. When developments happen and persons make changes, what are we to do? We simply report you decide.


  10. I personally see this a a part of the problem with the way things work.  While I have no problem with Ryan Pinder as an individual, I do have the problem with the process.He attended a school in the bahamas that kept him disconnected from the common man (I have no problem with this as many of us would do the same with our kids if we had the money).  He then left the bahamas to study abroad and then chose stayed abroad to work.  After being away from the country he returns home and after a very short while is at the frontline of politics!  Whatever happened to those people that have been working within the party for years! I see this as another politician’s child with a feeling of entitlement jumping rank to grab a seat in parliament.  I grew up in the area back when it was Malcolm Creek and back then although Marvin was a great rep, the only members of his family that were into community stuff were Marvin and his wife.  Again I have no beef with Ryan but I believe he should show a genuine interest in working for the people rather than holding onto any available seat.

  11. BP that seat is a PLP the question that need to be ask is how big of margin the PLP is going to win with. A very big margin means good news for the PLP in 2012, and small margin means good news for FNM in 2012. Also, I see the pussycat gat balls now…!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We didn’t say he will run, we said we will endorse Bradley Roberts as the standard-bearer in Elizabeth. We will agree however, Mr. Christie shall take the seat, NO QUESTION!


  13. On Jan 6th BP you posted a story in which you unequivocally said that Bradly Roberts would be the nominee for the PLP (

    Now you are saying that Ryan Pinder will run and not Roberts. Lol. But you have been wrong before.

    I will repeat what i said before
    1. Bradly Roberts will not run for Elizabeth
    2. The PLP will hold on to this seat.

    I have been silent on this Malcolm Adderley situation because i knew that after the shock wears off after a few days the truth would come out and people would see what the deal was.

    Its clear for anyone to see why Mr Adderley left the PLP. He left because he didnt get what he thought was due him.

    The man was looking out for himself and truth be told, i dont think it damaged PC or the PLP like the way some thought it would. On the contrary, this move by he and HAI has galvanized and energized the party.

    The party is now in campaign mode and the energy is real.

    I will repeat:
    1. Bradly Roberts will not run for Elizabeth
    2. The PLP will hold on to this seat.

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