Christie TV – Leader of the Opposition presents his response to the Budget in the House


Carl Undernourished Bethel said BP is group of attack journalists. He suggested in the Parliament last week that we are not serious about making the Bahamas better, stronger or democratic. In short he was claiming we are trash and gutter.

BP advises all the residents of Seabreeze to join the mass registration drive now underway in the area. THERE IS BUT ONE HOPE IN SEABREEZE! And the next candidate for that constituency is BP’s endorsed candidate HOPE STRACHAN! Now watch Christie TV on this forward thinking website. The video is produced by C Allen Johnson!

Perry G. Christie, MP – 2010 Budget Debate from C. Allen Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. Well BP the system we have is sorta retarded in this regards. Mr. Mitchell presented an ammendment, the govt allowed it to be heard and was voted down. The govt then said….”screw this, lets vote for clauses 40-70″.

    Now one can blame them for the way they protested it but not the fact that they protested it. The FNM often asks the PLP for thier alternatives and when they finally present one the FNM with a fell swoop rejects the chance for them to do so.

    Dont ya love politics in this country. Basically it means the opposition cant in anyway PROPERLY debate the budget. If they call a debate each member standing and presenting a 2 hour speech then they need to throw that debate idea away.

  2. The PLP offered a solution to increase the money of bury the dead. Ingraham and his FNM has no respect for the dead. They rejected the amendment to help the poor. THEY HAVE NO SHAME!


  3. I refuse 2 watch this clip based on the fact that the PLP party has done NOTHING 2 further the country ot better it since they have been out of power, bside b the party of ‘NO”. This is no way 2 govern and yes they r still apart of the Governmet so it is their respondsibilty 2 govern. They walked out of the house bcause they did not like the budget but didn’t offer any advice on how 2 improve it bside “traveling Fred” trying 2 increase the budget. Until they act as if they have something 2 offer the people and the country bsdie talk and finget ponting they need 2 b exciled..and who is running this party anyway?

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