Who Killed Anna Garrison? Madison Pugh and Zyndall McKinney Arraigned for Murder


A Bahamas stringer, TI, was able to get footage of 17-year-old Madison Pugh being brought into jail after being extradited to stand trial for the murder of her mother.

Pugh was extradited from Pennsylvania to the Bahamas last week. Pugh and her boyfriend Zyndall McKinney, 23, are charged for the murder of Anna Garrison, whose body was found wrapped in plastic and dumped on the side of the road last year.

In the footage, it shows Zyndall McKinney and Madison Pugh being brought separately into a court hearing in hand cuffs.


  1. I know who Shelly, or Anna whatever name you wanna use shut out. I never said she was perfect, hell I am not perfect either! But she was a person, a loving and caring person. If she was shown love she gave it back and I know that first hand. So you can keep pointing fingers all you want what happend to her was not right and there was absolutly no excuse for it.I dont care how you slice it or dice it , it wasnt right!! She was a good person and I loved her and I miss her. If you have anything else to say feel free to look me up I am sure it wont be hard. I am not ashamed to say who I am and I really dont care what anyone thinks!

    • I agree! If her daughter was SO abused/neglected, WHY did she go there to begin with? They deserve the death penalty if the Bahama’s has it!

      • Man Tammy if BP didn’t track her down to her father’s residence she would still be on the run and this murder investigation on the cold shelf. It is a good thing we had the tracking on her.


  2. I Know who SHELLY not ANNA shut out she shut out her own DAUGHTER and left her with anyone who would take her. It makes me sick how all of the articles that I have read are making Shelly out to be this great mother and we ALL know that she wasn’t. no she diddn’t deserve to be killed like that but MADDISON diddn’t deserve a mother like that either. SHELLY was a very selfcentered person who only cared about herself. She left both of her children moved changed her name and never looked back never called her children not even on their birthdays or christmas. She even had someone call Maddison to say that she died during a surgery. so go ahead and keep making her sound like a good mother when the reality is that she was a good for nothing mother.

  3. Anna closed out MOST of her family years ago, not all! I do know what Anna’s life was like, and I do know of some of the struggles that Maddison went through, however that does not make what happened to Anna right!! Maybe Anna, Madison and Zyndall are the only ones that really know what happened, but I have heard enough details already. I only wish I was lucky enough to know WHY! I am not judging from charachter only from the facts that have come from Madison’s own mouth! So maybe before you say something you should know who Anna shut out and who she didnt!

  4. Anna closed the door on her family years ago so for you to sit here and make those type of comments about you hope “they” both get what they deserve. I can guarantee you dont know what was going on in Annas life nor do you know how Madison was treated or how she felt! Who are you to judge, hell maybe she deserved what she got. Madison is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. No one but Anna, Madison and Zyndall really know what happened.

  5. glad to see that the video i posted the link for made it on here. I hope they both get everything they deserve!

    • Anna was my best friend for 6 years. My last words to her in Nassau at the corner hotel was if she don’t stop acting like a child be a mother and stop taking her daughter to the club with her every night and dealing with all sorts of men she wont live to see 35. I brought to the Bahamas and she stayed with my family and she did nothing but brought pain to herself and hurt herself.what happen to her was horrible, but at least she is now at peace where ever she is

      • This is really sad. Regardless of what kind of mother the victim was or was not, she didn’t deserve to die and be left by the curb like a dog. What was a 17 year old girl doing with a man 6 years her senior? This doesn’t in itself mitigate the circumstances any, but I hope a good child psychologist has been asked to interview and give a report on the teenager. if there was no abuse involved i can’t imagine why she would be involved in killing her mother, unless (as I suspect) it was an altercation which got out of control. When does the trial begin? I’d like to see what happens.

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