FNM party today celebrating 16 years since first victory!



Some persons blame George Bush, others say its Hubert Ingraham and some would say who cares. Bahamas Press says, the Bahamian economy is quickly racing to hell in a basket and NO ONE is saying anything.

Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press is not surprise by the silence in the country. Nothing is being said about the hard economic category five hurricane that has hit The Bahamas, its name, ‘RECESSION’ and our forecast suggest that another is formed already, just north of The Bahamas with double strength, her name is call ‘DEPRESSION’.

June, which is the middle of the year has come and gone and nothing, but complete silence was given by the WUTLESS media. Not is sole is reported on the declining tourist visitor arrivals, the empty hotel rooms, the rise in the national debt, the unemployment figures for the second quarter here in the country or anything relative to the state of the Bahamian economy. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It is like the country is on holiday or out-of-work! What has happened to all those reports we usually hear when things are going good?

It is so bad, that many people forgot it was on August 19th, 1992 when TRUST and DELIVERANCE rolled into power and rescued the Bahamian people from the shackles, as they say. The FNM government 16 years ago, came to power and unlike past anniversaries, no mass rally is planned. The Prime Minister was due back in the country today, and not a word was heard about him. Yesterday’s celebrations was quieted with a church service. Could it be soo bad that loyal FNMs cannot find the money to celebrate?

Bah Mar is reporting with ads on national television that it will bring 10,000 new jobs to The Bahamas. But at the same time they are letting workers out through the back door. Bah Mar fired 43 workers on Friday due to the bad economic times. So much for an investor we have given the median which cannot live up to their agreements. But we will learn and learn soon, that SOMEBODY GOT SWING!

We came across this sign posted outside a community wash house that has gone out of business. It was shocking to know that whilst nobody is talking about all those figures, Bahamians are loosing jobs and businesses are closing down. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY AND TRUST? Have they all been fired as well?


The sign posted outside this wash house in the Gladstone Road area. This is a clear sign that many people have returned to scrubbing boards and clothes line?


  1. Morehands….thankfully I have a VERY fulfilling life …. YOU however, seem to be making your life monitoring Bahamas Press with the sole purpose of defending the government. I dont have that kind of energy.

    My main point to you is to take it light. I have lost THREE friends recently due to being uptight and over passionate about dead issues. They ended up with massive heart attacks. Take it light.

  2. My friend, it has been over two days (BP date goes wrong at night) and thirteen comments ago that I made a comment on this thread. I don’t see anything scary about what I said to Media as everything I said about BO was simple truth that is easily to discover by just going to whois.com. So many persons have commented since I did. Why would you want to call me out to a battle?

    We can debate tomorrow or later in the week when I have less work to do. I’m not interested. Not today.

    So just for today Drama King ……. go get a life.

  3. Morehands you are scaring me now. You seem a little obsessed with this site and every word that is said to the point where you seem to be hallucinating – seeing things that are not necessarily there like this response that you are saying played into something you said would happen.

    Back to the spa for you my brudda. Some of you really need to take it light.

  4. Media you know what I will say. Let Ingraham take his beating by himself. They are the “Government” like they always brag. When Frank was trying to inform the public, the FNM carry on sick in the house trying to muzzle him and the “Wutless Media” did not say a word about what was said in the house conerning duty increases.

  5. It is NO QUESTION ‘WOW’ the government never intended to bring relief, but present ‘THE POOR MAN”S BUDGET!’ The Budget that will STAB A KNIFE RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE POOR MAN!

    And my argument to this is ALWAYS, Christie sat right there in the House of Assembly and twisted that knife in the poor man’s BACK, and said not a word!

    Now that I mentioned Christie, watch the fireworks now…LOL!

  6. Uhhh…Julian Francis put Farquey and the BCPOU in check from last week. Ingraham don’t need to do nothing. And you respond pretty quickly to our posts as well there my friend.

  7. Media, you dead on about the food prices. Where is all the relief promised from the so call “poor mans budget”. If you really look at the tariff changes, you will see that they are really creating more hardship. My lord toilet tissue is 45% duty! That’s why the food prices are increasing, they lowered the duty on a few food items and raised it on everything else. Meanwhile, pleasure craft are now duty free. Now tell me, who they looking out for? I will tell you something else, look closer at the sizes of these food products. Although the prices are increasing, the product size are decreasing slightly.

  8. Did we not say ‘WOW’ on here INGRAHAM IS NOTHING BUT A ‘TOOTHLESS LION”? Where is the ABACO DRAGON who would wip in line BTC union members? Right there trying to scrub off the VOODOO he had placed on him in the Haitian mountains. LOL!

    I know him too good. He sorry he had to come back to all this mess he putting on Bahamians. Where now HOTEL WORKERS going home and food prices have shot through the roof. I went to City Markets on Friday and a bottle of ketchup we more than $7 for a 32 oz. Can you believe that?

    That store had looked like it was opening for the first time, NOT A SOLE WAS INSIDE except me and two other persons.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  9. We can say the same about you too! LOL

    I anxiously await while watching the clock. (you better live up to the hype! LOL)

    Where the hell is Ingraham anyway? I back from vacation too and he still ain’t say boo!

  10. LOL! I am just cracking up, you guys are glued to my every word..LOL!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: Stay Tuned to after 9 tonight, ANOTHER LOAD will dump on Ingraham tonight and a lil swipe at Christie! See ya then!

  11. See Media, that’s the kind of response I can appreciate. Looks like you took your bi-polar medication today too. LOL!

  12. IN response to your earlier comments ‘WOW’ you said you pissed on us sometimes, but I will be honest, Something I think you was PISSING FECES at times..LOL! And we agree with the posting of news, But you know, someone at Bahamas Information Service has decided to IGNORE our request for their news service. I guess the new POLITICAL PROSTITUTES have a serious SERIOUS itching problem with Bahamas Press exposing their WICKED SECRET LIVES!


    Bahamas Press / Editor

  13. First let me say, it is good to be back home in the Bahamas. There truly no place like home.

    Now, I would like to comment on what has transpired above since I was able to access the internet last:-

    1. I am neither paid nor assigned by anyone to comment on here media. I have praised you when you were on point and pissed on you when you dwell in gutter journalism. Like Mental said, you need to learn to take constructive criticism.

    2. When you created this blog with a comment option, you could not have thought that everyone would agree with 100% of what you say. That is what makes it interesting. I do not always agree with what Morehands, Mental, Drama King, and others say all the time but I don’t go on paranoid rants accusing them of false alliances.

    3. I do equate you with the “wutless media” when you ACT like the wutless media. Stories with unnamed sources, stories that don’t match or live up to the headline, stories that seek to promote an agenda rather than to inform, etc. are all the qualities that you sometimes have in common.

    4. When I do take the opportunity to criticize, don’t take it to heart, use it to improve. The spelling, grammar, censorship, and paranoid rants are all unbecoming of a news leader

    5. You should have more respect for ALL of the people that you named. I am sure that there are those out there that log on to see our comments just as much as they do to read the stories. If you really take a look, there are those who comment in response to what we post and not the story itself.

    6. There are some of us out here that know a lot more about you than we lead on but care not to make it an issue because we enjoy this blog and believe it has a role to play in informing the public.

    7. When you brag about the amount of visitors to your site, keep in mind that some people log on multiple times a day so the numbers you rave about are not individual viewers.

    8. I like this site and will continue to give a pat on the back when deserving just as quickly as I will give a swift kick to the rear. Check my history, I have not just criticised you, but also praised you in the past.

    Finally media, take heed my suggestion in another post. We could use a daily news roundup online. While I was away, it was nearly impossible for me to find out online what was going on here at home. (Thanks again mental for the update you posted).

    Keep up the good work BP, Media, Morehands, Drama King, Mental, and everyone else (yes, even Thomas Finely)

  14. “Hope you get as much pleasure at church tomorrow. ” Those were your words on Saturday ‘Morehands’ not ours. And if your not interested in who we are, why are you trying to figure out when we go to church, or how much we paid for domain names and space?

    You suggested we are tampering with names posted on here and we say, THAT IS ANOTHER WICKED LIE! AND if you know how that is done, you must PRACTICE WHAT YOU ACCUSE US OF DOING?

    I mean THIS IS THE MOST ASININE TREND OF THINKING I have ever come across since this BLOG BEGAN!

    You know ‘Morehands’, we will not allow your CRAZED way of thinking and chatting tamper with the level of decency and competence we have brought to this BLOG. Therefore, we will IGNORE your DEFLECTIVE, scurrilous attacks against us and give you the MUTE treatment. As do so many of my colleagues in the business do when we come across such person like yourself, who have LONG EARS, A SHADED FACE and KICK AT EVERY THING YOU SEE!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  15. You guys so lost, you didn’t even notice that both your comments proved the point I was making (see my last paragraph above and Drama’s first paragraph).

    You have me mistaken Media. I don’t think any of my posts ever alluded to my interest in your identity. I refuse to feed into your self-assumed deity status. You or who ever it is that owns this site is just a wanna-be joker who had no clue what you were creating when this blog was launched – you never envision scores of UNIQUE VISITORS actually visiting this blog weekly. The proof is in the fact that you didn’t even bother to pay for more than one year for the registry of your domain or the hosting of the site. Your host was charging you only $10 for the domain name and $70 for one year of hosting ($80 in total) and you were either so much of a washed up hasbeen or just lacked the obvious vision to invest more than $80 in your demi-kingdom. SAD. SHAME. PATHETIC. I don’t give a monkey backbone who you are in real life. The real problem is what you are.

    Its you and your partner’s turn. Two against one but the good part is that the two don’t even make up a quarter of one. 🙁

  16. Morehands!! Its back to the spa for you, man!! Didnt I tell you to ease up and watch that blood pressure. You sound like you trying to have this website down to a science….BP should be glad you paying such close attention…lol

    But seriously guys, I feel all of this is just a matter of opinion so you shouldnt try to get all bent out of shape. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    If BP’s news was misleading and false, then there would be groups all over the capital holding press conferences etc to refute BP’s news reports. So far I havent heard anyone doing that.

  17. And what is so stupid about your comments ‘MOREHANDS’ about bloggers is this, that you have suggested we make up names and post comments outside being ‘MEDIA’.

    I must ask, how do one do that if one already have a username logged in already? But you know ‘Morehands’ ONLY ONE THAT PRACTICES THE ‘ART OF DECEPTION’ WOULD KNOW HOW THAT IS DONE, and since you know how it is done, only you can confirm it.

    We would also like to point out the fact that although the WUTLESS TRIBUNE AND GUARDIAN prints hundred of newspapers daily, not more then three letters in those publication daily. Now imagine that, all those readers and no more then two letters inserted in the paper?

    And we know why, our people fail to write. Many more even fail to read. And so there you have it. But when I see 27 posts to a single article, all I am saying is this, the Tribune must have plenty letters staked in their bathrooms using them as toilet tissue.

    One thing is certain though, the the three persons you collectively defend on here, must then also be the same person, as you are so BLINDLY accusing us of being EVERYBODY ELSE! Something that makes you go hmmmm.

    One thing is certain, we are not you ‘MOREHANDS’. Nor are we (BAHAMAS PRESS) anyone one else who post comments on this BLOG for the record. They are the voices of INDEPENDENT persons who speak their minds and share their opinions with this website.

    And we can careless what other websites practice what you accuse us of doing, PLEASE DO NOT EQUATE USE WITH THEM! That is why you talking on here and we are not reading what is anywhere else.

    We are certain, however, if this website did practice democracy like any of those WUTLESS newspapers in this country, we would not be having this conversation.

    Oh and since you and some others are still trying to figure out who this editor is, you would be happy to know I attend Church every Saturday. Do remember that, since you still trying to figure out who I am.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  18. My online friend. I have no clue what form of gratification (spiritual, egoistic or sexual) you get from moderating this blog, but Bahamas Press doesn’t run that deep for me. My love is for the Bahamas.

    So you have many readers – get over it. I’m proud that a Bahamian site can grow in popularity and become an influence in society, albeit positive or negative.

    Gloat in your accomplishment my friend. Gloat on and feel fulfilled. Hope you get as much pleasure at church tomorrow. Guess what, even in your self-assumed deity status, I know someone who’s even bigger than Bahamas Press. (Proverb 16:18)

    I do understand though that you want/need me to keep the conversation going on this site and I do apologize for not sitting at my computer all day logged into BP. 439,997 of us have a life.

    As customary, its now your turn to send out one of your aliases (or partners) to make a comment on how much this site means to them and that Morehands and others are only Perry and Hubert cronies hating on you. And the comment usually ends with “Keep it coming Bahamas Press” and throw in a “..LOL” either at the start or end of the comment.

  19. Well, ‘Morehands’ since you are committed, soo committed to this BLOG, that you could only wished you had this kind of audience then we certainly thank you for coming. And lending views that are TOTALLY IGNORANT AND BLIND AT TIMES.

    Today, you just confirmed what we have said all along, that THOUSANDS of people flock here. Many of whom we ourselves know never say a word, unless the article hits home to them. People like Eileen Carron, John Marquis, Jeffery Johnstone, Nikki Kelly and Oswald ‘why you scared of the word murder’ Brown are just a few. We know that for a FACT that both Hubert Ingraham personally and Perry Christie (through others) read this blog. HEAR IT AGAIN they are all active readers of Bahamas Press!

    Additionally, the point when you said, “I am told over and over again by persons who know me personally that they appreciate the discussions that we provide on this site,” proves that there are many more persons reading this blog and avoid commenting on here. I for one can confirm that fact as it is rear in a conversation the discussion of this website does not come up. And if you read the WUTLESS PUBLICATIONS in this country, you would also have an idea, that Bahamas Press on many occasions cause news to spin in a different way.

    So ‘Morehands’ do admit it, you and your many friends are glued on here and to prove it we know we will be hearing from you shortly..LOL!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. My boy Media, you are nothing but a jackalope ( a false symbol of uniqueness whose sole purpose is to attract visitors to you arena in a bid to steal their attention and possessions – just like what the state of Wyoming did to attract tourists in the 60s).

    Do not flatter yourself big guy. If it wasn’t for Morehands, Mental and WOW you would not have a blog. It would be just you and your buddy Drama King and some made up name lady (who both are clearly either a split personality of yourself or another writer on your “team”). How can your site ever survive if its just the three of your fools saying the same things over and over again to each other? We are the only reason there is debate/dialogue on this blog. You should be thanking us. I am told over and over again by persons who know me personally that they appreciate the discussions that we provide on this site.

    For a site who ignorantly brag that you have “440,000” readers (hits), explain why the other 439,904 are contented in never making regular comments (perhaps 15 at the MOST). Either your content is too shallow, they are afraid of your cussing at them for disagreeing with you or my friend, they are ashamed to be associated with this site so they never make a contribution which can be traced back to them they IP tracing. Either way you up crap creek without Morehands, WOW and Mental.

    Mark this one down – the ONLY reason I am committed to this site is because I fear that less-informed readers may accept (as Bahamians readily do) what you say on this site as the gospel. Do you have any idea of the problems you have created when you post unfounded foolishness just to get attention? What if commenters did not agitate for you to fix the story on Jamaican athletes doping? You gloat in your ignorance and arrogance but the implications of this blog is far greater than your obvious mind can fathom. You think you are getting back at your former friends at the Guardian and Tribune but sadly you only spread disparaging propaganda which hurts the Bahamas in the international web-surfing eyes.

    I say again, I am committed to your readers not you. You are only a portal through which the fragment of the populace can be reach. You should be thanking us. You ungrateful _________.

  21. Now see I resent that statement about lacking and Misleading, we are not taking about the Tribune here, this is Bahamas Press, wrong outlet.

    Bahamas Press

  22. That’s the spirit BP!
    I missed you for a while there man.
    In all seriousness though, I feel a lot of your content is lacking (and misleading), but you challenge people and I give you some respect for that.
    Carry on smartly.

  23. What is so constructive about consistent negativity? And by persons who cannot stomach our views, and yet live on this website more than the editor.

    This action can only mean that either you and some others (MENTAL, WOW and Morehands) are paid to watch this site as we are aware some are. Or your not taking your pills on time for your bipolar condition.

    Bahamas Press/ EDitor

  24. Media – You sir, need to learn to take constructive criticism.

    Drama King – you still need to get your crap together.

  25. Well what amazes us here on Bahamas Press is this. Now that we have proven that publishers in the country rather keep globally minded Bahamians in the dark, by not having active websites. And with some newspapers having went on record suggesting that the FNM government should pass legislation to control what is published on the internet. Persons like ‘Wow’ and sometimes ‘morehands’ and others have come as ‘political watchdogs’ to hammer home the views of the ‘COCKEYED WUTLESS MEDIA’ in a BLATANT attempt to attack all what we say.

    That being the case, we simply say to those FAILED DETRACTORS on here to remember, the freedoms enjoyed on here are not the freedoms enjoyed in The Bahamas today. Remember and ask yourselves when last have you seen a letter written in the Guardian or Tribune attacking those publications? Also ask yourselves that whist you have little to say to compliment this website, why do you not find it strange, that something soo disgusting and vitriolic and in your face, as this site is, you and some like you cannot stay off this BLOG?

    I would say this again, and be quiet as I usually am, but if this website is not pleasing to you (WOW, MOREHAND AND MENTAL CASE). If it is so unpleasant and unkind towards you. If it is so ‘Late Again’ with news and information or does not have a friendly love affair with Hubert, Christie, the WUTLESS MEDIA and some others, WHY CONTINUE to have this INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP with Bahamas Press? And be breaking down your thin hairs and nerves over everything we post?

    Do remember we have the last say, and as we said before, all you need be doing is point your browser to some other ‘WULTESS websites’ in this country, who simply UNLIKE BAHAMAS PRESS, continue to DISTORT, HIDE, SPIN and DEFLECT the TRUTH IN THIS COUNTRY!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  26. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Good one, Drama King. Good one. You got me on that one. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tell me though, how is it that your post has Aug 23, 2008 when today is still August 22, 2008? Man you so good you dissing me tomorrow even when it is still today. Only on Bahamas Press could something like this happen (false reporting).

    BP, your domain report say that you been having some site downtime problems. You get them problems fixed yet or BEC affecting your domain host in Arizona? ‘Cause you know, 439999 people are hooked on Bahamas Press.

  27. WOW!! It seems like you quieted these two losers who are ready to attack me over something so stupid….because my memory is pricked.

    Thank you so much for straightening this Miller matter out.

    By the way Morehands, my wife did come home laughing her head off and pointing at a picture of a miniscule “member”. She said a client who came to her spa decided to bare himself to the staff for a massage and she had to close down for the day as the staff was in stitches over the sight presented to them ….. now that you mention it …. could you be that fella?

  28. This may have been the first time an actual letter may have been discussed, I can’t confirm or deny that. The fact Ingraham put forward Millers name has been discussed. Candia Dames even question Miller in an interview in the Journal on the 30th of January. We all know that official communications on subjects such as this are done by letter. It has also been discussed Christies choices to the senate that were rejected by Ingraham that included Rigby and Treco.

    Considering Candias personal ties, we all know she knew about this letter when she interviewed Miller. Maybe she had to leave her memory at the door when she resigned from the Journal

  29. Not to worry Mental. Its not Drama’s fault he does know what HAI means – he only has a Master’s Degree but then again the MA after his name may not actually mean Masters of Arts, it may be telling him that he is a Major A#$.

    I could not believe on the day that I’m back on this blog it seems like this jackalope actually took a swipe at me (he told me a few weeks ago to visit his wife spa but I know he has more sense than to draw me into a battle). I hope Drama is paying BP for advertising. By the way, I did do the visit to the spa and because of my Andros blood, she was left smiling more than I was. Give it a try my online friend – you wont regret it.

  30. What the hell is wrong with you??? You dont sleep at nights or something? I dont have a point of view that you are disagreeing with…. Or are you REALLY losing it. TWO people on this blog are telling you they simply remember a situation occuring in the past. So we are NOT ALLOWED to comment on something we remember?? You need to catch yourself or are you too in need of a day of relaxation at my wife’s spa?

    Take it light man. I dont need to fight with you as I dont know you and to me you are not worth it. Who da hell is HAI? Someone you sleeping with?

    Go pick a fight with your husband or wife or someone who really gives a crap.

  31. I didn’t know they gave out Masters Degrees in burger flipping. Hey,
    I happen to think picking fights with people on the internet is fun.
    And I don’t need to be a journalist to READ. You should do more of it. Don’t be a baby. You come in here and dis HAI all willy nilly and when someone contradicts your point of view you get all hurt. Suck it up man.

  32. Listen Mental…..picking unecessary fights with people on the internet shows extreme ignorance, okay.

    WOW also said that this matter seems familiar. I am simply saying check YOUR facts again. One way or the next this really means nothing to me ya know.

    I dont need to tell Candia Dames anything and YES I have a Masters Degree but it aint in Journalism. Maybe you journalists need to start USING your Masters degrees instead of pitter patting around the news.

  33. “Check again.” ??? I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but hubris is real unattractive. You need to go tell Candia Dames to check again my friend. But then I’m sure you have a Masters Degree in Journalism like she does. You know, Drama King I like you but you really must get your act together.

  34. well, like I said, the guardian reported about the actual letter ingraham wrote to christie regarding it. it was the first time that letter had been discussed or revealed.

    according to ms. candia dames anyway. who is usually a damn sight more reliable than these blogs.

  35. Yeah, this Leslie Miller thing is old news. This was stated when the issue about senators was first taken to court.

  36. Oh I see. So as it stands now, what political side you think he is going to take? Remember he was on about how he would like to contest his loss at the polls but NOT at his expense…..indicating the PLP should pay for it…then everything went dead.

  37. I think there was some rumor about the leslie Miller thing, but not any actual documentation.

  38. Mental …. lol …… thats funny……… question though … didnt this Leslie Miller thing come up before? School me if I am wrong.

  39. Boy Mental I guess you prove that you don’t judge a book by its label. Thanks man.

    Ps. I hear ZNS and Jones hiring, they have been experiencing a serious shortage of talent recently.

  40. Hey WOW! There has been lots of news, but I keep telling you that that is not what this site is about. Won’t Bahamians ever learn?

    Anyway, there was a murder on Monday night (a 25 yr old stabbed) out Coral Harbor and a young boy in they Hay St. area of Farm Road hanged himself yesterday.

    The Atlantis is closing its Beach Tower for two months. TS Fay caused flooded Freeport causing one traffic fatality, Gas prices have dropped and it turns out Ingraham wanted to place Leslie Miller in the senate.

    You’re welcome.

    HEY BP! Send my check to: mental c/o Sandilands on Fox Hill Road.

  41. BP how about some real news? I am out of the country for a couple of days and can’t find anything current online. The Guardian site has not been update since the 14th and The Bahama Journal site just as bad. BP I see why you call the “Wutless Press”. Hook a brother up and let me know what going on. Have there been any murders? Is Ingraham back and was has he done/said? How was attendance at the FNM church service?

  42. we need to go back to scrubbing boards, if only to reduce the size or our waistlines…

  43. See BP that’s what I’m talking about. Some times you just run off on a tangent dread. Lol, you still alright in my book though.

  44. In my opinion BDM needs to step up a bit though ….. lots of things need to advance before BDM can govern this country. Omar Smith is a great guy and so is the leader. They need to step up though.

  45. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes it all seems clear now that BDM should be voted in for the next goverment. YEP, cause it is as clear as ice that PERRY and Hubert gat this BAHAMAS as a monopoly game. In which both are taking turns in ruin this GODLY country of ours.

  46. dont let the people at 94.9 hear you bout “real news” lol

    youll wnat get swing voting fa seasonin spices…and talkin bout no turning back …lol VOTE BDM

  47. ‘WOW’ let me begin here by saying, we are never EVER OFF TRACK. If there is one thing this website is, it is that we are focus.

    We know where we are going with this. We know what we want to say to achieve what we hope to achieve. And IF you notice anything, we have some detractors, who keep coming on here who are NOT WELCOMED! All because they see the road we are taking the country and indeed the world.

    But we are not detoured! Bahamas Press remains the sole VOICE OF THE MASSES. Announcing and publishing REAL NEWS!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  48. BP, now you back on track. Don’t let them personal issues and hidden agendas keep getting you side tracked.

  49. ParadiseLost, man your statement should shake up everyone…but in four years time when these jokers come a knocking….you think everyone is going to remember that we get SWING. These fellas smooth ya know! They know the talk…..trust me.

    What do you think the answer is to rid of these jokers forever? Tell me, man. I ready!!

  50. FNM and PLP are wutless…. I hope the masses stop getting swing, remove the bee-bee out of yinna eye and wake up to the fake that we all got swing!

    everyone in it for dem selves….. stop relying on these personality cults ( Hubert and Christie) they will do nuttin for you!! nuttin!

  51. We are in a bad state and I feel that is why everyone is so silent.

    FNM had nothing to celebrate …. or was TOO SCARED to try to celebrate. Too many vex people in this Bahamas right now. The FNM is a total disgrace.

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