Christie is on the move and is kicking into election cruise as the new Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium begins!


Rapid expansion for youth sports and culture takes off under CHRISTIE!

Mrs. Gina Rodgers-Sealy, daughter of baseball great, Andre Rodgers, shares moment with (l-r) Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works the Hon. Philip Davis, and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Dr. Daniel Johnson.

Youth Development takes off under CHRISTIE!

NASSAU, The Bahamas — A new Andre Rodgers National Baseball Stadium will be completed in 2015 and heralds rapid expansion of the game of baseball in The Bahamas. The stadium will be named after Bahamian baseball great, Kenneth Andre Ian Rodgers – the first Bahamian to play US Major League Baseball.

Rodgers played primarily shortstop for the Giants, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburg Pirates.

Ground breaking for the stadium’s construction took place November 7 attended by his family, friends, and government officials, including the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture. The achievements of Andre Rodgers are still very vivid in Bahamian sporting memory.

Mr. Rodgers’s daughter, Gina Rodgers-Sealy, a journalist, addressed the ceremonies, and was a part of the ground-breaking team.

The stadium will be designed by Architect Michael Foster. As a state of the art facility, it will support the nation’s current energies to fully develop its sports tourism.

Mrs. Rodgers-Sealy, as a film maker, produced a documentary that premiered at Atlantis, Paradise Island this weekend, entitled “Gentle-Giant: The Andre Rodgers Story.” Exposed to baseball at the Major League and the life of a famous father from a young age, Mrs. Rodgers-Sealy showed the man who was the gifted sportsman, and the man who was her father.