Doctor-plague-4Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press can now confirm that today [Sunday, January 10th, 2010], at approximately 12:30 PM, a cluster of deadly plagues erupted from the sewer system in southeast New Providence—and now The Constituency of Elizabeth is experiencing the toxic effects of the most deadly cluster of plagues to-date. Bahamas Press understands that this cluster of plagues have, as it’s main ingredients—The Tief, The Trafficker, The Tramp and The Traitor!

As mentioned above, today at approximately 12:30 PM, on Prince Charles Drive, near Commonwealth Bank, Carl Bethel, Alphonson “Boogaloo” Elliot, Chief Justice Barnett and Hubert Ingraham, confronted PLP Supporters about putting PLP election posters on the lamp poles in Elizabeth, as preparations evolve for an impending by-election.

Bahamas Press can confirm, that The Tief, The Trafficker and The Tramp , being led by The Traitor, then proceeded to threaten PLP’s as they tried to proceed with their work and backed up these threats with the assistance of three policemen. The policemen told The PLP workers they could not put up their posters.

Bahamas Press was also informed that initially PLP’s were taking down The FNM posters, which is an accepted, but backwards, practice in The Bahamas and similar places where leaders strives on keeping the masses in a dark age mental state.

Bahamas Press condemns Bethel, Boogaloo, Barnett and Ingraham for this behavior, which is only a part of the ultimate design of politicizing all law enforcement agencies and The Judiciary—but in reality what should be expected from a Tief, a Trafficker, a Tramp and a Traitor? And by the way, what is a Justice doing campaigning for a political party, hence boldly conveying a bias? And what is to be thought of a Justice who contaminates the spirit of The Law, by campaigning—when it is the role of the Judiciary to affect a Writ of Election?

A Justice who would carry on like that should be answerable to The Chief Justice—but in this specific case it is The Chief Justice that is behaving in this manner! Bahamas Press again admonishes Bahamians to take this design to turn The Bahamas into a nation ran by a DESPOT who has every screw loose in his head very seriously—and make a collective decision on who has got to go, us or him.

One last note… Would someone please inform ‘Boogaloo’ that his time is up! Boogaloo’s lifelong rug of comfort will be lifted up by Bahamas Press for all of the raw dirt to be seen. Stay tuned.


  1. shame on hubert. i mean personally nothin about what he  does anymore suprises me. if he really wants to shock me he should jump of the paradise island bridge.

  2. PLP says it filed complaint against senior FNMs

    By KEVA LIGHTBOURNE ~ Guardian Senior Reporter ~ kdl@nasguard.com:

    The Progressive Liberal Party said yesterday that it has filed an official police complaint against two senior members of the Free National Movement.

    “It is with deep regret that we report that an official police complaint has already been filed against two of the most senior leaders of the Free National Movement who on Sunday sought to interfere with working members of the PLP’s preliminary team,” chairman Bradley Roberts said yesterday in a release.

    “This kind of intimidation on the part of the leadership of the FNM will in no way be tolerated.”

    Roberts said the complaint was filed by a member of the PLP.

    However, when contacted yesterday, Assistant Superintendent of Police Clayton Fernander, second in command of the Central Detective Unit, said he could not confirm that a complaint had been filed.

    “Nothing has reached this area. I don’t know if it went through headquarters, but nothing [has] reached this area,” he said.

    Free National Movement chairman Carl Bethel insisted that at no stage did he or anybody else from the FNM interfere with the PLP’s team.

    “It appeared to me that they had torn down one of the party’s (FNM) posters in order to put one of [PLP leader Perry] Christie up. I said to them that it looked like they tore down our poster. They denied it and became abusive,” Bethel said.

    “I parked my car 150-feet away. They walked towards me. I sat back in my car and ignored them. When the prime minister came, he and I had to go and check the boundaries. I then drove off with the prime minister.

    “As the prime minister left, they gesticulated towards him in his car and he said nothing and drove off and I drove off as well. At no stage did we do anything or say anything except what I have said — that I accused them of having taken one of our posters down to make room for one of Mr. Christie’s.”

    Bethel told The Nassau Guardian that the incident occurred in the Prince Charles Drive area in the Elizabeth constituency on Sunday.

    Asked whether he planned to take any action against the PLP, Bethel said he would wait to see if the party is serious about filing a complaint.

    If that is so, Bethel said he would definitely take some steps on that matter because that would be equivalent to filing a false complaint, which is a criminal offense.

    “They are seeking to engage in intimidation tactics and we are not going to be intimidated,” Bethel said.

    “The Free National Movement will not be intimidated. If they go and take down our posters I have a right to at least say in my view, you took down one of my party’s posters to make room for yours. I did nothing to them. I only made the observation and I went and I parked my car and they approached me aggressively and I went and I sat in my car.”

    The Elizabeth by-election is expected to be held by early March. The seat became vacant when former PLP MP Malcolm Adderley resigned from the House of Assembly last Wednesday.

    Roberts said yesterday the PLP’s candidate’s committee is finishing its process of recommending a candidate for the Elizabeth constituency.

    “We wish to assure the public that this very tedious process of nominating a candidate in the face of this rushed fiasco, orchestrated by a government compelled to distract the Bahamian people from the woes plaguing us as a country, has been done with the greatest degree of transparency and fairness,” the statement said.

    “The long list of applicants anxious to represent the Progressive Liberal Party in the Elizabeth constituency is a reflection that our party is very much alive and remains the most viable option to lead in our country,” Roberts said.

    He added that following the aforementioned constitutionally mandated internal courses of action, the constituents of Elizabeth and the country at large can expect the announcement and introduction of the party’s candidate at a mass rally on the Elizabeth Estates Park on Thursday evening.

    “We hope to set the tone for a very exciting, and on our side, clean, professional and respectful campaign — unlike what has already been demonstrated by members of the governing party,” Roberts said.

    “We now await with great anticipation the announcement by the government in accordance with the laws of our land as to when the by-election will be held. Our party has no doubt that the good constituents of Elizabeth will determine to remain PLP all the way.”







    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

  3. media, I am suprise you have not as yet withdraw this article or apologised to the C.J. for this error.it is wrong to leave a lie hanging out there like dat.I am beginning to question what I read here… you often refer to the dailies as ” wutless “….. hm !!

  4. well i am a constituent of elizabeth and let me just say that this has been plp town ever since marvin pinder so  i personally am elated that ryan pinder his son is nominated to represent us in the house of assembly. unfortunately  i think its time for change so i urge all my neighbors to vote for cassius stuart. we have been used an abused by the plp for far to long now. we cannot afford to take any more chances with our future. ITS TIME FOR CHANGE. UNTIL PERRY STEPS DOWN THE PLP SADLY HAS NO CHANCE IN HELL.

  5. Eagle: Ortland Bodie just said on the radio, that he saw Mr. Barnett in the area yesterday, so what do you say about that, in time I think many things will come to light, on the FNM and PLP side.

    • Ya boy, Ortland Bodie was back-tracking like crazy today.  Now he says he saw the CJ in his private vehicle on “a” Sunday.  This whole thing is so riduculous, and its a pity the people with such a large microphone, like Bodie, is allowed to cause such mischief.  It’s a same, really.

  6. (Media)Carvel Francis et al, you can tell Boogoloo yourself. You know just where to find him. Lying on a Chief Justice tsk tsk, just not good.

  7. I may be wrong but I do not think Mr. Barnett-CJ, will be seen campaigning in any area with any political party.BP, prove us wrong and produce the pictures.

  8. Notwithstanding the absolute fact that this timely by election envolves the good electorates of the Elizabeth constituency, there is an underlying lesson to be learned at the outcome of this electoral process. Firstly, the downgrading of the Bahamas credit by S&P is perhaps the most convincing evidence to date that due to the negligence of this incompetent government, we who have enjoyed the luxury of a powerful dollar with the equivellent parity of the U S, will soon be a thing of the past. This is a direct inditement on the  managerial skills the FNM has destroyed the country with; namely,”STOP REVIEW CANCEL” .Another display of gross incompetence was the firing of civil servants, a thoughless and heartless precedent which was graciously accepted and followed by mainly owners and operators in the hotel industry.One of Ingraham’s final toppings on this toxic and fumegating pie he is cooking up now envolves the poisoning of the judiacary as he bought Malcolm’s political ” pussee” for 30 pieces of silver.The outcome of the Elizabeth by-election will serve as a poll on whether the Bahamian people in general accedes to this scourge of papa duck style corruption that has been bloodily stabbed into their culture.  This by election will measure the intellectual plate of Bahamians.  Mark My Word………. BAHAMIANS ARE NOT FOR SALE!!!! WE ARE GOING TO RUN INGRAHAM’S  A  S  S     so far it will bring his hemroids on…. “and you can take it to mamma”

  9. what in the hell is the chief justice doing out campaigning? this is absolute rubbish!!! look people, we really need to commence a revolution in this country and send all of these idiots packing…bring in the new and get this bahamaland back to where it once was – a proud, productive, God-fearing country. i mean how bold and stupid can u be…chief justice campaigning-well i’ll be damned!

    • I guarantee you this is not true.  At 12:30 today, the Chief Justice was at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral celebrating the Red Mass with members of the legal profession.  This is pure mischief on the part of BP.  BP is likely to retract this shortly.  Fact is the Cheif Justice has removed himself completely from politcal activities.  The goings on in Elizabeth is not on his radar. 

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