Christie, the ONE TERM PM, with a BAD Record!



Crowds of PLPs want Christie OUT. (CLICK TO VIEW TRAILER:

Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press agrees that the time has come in The Bahamas to lay cards flat on the table. The time has come to assess the decisions we as a people make in this land we love so dear. The season has reached to rid this country of all FAKERS and FRAUDSTERS who have held our people back in the darkness.

Today Bahamas Press has come to present to the Bahamian people one such Bahamian who has the “distinguished record” of becoming the nation’s first ‘one term Prime Minister’ – Perry Gladstone Christie.

Unlike soo many politicians of the past and present, Christie has been able to find himself continually surfacing at the top, and he himself has not the slightest idea how in the hell he got there. But with shuffling feet, empty promises and soft whispers, Christie has managed to glide his way through the jungle of politics, disappointing his party time and time again.

One wonders how has he done this? Well, each time the question has arisen, what to do with Christie, he has had one of his tip-toeing spies in the room who would then race back to him carrying the news of what was about to come. It is not a myth but a fact that Christie has been a part of a well orchestrated crafty intelligence machinery that exists in Bahamian politics across party lines. FNMs know of this as well, because they are feeling it today. The Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham dialogue is no secret in Bahamian politics. But what is not revealed is that Sir Lynden’s mastery to lock political power in the hands of his two protégés was by itself a mistake, when he selected Perry Christie.

It was a mistake because if it was anything Christie brought to the PLP, it was the fact that as a Buckingham trained lawyer, he had eloquent speech which delivered no substance then, and again today no ACTION. ‘Pretty words’ cannot and will not deliver change in The Bahamas, ACTION will!’ And that is a trait the ONE TERM Prime Minister never had.

Christie returned to the Bahamas speaking clear and crisp in the courtrooms of this country as he represented with his pants and coat patched with three different threads. One remembers as he stood and addressed the court. “Christie’s chewed words into melodies as he performed on behalf of his clients. He was a brilliant speaker,” one said. But again, despite that ability, no record to-date is known in or out the court of his victories. Perhaps there is none, and we know why.

In 1973 he and his twin law partner Hubert Ingraham joined the board of ZNS. And here is why ZNS will never change as long as these two ISOLATIONIST are around.

The shuffler then danced his way into the Senate serving as the youngest political appointee ever to the Upper House, a belief by Pindling that young people must play a role in politics. A belief Christie has forgotten, and his record reflects where he has raced Rigby, Gibson and thousands of young liberals out of the PLP. Many of whom are upset with his OLDEN style of politics. He won his seat in 1977 representing the people of Centreville. That in its self is a record, but again the questioned is asked, what has the ‘do nothing’ leader of the PLP given to the people he has danced and played with between Farm Road and Centreville for over 30 years? The last time we checked we saw dirty parks, abject poverty unseen before across The Bahamas. Expanded wooden shacks, greater unemployment, EXPANDED CRACK HOMES and dirty roadways with uncollected waste overflowing the community. That is Christie’s record as MP.

Thirty years later and Christie has not moved those people one inch forward. And why after thirty years of serving the people of Centreville and Farm Road Christie appears to have lost touch with them? The answer circles around the word, ‘NEGLECT!’

Christie so prides in this word ‘NEGLECT’
, that the community who has tried him as its voice in Parliament, heard his own admittance of how he could not visit his constituency – as he should – during the 2002 and 2007 election periods. Could this admission by the ‘Shuffler’ mean that he SCORNS the people whom tried their faith with him for more than 30 years? If so Bahamas Press believes the SCORN should be in reverse!

Christie served as the minister of health and national insurance and served there for the full term, which ended on a sad note. Health scares, insufficient medicine, lack of qualified nurses and doctors staffed at the PMH and Rand Memorial hospitals, left a need for fresh new leadership in the health department. Christie even saw during his tenure in the Cabinet the disastrous tragedy of young babies dying at the hospital. But how could the shuffler be concerned about those newborns, when right in his community babies cried for food and shelter, yet he could not find sufficient time to hear the cries of the living?

One disaster led to another and he was re-elected with slick talk on his side, the people of Centreville and Pindling gave Christie Tourism. What could have Sir Lynden been thinking in 1982? Tourism previously was in the hands of Sir Clement T. Maynard prior to this. A genius in business where he moved The Bahamas to record breaking figures prior to Christie’s command of Tourism. This is where we believe, Christie perfected his shuffle. The ‘DO NOTHING’ Chrstie danced and shuffled right out of the ministry as everything started to collapse in tourism. Christie was fired from The Cabinet of the Bahamas after failing like Ingraham to tender his resignation.

And so there he was sent into the political wilderness with his law buddy Hubert Ingraham where both men further dialogued to find ways to oust Pindling from power. Now here is the period of focus where the PLP and the FNM has lost their attention. They both have remained at the helm of their party, both men! Christie and Ingraham have stalled both political parties which kept them OUT in the wilderness. And now they are both in, their intent is to keep holding off political insiders from moving party supporters forward. How both men have done it is beyond us. We believe however Hubert’s way can possibly be OBEAH and the ‘Tootless Tiger’ instinct. And Christie’s play of words continues to leave PLPs in awe, yet with NO action.

By the time Christie told his PLP in 1990 how much he loved her and missed her and would ‘swim in the vomit’ for her, the party once again was gripped with Christie’s wordy antics. He was back into the Cabinet of The Bahamas, this time as Minister of Agriculture, Trade and Industry. Baggage is a thing the PLP did not learn in that era, was something one should keep off when thrown off. And the baggage of Christie now ‘STINK’ in VOMIT rotted the party with more problems. From the hospital disasters, the Bahamian people’s problems under Christie’s new ministry began playing out on the farms lands in The Bahamas. The Packing Houses died on the Family Islands under Christie’s leadership. The farming industry began to die in The Bahamas under Christie’s leadership. The conch became poisonous at the Potter’s Cay Dock under Christie’s leadership. Emergency rooms filled to capacity with conch poisoned victims and the high point of the Christie’s record as minister of Agriculture was the death of under nourished cows whose bones laid in waste in Andros.

Christie over saw these NATIONAL DISASTERS one after the other which was so overbearing, that the people of The Bahamas could not take it any more. And confirmed in a landslide election in 1992, that it was time to FIRE the PLP and in hopes banish the SHUFFLER Christie for good from political life.

But what can we say, some where, some place he began combing his hair backwards and looking after Pindling, hoping to one day sit on the throne of the PLP, and hoped that the PLP will once again listen to those melodic words of Christie and give him command of their party. And they did just that, denying Bernard Nottage that chance. What would be the state of The Bahamas today if that did not happen? Would the Christie/Ingraham dialogue be playing out as it is today? Would they be stopping, blocking and victimization members of their own parties? Would they be ducking their supporters and frustrating their MPs? We at Bahamas Press think not!

PLPs today across the country must look at the damage now done to them. And when they wonder why the People of The Bahamas fired Christie – ‘da Shuffler’, ‘Mr. Late Again’, the named ‘Shameless’ leader by his buddy Hubert Ingraham – Bahamas Press says, just look at Christie’s Ministeral Record. And if PLPs had digested that thoroughly a long time ago, they would have by now STOP LISTENING TO CHRISTIE’S EMPTY WORDS and WOULD HAVE ALREADY REMOVE HIM FROM THEIR PARTY’S LEADERSHIP!


  1. Deux Ex….your commentary was a bit harsh. People get swung politically but you cant call them idiots and stupid……they were just caught up in the political mumbo jumbo fed to them…OR…they felt passionate about their particular party of choice.

  2. Deus_ex you dam goon go back from what ever rock you came from under dont dis my Bahamian people

  3. You people are a bunch of idiots!!! No wonder Hubert Ingraham was able to win a third term, he and his campaign fed off your stupidity. I bet if you were Americans you would have probably voted for Bush as well.

  4. …. crappy you say but you guys keep reading it. What’s up with the storm….the entire family stayed home today but should we really have? We getting storm or what?

  5. yeah it is crap. you guys have hardly been putting anything up here worth commenting on. let’s try a little harder there people.

  6. The breaking news published hear, is just crap in my view. It wasnt well put together or planned and come one you guys could do so much better. And how about you try and bring us better news? or fabrication (what ever you call it)

  7. DIY,

    Lets watch and see if the PLP Admin coming back. He aint gat no shame ya know….or if he does it only lasts for a short time.

    Although I know they trying hard, I am kinda disappointed in our Olympic team.

    GCF…you know the Broadcasting Corp is the best in the Caribbean…lol….it must have a good reason for not doing 11pm news.

  8. Donald hit the dam BAR but i think our boxer put in the best effort this olympics does anyone knw what jackie edwards did? she better friggin get a medal

  9. On the Olympics, what happened to Donald Thomas in the high jump?
    …”ya mean BTC done, done it again”

  10. BREAKING NEWS. After almost one week, ZNS 11:00pm news is back on air.
    Morehands, Drama King, take note; the “OLYMPIC” is still in process.
    I told you why ZNS stopped their 11:00pm broadcast. “I KNOW THEM LONG TIME, THEM PEOPLE IS MINE”.
    But they know the PM better. The BIG CAT IS BACK IN TOWN SOON

  11. Drama King.. I think thats the last of PLP Admin… Shame have to be setting in by now. I’m sure his PLP peers must be getting on him now.. They must be telling him to shutup AND GO HOME.

  12. Infrequent Reader.. Please Black Crab! All of our leaders PLP and FNM past and present have overlooked so many things. Illegal gambling is one of them. Today we have this wonderful internet medium to cry out. Let the cries be heard! Nobody adhering to the black crab mentality in here. This is a forum where people can say what they want to bring about a change. Its the same with the talk shows. At least its a start and I think in the right direction. I have never seen anything like this website in the history of the Bahamas. If you want to sit and watch your country go down then you sit and shutup! Let these people vent.. they want a better Bahamas!

  13. Obviously you are an Infrequent Reader as you claim as EVERYONE as far as I know … Pindling….Ingraham….Christie…Brent…all get their share of blows from this site.

    I, for one, am always on about this current administration….it is ripping our economy and our country apart.

  14. It is so sad, pitiful almost! The vitriolic and demeaning things we make up and spit out about our own people.
    Black Crabs for sure. Let’s tear down to build up ourselves or someone of our own choosing.
    Can’t you or your FNMs stand up on their own record? Why Pindling and Christie have to be so evil, dastardly, spineless, corrupt etc. etc.
    What bad things could he have done so in five years with the economy thriving the way it was? Why must we tear down our own Black people so?
    We cannot say anything bad about Stafford Sands or the current DPM. No! We are racist if we do. Cannot even point out their bad policy decisions, or mistrust of the Bahamian majority.
    But Pindling and Christie. Fair game!
    You all make me sick!

  15. Mr. Minnis,

    If I am not mistaken, I think BP already dealt with the Justice System a few times and I am SURE education was dealt with.

    Why dont you kick up a little dust and lets wallow in it for a while….lol

  16. BP, it seems that this PLP admin is trying all angles to become incognito. HMMMM this is juicy nah!!!!! And every time the PLP admin comes with a stradegy, I mean BP you knock him down like as if he is a flee. LOLOLLOL

  17. As the Bishop says this ship is “drifting” about in choppy waters and you, the crew, are like Chicken Little crying out that the “sky is falling down”. Why not grow a little and begin using your considerable brain mater to get the vessel under control? B.P.Editor: write a piece on the Justice system and then challenge your contributors to come up with practical ways to change that system. Forget party politics and be “Bahamians”. If the government leaders and the beaurocrats can’t or won’t do it then its up to us to show them the way and then insist that the do the job we pay them for. After we finish with the Justice system lets deal with the Education system and so on. Quit blowing smoke out of……….

  18. Media….it seems like the antics of the PLP admin will not stop. You got their waters on ma boy!!

  19. Well FNM Admin we know this is not from the FNM administrator, and how we know this? Because behind all of the FNM web administration’s emails they would come like this;
    General Enquiries:
    Fundraisinng Committee:

    You see what we mean? But the emails posted with PLP admin is

    It is also the URL address for the PLP Party’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Now it is no secret in this town, this is AGAIN THE NOW DECEPTIVE “WUTLESS” PLP webmaster who attaches his name to ‘PLP Admin’ sent to our server. However your email is not in anyway connected to the FNM PARTY nor its website. But perhaps a fictitious email used to try slander guilt on the reputation of the FNM. AND MEMBERS OF THE FNM watching this should see how the PLP is begging for a SLANDER SUIT as their URL connects them to PLP ADMIN and ultimately their website.

    Now what we need to do is use this information and forward it to the email attached in that NASTY Letter sent to us and let them find the writers of PLP ADMIN’s comments on here and get some of that LAWSUIT!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. WOWWW this information may seem old news to other persons. But to me this is SMOKING. BP I love your little clip on Perry, you are creative. Even though MOREHANDS states that he/she felt like a J>A> for reading your editorial. Iam sure MORE HEAD denies of rushing home and reading this info around 3p.m on Sunday, instead enjoying his/her Sunday Buffet. Iam sure he/she was eager and hooked on knowing what BP would revealed.

  21. PLP Admin….trust me you DO NOT want to start nothing with me. I AM NOT Media and I should not even have to explain that to you. You are obviously a desperate idiot who cant stay off this blog. I was on another blog you know and I didnt like it so I left…never to return.

    Catch ya sef, man. Aint you say you have a new blog with explosive information on people? Go represent on that and LEAVE MY NAME ALONE.

  22. Allison Gibson likes to use that word “Peasant”. Maybe you guys at the PLP are on the wrong tract for true…..

  23. Fact is that bashing Mr. Christie sells…. Don’t believe me ask the punch. You seem to have allot of hate towards Mr. Christie media you and Drama queen. Remember now, the more you bash our PM the more we love him… you can never keep a good man down.

  24. “DIY” I mean lets analyze this. We write constantly on other personalities in this country, and you cannot here from that ‘WUTLESS PLP ADMIN’. But he comes in here acting like this is Christie’s House? What FNM supporter in here does that?

    WE say they are shameless! And if the Tribune or Guardian gave them the leverage they do the same there what he does be doing Here. Now I see why their letter get dump in the garbage or used a toilet tissue. They would be all over the place trying to tell them what to post and not to post. THIS IS A DEMOCRACY! TAKE YA LICKINGS AND MORE ON!

    Like Hubert said, “Not COME IN HERE Shouting! YOU HAVE NO SHAME PLP ADMIN! YOU HAVE NO SHAME! Ahhhh you should be embarrassed for what you did,…” And we ga demonstrate to the Bahamian people, we will be a better BLOG than that piece of WUTLESS TRASH YOU ALL PUT OUT!

    All these people getting fired in this country, babies dying and single mother trying to decide whether to buy milk or gas, and all the PLP could be doing is trying to figure out who running Bahamas Press? Or who writing its POST?

    YOU ALL MAKE US SHAME! For once we will say HUBERT WAS RIGHT!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  25. I don’t understand the PLP Admin. He is only makin this site the hottest spot on the net. Everytime he posts after getting chewed out so many times.. He still comes back for more. If this site really wasn’t touching any of his nerves he would never show up in here but he keeps comming back for more. If I were you PLP Admin.. I would take BP’s advice. Get out and stay out. Save yourself the shame man. You are a glutton for punishment.

  26. OK and so ‘Morehand’ your not us right? Because according to the ‘PLP Admin’ everyone in here are the same people, So prove it, we have you as at least one independent don’t we?

    Bahamas Press/editor

  27. I have already been tagged as a Hubert defender, so yall know I’m not taking up for Christie when I say that writing styles don’t lie. All through this site the same writing style keeps coming up but the usernames are different.

    Wikipedia (2008) offers this possibility to this problem: “Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), as defined by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment”

    You guys (guy) really need to get a life. HA! HA! HA! HA! Please post something worthy of discussion by DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I think I will wait until Friday to log into this site again. By then something productive may have appeared.

  28. If Bahamas Press is Drama King and Carvel and Earlin and Gorman and Fred and Klass and all those people. Then one sure thing is this, WE ARE NOT THE ‘WUTLESS PLP ADMIN’ who is hooked on this BLOG! Sad, SAD! Is this not a BLOG? Will people from all over the world makes their views heard? Goodness, someone need to give that boy his pills!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  29. Its getting nasty in here. BP you pointed nothing new about Christie. I knew he was a sweet talker from his days in the courtroom. I was glad to see that you talked about those patched pants. LOL! I remember those days…

    But Bahamians don’t have the knowledge of the weaknesses of Christie, so recording it here is good, and it is a good read. But for me nothing new.

    BP I must ask though, why are there so many defenders of Christie around. I believe you attack fairly, but those PLPs cannot see transparency in anything. BP your as fair as it gets and this article proves that.

    Question to PLPADMIN. Does not the PLP have a BLOG of its own? Why not just make your comments there and draw your own audience, which I am sure has declined. Because I saw Christie at a funeral on there for almost one week now. Go and work with your people there rather than commenting in here.

  30. LOL ‘ALTEC’ why cannot this ‘Wutless PLP admin’ don’t stay off this BLOG. One minute they trying to figure out who running Bahamas Press. the Next minute they trying to figure out who posting here. The next time THIS SAD PEASANT Will COME IN HERE AND WOULD BE WONDERING WHERE WE GETTING THIS INFO. AND Start calling names so he and his best friend Christie get sued.


    Another sign of the fractioned PLP. One group called the PLAN wrote that they BOYCOTTING The SITE this morning, next minute they analyzing the text. Gezzzzz, Bahamas Press have these people RESTLESS.

    Didn’t we not tell you ‘WUTLESS PLPADMIN’ TO STAY OFF THIS BLOG? Soon, very soon we will tell you STAY OUT OF PERRY HOUSE! (OOPs did we say that?) And if ya get nasty in here we will go further!

    STAY OFF BAHAMAS PRESS! YOU HAVE NO SHAME! YOU HAVE NO SHAME! CANNOT YOU SEE we have no interest in THE PLP or the FNM you cannot see that!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  31. Morehead and WOW you guys are correct, this story is a non story. this is the second time BP big up a story and it was a non story.

    BO whatever beef you have with PC either let it go or go sit down and talk it over with the man.

  32. Drama King is Carvel. I knew it and now you should as well. You guys are pathetic and really sad. Carvel is Drama King the same way he is Klass and a couple of other people writing here. I know because he’s emailed messages from BP and then turn around and posted them as fake names on the site. Pitiful.

  33. I personally dont think that BP would create a whole web site set to bring down Christie….quiet frankly I dont think he is important enough. Whereas I have no personal beef with the man, I think he is spineless, weak, indecisive and from my observation, it seems he has ordered his Opposition crew to work with the current government for kick backs, promises of pensions etc.

    I disagree with you guys. This made interesting reading and it serves as a reminder why the PLP needs to look for a new leader. Just like Ingraham, Christie is finished and needs to give someone else a chance.

  34. It has become obvious that what drives BP is their “vibe” with Christie. This story was certainly not worth the promotion they gave it. This could have dedicated to the more pressing issues in our country. One has to wonder if the whole plot around BP is the removal of Christie as leader of the PLP and then to herald themselves as the ones that brought new leadership to the party.

  35. Christie has surrounded himself with weaklings. I have heard his MPs say he has to go but when they have their meetings it is sickenning how these so called men and women suck up to him and say nothing.

  36. So….. where is the breaking story? We knew these things about Christie long time. Old news. I am so sorry for the BP diehards who actually stared at their computers at 3pm waiting on the jaw-dropping story you guys were hyping all week. It is a good thing I didn’t rush home from Sunday buffet to catch the fresh news ‘cuz I would feel like a big jack-donkey for being taken for a ride. in fact, its 6:40pm now and I still few like a jack-donkey for reading through all that junk. Such scorn for Christie really needs to be checked into professionally.

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