Raw sex at Doris Johnson High School captured on cellphone in the classroom, and Carl Bethel talking about ethics?


We were not on facebook when we carried this story. But here is what happened when Carl Bethel was minister of education. His ministry officials at the time denied this to be genuine. Papa had good reason to fire him.

Click to download and view this SEX CLIP at Doris Johnson High School: schoolbooty.wmv

This photo is what’s being practised in classrooms around the country both public and private, passed on from cell phone to cell phone and placed on DVDs. Minister of Education Carl Bethel on the other hand lectured Parliament about ETHICS and later went on record saying that teachers are giving students too much homework, AMAZING! Bahamas Press believes that his comments were all due to the fact that the minister’s son was caught with his pants down, having sex with a minor 13 year old at Queen’s College. It is called Statutory RAPE when that is done! And still no word from the minister, the school nor the police has yet come forth to the public on this matter. Now we see why the Bahamas is number one in the world when it comes to rape, LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CLASSROOMS OF THE COUNTRY!

Click to VIEW SEX CLIP at Doris Johnson High School: schoolbooty.wmv


    • whats not funny is your comment and with your profile picture and name are you man or woman.they both are consented persons so shut the fuck up

  1. I am writing on a story I heard from the public whereby a teacher was set up – put on a list, thrown out in the community then fired. The teacher was not accused by any student but an allegation was brought up against him by persons (these persons names can be supplied if necessary and are persons who are guilty of sexual misconduct, how horrible). Numerous lies were written and placed on the teacher’s file causing the teacher to be fired. I am sure that by now the Minister of Education as well as the Permanent Secretary are well aware that those are lies. What are they doing to correct it. The public is very angry to see such injustice. If the Ministry lets that go unnoticed many more teachers will be victimized like that. The perpetrators are just waiting until they are certain that this matter is forgotten then they will strike again. The next teacher treated like this may not react like this one. Come on Mr. Bannister, you need to straighten your house before something catastrophic happens. It is not right to stain innocent people while there are teachers right in the schools, who have molested students and are still there being sheltered, and with clean files too. Do the right thing – apologize, reinstate, then remove the real culprits, some of whom are administrators. You all are setting a dangerous precedence. It was said that the teacher looks ‘Gay’ Look, “as a man thinks so is he . . . ” Somebody is judging. That person is probably gay and is projecting. There are really some nasty bitches in this world. I am a Nassauvian but the case is a Grand Bahamian one. We need to see some justice at work. Angry.

  2. Ho hush Sexy T the video is edited intentionally. BUT YOU KNOW only 6 handcuffs in Central. How they ga lockup 10 writers?


  3. WE CAN COUNTER SUCH IMAGES BY PRESENTING OUR CHILDREN WITH POSITIVE POWERFUL BLAKK HEROES AND HEROINES TO EMULATE. The video shows low self-esteem and a lack of dignity. An example of a positive, powerful person to emulate is the planet’s greatest arctic explorer Matthew Henson. He called himself a Son of Ethiopia. And was honored to be a Blakk man and carried himself with great dignity. He was the first overall person to reach, explore and stand atop the planet earth at the North Pole! He also worked in and the explored the Caribbean earlier in his life. The Math problem associated with the brief on Henson is designed to get children interested in mathematics, science, technology, adventure and exploration. Show it to your children, so that they might be influenced to likewise do great things. You can see the Matthew Henson Math problem at the following link.

  4. It’s clear these students are “dancing” and not sexing. View the clip at 45 seconds when the hotboy “pull out” we would have been able to see his penis, there nothing there, pant not drop. It just BP attack Carl like you promise, you will start a war with him and now that is what you are doing starting a porn. If this is “sexing”, everyone writing for BP need to arrested for disturbing child porn.

  5. The School featured in this video is not Doris Johnson Sr. High. Doris Johnson’s school girls uniform skirt is plaid and not plain navy blue. This needs to be rectified

  6. So many people remain in shock and claim ‘We must do something about this.’ Do something— really? what, bang your head until you die? That’s all you can do. These young darlings people was doing this when i was in school ages ago— there is nothing you can do. The moral decay of society, especially ours is evident, and unstoppable. Homosexuality which once hid behind the trees and in homes is now in the broad ways and men and women among the sodomites seek younger babes to train them in their villainy. Hence, the little darlings will also degrade into more erroneous sexual depravities. In my neighbourhood, young girls want a sugar daddy to take care of them since; ‘that’s what mommy does.’ All you can do at best, is hope they don’t get sick, or pregnanat, beyond that, beat your chest in lamentations as everything you hold dear fall towards immorality. Or you can do as I do; sit back and enjoy the show since, the end is nigh, and I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Viva Bahamas

  7. Following up on the lead from Exrated I did my own research over the weekend and found the original school sex video on a Chinese youtube type site but unlike Bahamas Press I am afraid of child porno charges and would not dare post the link to the video on the internet. Here is the link to the original Virgin Island news story http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article_home?id=17591065.
    You can do your own research and track down the video to see for yourself that this does not show Bahamian students. We are not the only fair-skined people who wear uniforms, speak English and can afford cell phones.

    It still concerns me greatly that Bahamas Press would, either in ignorance or blatant arrogance and self-righteousness, post an illegal video on a public forum.

  8. I realllly thought this topic was about STUDENTS HAVING SEX IN DORRIS JOHNSON HIGH SCHOOL

    why are we talking about Queen’s College?
    so, when there is actual PROOF, VIDEO!!!
    of such things taking place in government schools and not just HOT GOSSIP, You decide to STILL
    talk about issues you no nothing about!

    I see some people who are envious that they were not able to attend QC and only QC children would do wrong

    When in fact you have evidence [not just this tape] but others with students doing the nasty

  9. i feel those kids are Bahamians, if you know your people well just look at those kids faces and you can tell they are Bahamians. But I don’t think they are really doing anything, it’s something just to fool the public ok. there was a scandel of a boy and a girl a li while agao at a school so maybe they just want to get a lil fun about something like that and i really dont think it’s reall being done
    kids are really wicked when they want to be and theses ones are.


  11. I don’t know if its a matter of being laid back or not and that is what I think media is being a bit too harsh and unfair in their criticisms. It was also unfortunate that some of the claims against the PLP and me in particular were made that had no bearing on the topic above or my comments in that regard and it did seem really odd considering our past communications with Bahamas Press on other matters of national importance.

    But that is the thankless role we have I suppose.

    I don’t for one second doubt that the numbers for Bahamas Press are high. I never said that they weren’t. I just wanted to make sure they don’t fall into the same trap that Bahamas Uncensored has fallen into by publishing their hits for the week, month and year. Hits do not indicate readers. Our site, http://www.myplp.com gets over a half million hits per week on average, sometimes higher near the end of months but that in no way means we have that many readers. We do have quite a substantial amount of readers (don’t ask) however, those numbers do not match identically to hits. Thats just some web basics.

    As for the issue of Media dealing blows or whatever, you guys seem to still not get it. I have no feelings towards anything they may direct at me except to say that it really wasn’t a sensible argument being raised by them and an dispassionate reading of the exchange above shows that. I’m not into picking fights that serve no useful purpose.

  12. PLP Admin. You are the voice of the PLP on this blog. You need to be careful. This scandal has become a concern of the people. The PLP seems to be chillin out on this matter. Instead you are the still and lone voice on the blogs. It’s nice for you to comfortably comment on this blog but the PLP ain’t sayin nothing when and where it really counts. That’s what Media is talking about. The PLP party has the power and the teeth to really tear into what’s ailing this country but it may be that the PLP is strategizing to be late again. As a rep for the party your still small voice in this blog seems to be a waste. Media dealt you a blow. Just take the fall and back out gracefully. Don’t worry. The people still have love for ya. Tell your boss that the country needs him to be on time for all issues arising. We don’t expect our opposition to be so laid back.

  13. PLP Admin. Thanks for that explanation. I believe the numbers are very high though. I’m in touch with several friends who sit behind a CPU all day visiting this site several times a day just to see comments like yours and mine. Most of them can’t wait to see what the next story is. This form of dissemination is more popular than the talk shows. The numbers are very high.

  14. I’m sitting here wondering what it exactly am I digging deeper and deeper into Truth. Yes, the scroll button on my computer works and I’m sure that it works on other people’s computers too. Is there something wrong with knowing what you’re writing about and keeping to the point of the discussion regardless of the distractions? Bahamas Press has a problem with the fact that I am commenting on something they clearly feels should have been on the parliamentary agenda of the PLP.

    Obviously the PLP does not agree and I explained that. I’ve been since called a liar, “spewing venom”, and lumped in the cockeyed bin with John Marquis and Eileen Carron yet nothing said above by myself in response to what Bahamas Press has lobbed at me pans out to a credible argument.

    I hope I dissed certain members of Parliament, that was the point. I never denied that and a quick use of the scroll button shows that. What I defended was Bahamas Press’ assertion that some grave injustice took place because this story was not on the PLP website as an official story or brought up in the middle of the budget as Bahamas Press would wish. For your information, reference to these scandals have been made in our Have Your Say section and a little research would prove that true.

    Again, this is really a nothing issue and allow me to share a little internet 101 for you that Mr. Sands pointed out.

    Hits are not the same as readers. Hits, as Sands pointed out are spider enquiries that more often than not are generated by search engines looking for key words or phrases or spam bots targeting specific sites. The name of this site has “Bahamas” in it so it is very much a popular name that will appear whenever anyone types “Bahamas” into their yahoo or Google search engines. Hits are not Readers. If you want to discern readers, look for unique visitors or something like that in your site report.

    Just doing my part to help my fellow scribblers.

  15. I wonder about these ministers of Government (PLP and FNM) who stand on their platforms and give these distinguished speeches. Do they know what is really going on in this country? This website I must say is raw and dangerously so. I cannot condone the release of this video but I must say that this kind of journalism hits you like a freight train. I believe that the 290,000 figure is true. I’m on the edge of my seat right now. I can’t wait to see what happens next on this site. Its a wake up call out of ignorance. This sex video has been around a long time now. All the kids have it on their phones and I understand that there are other videos circulating. Sex is big in the schools. Its time for our leaders to get off the platform and get on the ground. Ask God for guidance because God is the only one who can help us. Only righteous minds seeking God will exalt our land. We need very real God seekers at our Head.

    PLP Admin you are are good with your words. When you chimed in on this story you plainly dissed the members of parliment involved. Now you are trying to twist your way out. We all know how to use the scroll button to read your previous comments.. Stop. Every time you post a response you are digging your pit deeper and deeper.

  16. If you are so bad BP, why are so filtering the truth from this forum. Why have you no approved my comment from last night to be posted to your site. Big coward!! Afraid to let people know that it is actually illegal for you to post this video to this site. You apparently prey off the ignorance of your “290,000” readers and expect them to consider you to be the know-all-in-all. By the way if you check your site through an online site-tracking website you will unfortunately discover that most of your hits are no real people, but actually internet spiders that scan every website for key words. 290,000? Don’t fool yourself. You’re not that good yet. I dare you to add my previous post. Have you received your call from the FBI or the child exploitation Center yet?

  17. So you’re not denying that this fight you’re picking has less to do with the stories above and not some deep hatred for the leader of the PLP? For your information, I have no need to report anything to anyone about what is written here. Believe it or not, the internet is open for all to see and anyone who is aware of this site can read for themselves.

    We just helped to popularize it by allowing it to be mentioned in our reader’s posts. Calling names and lumping us in with others you have issues with does not change the fact that you have not and cannot credibly refute anything written above by me regarding the key points you yourself raised. It is safe to say that you may be the leading candidate for the designation of being “cockeyed” when it comes to the truth you like to throw about.

    I would be happy to debate you on any of the facts relating to your posts and my comments and you won’t need to resort to name calling my friend. We have complimented you and this site enough times on these very same pages for your 290,000 readers to recognize that this diatribe is showing you to be unhinged a bit. And for what? The very words written here betray your declaration my friend.

    Again, I say this is not a fight worth picking.

  18. Our 290,000 readers plus readers would know that if there is any sought of TRUTH to be told, they would discover it here, on this website. And to be truthful, that is why even the webmaster of the PLP finds solace in this place. He himself has LOST that comfort and credibility in his own website.

    We all can tell this, as he is glued and lock reporting to his masters what we are saying. Therefore we ask one question as we also asked, Eileen Carron, John Marquis, and Oswald ‘why you afraid of the word murder’ BROWN and most of the other ‘WUTLESS Media’ in this town.

    If you are so obsessed about speaking to truth, WHY IN THE HELL you all don’t use your powerful mediums to EXPRESS it and STAY OFF HERE? This website are for those who have been denied their God given right to FREEDOM of Speech! This is what has given birth to this website.

    Bahamas Press now adds ‘PLPADMIN’, the publisher and editor of the website of the PLP to that ‘cockeyed BUNCH’ of WUTLESS DECEPTION OF TRUTH!

  19. Bahamas Press has the luxury, as do the rest of us, in going back and reading what I have posted here to see that most of what you have offered in those last two posts are disingenuous and patently false. Firstly, my commentary here was on the wider issue of the production of this video and other similar videos in our schools with no regard for the consequences by our children and how the RBPF and others seem to be content to simply declare them not Bahamians based on the same evidence that you and I saw.

    The topic of honesty is now leaving your credibility in question Bahamas Press because (A) I never said anything in support of the FNM or the government’s position in regard to the QC thing or the school sex video above and (B) Bahamas Press did not “blur” the video to hide the identity of the participants. That was how it was shot my friends and to compound your problem of credibility, others have seen this video long before it appeared on this site so they know that you are not being completely truthful in this regard.

    Lets you and I get to the heart of the matter. As one of the editors of this site, it is clear that you harbour some prejudice against Perry Christie personally and anything remotely related to him. We all get the strange obsession you have for the man. We get it already. The assault on my presence here seems to be a further manifestation of this hatred, especially when your own archive of posts will show that nothing we have contributed here has been remotely close to “spewing venom” as you declare above. Bahamas Press, I would have thought better of you if you had just registered your frustration with what you perceive to be the PLP’s disinterest in getting into the hearsay part of this matter. Fair enough.

    That is why I explained the political considerations that made this a non starter for the PLP at this point. Those are my views and that seemed not to be enough for you and you went on the attack. I have not written one word on this site yet to “attack” this site nor have I done so on the PLP’s site. In fact, you should be so kind as to share with your readers just what the PLP Admin has done to help promote the existence of this website and build it’s mailing list, if you want to be honest and truthful about it all.

    People will take you seriously if you attempt to be less salacious and less selective with the facts, especially when they can easily be revealed. It is not my desire to get into a back and forth with you like this and to be truthful, this really serves no purpose other than to make people question what it is that Bahamas Press has on its mind. You are risking the stamp of irrelevance by going this route on what really is no big deal.

    Now, another lesson on how the media, reputable or otherwise, handles questionable material, especially dealing with underage sex. They do not make it available for viewing, whether blurred or not. Saying they do is not correct. Well, maybe Bill O’Reilly might but we all know that is his thing. Bahamas Press should be smart enough to know that it is probably not legal to distribute underage sex, either through sale, download or DVD. Nobody said you were selling it or burning it to a DVD but you are making the link available and I questioned your decision to post a screen shot of it to the site when you’re already walking a thin line by having the link.

    Again, scrolling up and reading what i wrote would prove that.

    So here is the current score. I made a comment about the veracity of the police’s claim with regards to the video above, questioned their role and the role of the Ministry of National Security in trying to downplay this shocking video. We went on to expand on your posting of a similar incident in Guyana and expressed our view that with the exception of what you are writing here, the story has gone cold and is likely never to be resurrected.

    From that, you attack me for “being in and out of this site”, for the PLP not putting it on the House agenda, expressing some reluctance by Perry Christie to follow up on this matter because of something to do with his daughter (?), call me a liar, claim there is a second clip that is even more shocking than this one and ‘proving you have it would shut you down’ and now claim that we “see this as a place to spew venom” and therefore, should not come on this site again or post here.

    Is that correct? Take score my friend, its one thing to make a claim and another to back it up and anyone who as the last say, and the power to select what gets posted, will always have the last say. I applaud you for allowing me to have mine but I question the argument you are using to make your point and this weird fascination with Perry Christie and now me.

  20. To make matters worse, who in the world would think the PLP webmaster would also suggest that the video clip delivered to us by a teacher at the school, would agree with the ministry of education that this clip is possibly not Bahamian students? What an asinine statement to make!

    Secondly the students presented in our clip are not presented FOR SALE! We did not edit that tape. Nor do we sell the XXX DVDs. We did what any other REPUTABLE news organization (CNN, NBC or ABC) would do when presenting children that are being EXPLOITED by wicked persons in our world. We presented a BLURRED video to hide the identity of the individuals.

    We told our readers that this was just one of another more GRAPHIC cell phone clip that would prove that these things occur in CLASSROOMS around the country. We said we have the video and the sound bite that would PROVE NOTHING LESS!

    Therefore don’t take up this line of the ministry of education, because if you and the ministry push us far enough, you will see the second clip and for sure we would have reason to shut this website down.

    Bahamas Press cannot believe that the PLP webmaster has taken on the voice of the FNM. But this goes to show how SERIOUS and threating person in this country get when TRUTH began to fall, and the scales begin to get lifted in this country.

    Again we tell the PLP webmaster when coming on here, to be reminded that he has a website and an ENTIRE POLITICAL MACHINE to play politics with the Bahamian people. GO there and PLAY your politics for whatever value it might have in The Bahamas. But this website is all about JUSTICE and TRUTH! Not lies and deception which your website so love and enjoy that even ‘BLIND BLAKE’ can see through its deception!

    Let it be noted ONCE AGAIN, we have NO friends in this, We are neighbours of NO POLITICAL MACHINE. We are friend to NO media organization, and We URGE the PLP webmaster to sink this deep into his skull. Play politics on your own site and NOT HERE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  21. Obviously if this is a waist of time ‘PLP ADMIN’, why come in here and touch on this Queen’s College matter PERIOD? And Why respond to Bahamas Press, and not ‘Mr. one time only” he is the one what laid the points we only said AMEN! Father’s Day must be a quiet day for you to come on here and attack this site like the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ we often speak about.

    Deception is a serious crime and we thought that a as a member of the PLP, ‘PLPADMIN.’ would possess some sought of HONESTY when it comes to presenting facts particularly on this blog and to the wider Bahamian community. That is now questionable!

    Bahamas Press can assure our readers and the now ‘DECEPTIVE WEBMASTER’ of the PLP, that the PLP never intended to address the Queen’s College matter. Particularly after the comments in the ‘Gutter Rag sheet’ were made about the daughter of the former Prime Minister in association with that school. After those INTIMIDATING REMARKS, FULL BREAKS went on all with the Queen’s College matter and not even yourself (PLPADMIN) had the balls to address it as a news item. Bahamas Press therefore became the venue of choice.

    Nor was the MP Bernard Nottage ever asked whether or not the matter would be addressed in the House of Assembly. Mr. Nottage was asked whether or not his party intends to address in Parliament whether members of the government bench had ‘Sweethearts’. Dr. Nottage said that would not happen and declined to further comment on that.

    Now lets go to the heart of this matter since you would want to educate us about Children and Crimes. Bahamas Press will go to court to prove that a crime has been committed up at Queen’s College. A cover up, and a SCANDAL of marginal proportions have now tainted the one good name of the school. Parents are telling us that their kids will not return to Queen’s College follow the summer and from our information, a fallout has occurred at the school.

    We at Bahamas Press, called for the resignation of the principal, and restoration of TRUST in its administration. So that when a 10 year old child enters the gate of that school, they would know that the greatest protection would be afforded to that innocent child.

    Bahamas Press does finds it AMAZING, however to note that in the midst of all this, the once champion of the innocent would know that a minister in the INGRAHAM government could have been involved in this Scandal at Queen’s College however the Press and the PLP says nothing.

    Hmmm, yet after we made it public, calling the name of the minister and minister’s wives that were involved in the ‘Statutory RAPE’ cover up the PLP’s party’s webmaster then saw this place as a home to spew venom into the matter.

    Bahamas Press also finds it AMAZING to now hear the SAME webmaster explain why the PLP would keep their mouth SHUT on this matter whilst the minister of education is all across the HOUSE making mockery and jokes at the PLP.

    Bahamas Press finds it further INCREDIBLE to note that a party would sit all quiet and allow a minister poke fun and games, calling their organization Wutless and LATE and LAZY! Whilst all 17 members sit sweating in their chairs, as the minister of education CARL BETHEL lecturer them about ETHICS. Whilst his son has his ‘pene’ all over the classroom, violating the innocence of a minor 13 year old girl.

    It is amazing indeed that the PLP ADMIN. see this as simply a DUMB move, and not as a part of the opposition’s message, to send a LOUD and clear message in this country that “SEXUAL CRIMES” against young children will not be tolerated in this country. Even if the minister of education has failed in his job to protect students.

    But of course if we leave this situation to the likes of the ‘PLP ADMIN.’, Bahamas Press is the culprit of a Crime.

    The PLP not only misses the likes of a BRADLEY ROBERTS in their ranks, we are assured that if such a personality was still in the PLP parliamentary bench today, the minister of education would still be recovering in hospital from his sudden bout with sugar.

  22. When the question of the Shane Gibson list was asked of Dr.Nottage,so was the QC scandal. ZNS, The Tribune, The Guardian and several other media outlets were present at the time. However they reported it, if at all, the fact remains he was asked and he gave the party’s position.

    It is obvious that on this site, Bahamas Press holds court as owners and would like to give the impression that because the PLP did not take on this matter, some great travesty has occured. The fact remains, whether said within or outside the precincts of the House of Assembly, facts must back up claims.

    If any member of the Opposition addresses this in the House, the subject has a right to demand proof and barring the presentation of proof, the statement has to be withdrawn. Basically, any mention of this scandal without the proof is just a waste of House time. I do believe enough of you are smart enough to recognize good politics when you see it.

    It is still amazing to me that Bahamas Press would think it responsible of the PLP to address an issue as shaky as this one is legally. You guys are fond of throwing out fantastic numbers of readers so maybe you should continue to raise the issue if you are confident your actions will result in some kind of positive action.

    I do however question your judgement on displaying the video above as a viewable picture to make your point. A more tasteful approach would have been to simply put the link up. At least then, you would be clear to a degree from participating in the transmission of child pornography, which is a crime.

    I’m sure you guys are smart enough to know that even if they are not Bahamian or not even children but are purporting to be children, it still passes as child pornography. Just thought you’d like to know.

  23. The bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I guess we now know what filth lies in the heart and mind of the moderator of this site. Sir, if you view at point 44-46 seconds you will see that the girl still has her black underwear on. And, forgive my directness, but anyone who recently had access to a WOMAN for a sexual act from behind you would know that with the downward angle of her ^$%^$ the male would have to thrust upwards and not straight ahead. Also at the withdrawal point (47 seconds), if they were indeed have intercourse the males ^&%&^ would be clearly visible in an obvious erection.

    What we have is a group of kids playing around to fool the world and everyone whose heart/head is in the wrong place into thinking that they were actually have sex.

    Also, people who upload screenshots of their computer desktop screen should be very careful of the images (icons) being displayed at the bottom of their desktop in the posted image -especially icon #9 which looks a lot like a porn video viewer from _ _ _ _ _.com. (I have a feeling the poster of the screenshot image knows the missing letters). wink, wink.

  24. With the comments of ‘Mr. this time Only’ We Say at Bahamas Press, AMEN, AND AMEN!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  25. This is shocking to see. I am amazed to see that this young girl is willing allowing someone to tape and the young guy is looking directly into the camera. Where is the shame the pride? Where were the teacher/s when this all was taken place? This picture should be sent to the school and the parents of these two KIDS should be informed immediately.

  26. not to get into an uneccesary play on words, but i detect a comfotable bit of dishonesty on the part of this plp admin; whoever he may be. if i recall, bj nottage commented to the press about some talk of a list being revealed in the house of assembly. as a old veteran of house proceedings, even before they were televised, i know of No law that allows a member to be sued for anything said inside of the house, nor even if it is said within the area of the house domain ( the law gives members privilege within so many feet of the house building). in fact, if a member quotes what he said in the house, outside of the house, verbatim, he cannot even be sued for that! that is why when the newspapers quote it word for word, they cannot be sued. so plp admin needs to come better than that as a reason for the plp’s defeaning silence on the matter. more than likely, and from my own knowledge of how the plp has worked and is working, something scared them off the subject, and it probably was the fact that when the punch got a hold of what Press was saying, the punch decided to throw Perry christie’s daughter’ name into the mix about her going to queens college–and of course that would have scared the living daylights out of christie and hence he would have shut any and all discussion down, even if it meant that other kids could be at risk of statutory rape. But that is why the plp and the public misses bradley roberts, because he would have blasted carl and anyone who looks like carl out of the house with the information. so for this time only Press, there lies a reasonable answer to why no talk by the plp. and for this time only PLP admin, if you can’t come stronger with your rhymes, don’t expect for reason to be seen in your remarks. rhyme and reason usually go together

  27. If you were paying attention, you would know that the press, the mainstream press that is, asked our Parliamentary Leader, Dr. BJ Nottage several weeks ago if we would be discussing this matter in the House. His answer was no, for the simple fact that while many have already heard about it and others, yourself included, have concluded they know all the facts, still, no report has been filed and no official investigation conducted.

    Like it or not, any comment beyond that officially by the PLP would amount to gossip and rumor spreading and that is not the role of the Opposition. Now that you’ve crossed into throwing quotes at us, how about you scroll up and throw the entire quote and not the parts that suit your argument. Quote in the proper context and you and your readers will agree that the PLP cannot and should not use its resources to spread what amounts to rumors (whether we believe them true or not.)

    That we leave for you to do. For any member on our side to discuss this matter, even in the House where they are protected by privilege, would leave them open to legal action. In such a case, and we’ve seen the FNM go that route already with Mona Vie, the burden of proof rests on the defendant and the only evidence to prove anyone right or wrong on the QC matter would be either the video tape of the alleged incident, or a signed affidavit from either of the two students or the administrator who discovered them.

    We have neither and we can only guess at what you guys have. What I see as “insidious and incredulous” is the idea that you think its okay for the PLP to irresponsibly bring a matter to the House without the evidence to support it. For an old dog, you should know it doesn’t work like that.

    We have already brought issues that are scandalous and law breaking to the public’s attention and will continue to do so when the evidence is there to support it. Everything else is your territory. I say this as the administrator of the PLP website in response to your earlier comments and the above and not as an official statement of the party. For that, you know where to go.

  28. An amazing point that the PLP does not see LAW BREAKING and SCANDALOUS matters particularly those involving ‘public officials’ as, “for us to bring to the public’s attention.”

    Bahamas Press sees that statement as insidious and INCREDULOUS! Why would a political organization not see SCANDAL and Corruption as matters of public interest? UNLESS the organization finds those crimes mirroring their own party?


  29. Bahamas Press, let me clear all the dust off of what you’re saying to reveal a truth that you may not want your readers to know. Obviously, there are certain issues that would put us at a disadvantage legally that we maintain a safe distance from. This case is one of them. Discussing this matter in the middle of a budget debate as important as this one is would not at all be appropriate or make sense politically.

    The PLP website is not a news organization and we have no interest in “reporting” on events that we cannot substantiate or document in a way that Bahamas Press might feel okay in “reporting.”

    That is not our function.

    We are the official website of the Progressive Liberal Party and are governed by rules that do not apply here. The Queen’s College scandal was not a matter for us to bring to the public’s attention in the way that you or the Guardian (on the same day, no doubt) have but lets be very clear about some of the misconceptions there regarding your claims.

    You own this website, but you do not own the truth in its entirety as far as what we have done to assist in this matter. You can take full credit if that makes you feel good, please, be my guest but in doing so, I suggest you tell the whole story and not the part that plays to your advantage when you speak your piece.

    As for “finding comfort” on this site, please my friend, don’t get too carried away. As with every local site that comments on politics and topics of interest in this country, I monitor and when i feel the need to comment, I do. There is nothing special about me commenting here save for the fact that I identify who and where the comment is coming from when I write. As a matter of course, this site, the FNM site, Bahamas Uncensored, Bahamas Pundit, Bahamas Issues, The Nassau Institute, Bahamas Weblog, the newspaper sites and several smaller obscure blogs make up my daily round up of sites to visit regularly.

    As for Mr. Christie’s webchats, whenever or even if we resume them, I’ll be sure to send you an email notifying you first so that you can break the news. That we are not currently doing them has nothing to do with whether Mr. Christie is late or not my friend. You know better than that. Rest assured that we will not be commenting here unless we feel the need but we will continue to monitor as always, if that makes you feel better.


    The Law of The Bahamas, finds persons GUILTY of a Crime who;

    1) Covers UP sex of minors and FAIL to report it to the Police. Based on our investigations those persons would include the MINISTER of Education, And the Principals at Queen’s College.

    2) And the Sexual ABUSER who would have perpetrated the Statutory RAPE of a minor.

    We are prepared to answer to ANY crime we as Journalist may be guilty of, however, what about those others to whom the law speak and apply to?

    Is this why this QUEEN”S COLLEGE SCANDAL buried so deep under the ground?


    Bahamas Press.com /Editor

  31. Come on! If you guys really believed that they were kids on that video the operators of this website should be put behind bars for spreading child porn! It’s either your lying and you know perfectly well that they are not minors in school, or if you seriously think they are minors in high school you are bunch of disgusting scumbags for posting this on your webiste.
    That’s my five cents!

  32. How is sex defined for the purpose of this video? I see what appears to be a young man grinding on what appears to be a girl, but the operative words are appear.Nothing can be deduced based on this clip, so the hysteria by Bahamas Press is curious; maybe not, because I am sure readers are being drawn in with the discussion and dissection of what Bahamas Press himself calls smut.Nice job!

  33. Bahamas Press find it amazing to see that the PLP BLOG administrator never gives us credit for the work we have been doing, particularly on this WICKED CORRUPTION at Queen’s College , now after the fact, the PLPadmin. is finding himself in and out of this blog.

    The PLP never once mentioned the SCANDAL during the BUDGET debate in Parliament, NOR did they offer any assistance to the public in BREAKING this news.

    But now, whilst our 290,000 plus now readers are BLOGGLING ALL OVER THE WORLD, speaking about these and other interesting things in The Bahamas, the webmaster of the PLP find comfort coming here and placing commentary on what we at Bahamas Press post.

    LET this notice serve as a warning to the PLPAdm. poster, that this is NOT the place to find comfort. We are not playing politics in here, you have your website to play that game. We are discussing law and justice for all in this country on here.

    Now if Mr. Christie would not allow you to address these and other concerns on MYPLP.com blog, then feel free to come on as another nome de plume.

    PS: By the way what ever happened with Mr. Christie’s Sunday Webchat with the public, is he LATE AGAIN, or is it NEVER AGAIN?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  34. To the former Doris Johnson High School Student, we thank you for your kind and honest opinion about this BLOG!

    However it is statements like this that causes us to kick into another gear and unleash all of what is in front of us. Like the FULL NAMES and ADDRESSES of these students in this clip. The person who shot this video, the teacher who delivered it to us just to name a few. But have you not notice even though you said you saw it before, you hear very little about it amongst the present day media. And we ASK WHY? Or let’s better develop this point.

    Why did schools junior and senior separated again?

    Or Why, why do you think the ministry of education would deny these things happen at public schools in The Bahamas?

    Or Why would not the Minister of Education, nor Queen’s College administration nor the Police deal with the rape incident at Queen’s College? Nor would they dead deny whether the incident took place.

    As we always say to bloggers who make comment on here, we are trying to be as civil as we can to get the questions answered, but don’t question our AUTHENTICITY of our information, particularly when it comes to presenting FACTS on this blog. Because we can make these and other matters worse for some people.

    Bahamas press.com /Editor

  35. I am about 95% that this is not Doris Johnson, althought it maybe … I have already watch the clip and this doesn’t look like any Bahamina school uniform to me, has anyone stopped to think that maybe really and truly this one is not from The Bahamas.

    I agree that something must be done but PLEASE do not act like these sort of things have just started happening lately from primary school thru graduation I have heard of and known of such activites in just about every school in Nassau. During both the PLP & FNM rule kids will do what they want, when they want, how they want when allowed. We in The Bahamas NOW lack discipline … its MOST the parents fault … i do not think you can blame the government or the school or anyone else for the faults of the parents, because if the plant a seed of bad manners and the like in their child from birth when they go to school no matter what the teacher does they still go back to that home where they get away with foolishness, when kids do something wrong and are punished by the school how will they learn if the parent goes to school carrying on telling them (and showing them)that they do not have to respect authority. That is where the crimes comes from the youth of this nation have NO FEAR of anything …. TELL ME HOW? WHY? will you walk up to a police officer and shot him, a police officer is hit of his bike instead of helping you take his pistol and leave him not knowing if he is injured or not?

    I get updates from BahamasPress almost everyday and I feel that they are for the most part an un-biased Media source ( at times they seem to lean towards a particular party but HEY that is their right) but in the case of crime and the actions of the students, we need to forget about PLP, FNM and political parties on the whole for just one second and band together because honestly if the PM says one thing he is only going to get the support of some people and with the backing of the opposition and there supporters this crime problem can be dealt with.

    We need to help each other, and we must admit that everyone in this country falls into 2 categories a leader and a follower … if ALL leaders (political, religious, etc.) convince the followers to talk even if for the fear of being hurt or attacked ( it seems like the only persons that fear are the good ones)we can fight this crime war, neighbours help neighbours not because “they ain’t stealing your car means you musn’t call the police” if you see some one grab a purse instead of letting him run past you TRY and do something, that will help but at the same time not hurt you MAKE A SACRIFACE for your nation, because I when the bahamas becomes like Haiti most won’t be able to handel it.

    A Few Other Things

    Love the Budget 😛
    LOVE the propsed Bay Street Changes

    The Containers DO NOT need to be on Arawak Caym, arawak Cay done small sent them things out west like it was planned – I think that and Idea would be to continue with the “Green Park” idea on Bay street, move the that OLD NASTY CUSTOMS BULDING FROM BY ARAWAK CAY …and MAYBE MAYBE move the straw market out there, expand it,AND ONLY ALLOW native “Touristy” items to be sold … the work areas gatta be kept clean cus that market is filthy even after the gov clean it. The other day a tourist as me to tell them the way to the straw market i did and they said OH that’s the FLEA MARKET we just came from (with frowns ont he faces)

    Think thats all 🙂

    BY the way YES I am FNM but there are things the “PLP government” did for this country that and love and vice versa for the FNM.


  36. Media, I think what has to be pointed out is that while you guys have zeroed in on Carl Bethel because he is ground zero for this scandal, we cannot miss the other culprits in this matter as well. The Minister of National Security is equally dirty here and just as recently as today, was quoted in newspaper articles claiming that the press should not report what is happening.

    Imagine that he would ask an already favourable press to go even more overboard in being unfair to now hide the truth. This is perhaps the exact reason why the Guardian stopped reporting on the QC scandal and why none of the other papers or news outlets even bothered to touch this issue.

    Its as if nothing even happened and that is wrong. We don’t need to fire as many people as they did in Guyana, but I can tell you that at least two ministers should turn in their resignations over this.

  37. What makes this worse, this is one of two videos sent to Bahamas Press by a teacher at the school. But denying it is not the crime here, the fact that the minister of education’s son is also a part of this kind of activity taking place on school grounds is the shocker. Here is how schools in the region deal with these kinds of matters…

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: This is what people and countries that know about ETHICS DO!…READ BELOW…

    Teacher Sex Scandal Rocks Guyana

    Thirty teachers were dismissed and a further 80 disciplined as Guyana’s Teaching Service Commission struggled to cope with a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct by teachers since the start of the year.

    ‘At present, the commission is awaiting reports on investigations by the Ministry of Education into allegations of sexual misconduct by teachers of several schools across the country before proceeding to take disciplinary action against these teachers,’ said a release from the Commission.

    Among the cases the ministry is looking into are those of a female teacher having a relationship with a male student and that of a head teacher sexually assaulting a form one student.

    The Guyana Ministry of Education said yesterday it is investigating further incidents. Minister of Education Shaik Baksh has given the reassurance that the problem is being dealt with.

    ‘We are at the present time putting a large number of school welfare officers to monitor the situation and to work in the schools to ensure that these things do not occur in the school system,’ Baksh said yesterday.

  38. This is the same video that the police’s cyber unit declared was not Bahamian students. We did our own examination on some sophisticated equipment and found no evidence to suggest that they were NOT Bahamian students.

    While the uniform is not clearly made out, there is more than a strong case to suggest that this was locally produced and may very well be the school that Bahamas Press is saying it is. That has to be shocking to us all and what’s more shocking is the fact that the children are making these videos and fight videos as a means to becoming popular.

    They are not even weighing the consequences of their actions while the Minister of National Security and the media are in a corrupt conspiracy to hide the truth.

  39. We need to deal with the problem immediately as it appears all of our young people could be affected if punishment is not meted out.The country is on the verge of anarchy and good men are standintg by and doing nothing.Has an investigation been done since we can see who the players are?Parents have to be careful who their sons bring home a reversal from the past when we carefully scrutinized the male and dismissed them for just having the wrong surname.

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