Response to Democratic member of Florida House of Representatives on Bahamas Immigration Policies


Dennis Dames on Bahamas Press

Dear Editor,

I have been following the illegal immigration debate in our beloved country with great interest. I was moved to provide my views on it in writing after hearing Ms. Daphne Campbell, Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives give her take on the matter.

Like so many Haitians and those of Haitian descent, Ms. Campbell wants to dictate immigration policies to the Bahamian Government. She sounded crazy when she said: The Bahamian government officials have one week to apologise and reverse the new policies, or she will travel here with a delegation to address them face-to-face.

Ms. Campbell needs to travel to Haiti instead of The Bahamas to insist to the Haitian Government and people there that they need to plug the illegal migration of Haitians from Haiti. There is where the outrage should be Ms. Campbell.

For too long the government of Haiti and the elite Haitians have turned a blind eye to the pressing and vexing matter of illegal migration from its shores. The Bahamas has been delinquent is dealing vigorously and effectively with illegal immigrants for too long. It’s about time that we restore law and order in our land, and addressing the illegal immigration issue is a major component in our crime fight.

It’s illegal and immoral Ms. Campbell, for illegal Haitians in particular – to feel that they and their children have rights to be citizens in a country where they have entered illegally and have babies galore. It’s utter madness.

So, instead of advocating the boycott of The Bahamas by all and sundry Ms. Campbell, you should let Haitians leaving Haiti illegally know that they should boycott The Bahamas on their way north and join you in Florida. That’s a better proposition.

Yours etc,

Dennis Dames