Christie's Lack of Courage will lead the PLP into defeat in 2012



Perry Christie (centre) and the late Bert Lahr, who played the role as the Pussy Cat without COURAGE in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

Nassau, Bahamas — Frank Baum’s children novel has captivated the world for over a century. The Wizard of Oz to us is a modern day novel. In fact an allegory, that speaks to the life and times of the Progressive Liberal Party and its cast of leaders.

Whenever persons in this country get the chance, we invite them to watch the movie; and they will be amaze. Amaze to see how skillfully Baum in his talent of writing so ably painted in words, the story of the PLP almost a century ago. The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and the Pussy Cat all possess PLP characteristics!

Never in the history of this country we’ve witnessed an organization so void leadership. Some have no heart, others no brain and altogether a leader with NO COURAGE! Day after day in this country, Bahamians are falling by the wayside, CATCHING ETERNAL HELL, yet the leader of that party says not a word. HE HAS NO COURAGE!

On last week the FNM decided to hold a job fair. They called in ministers to talk to the young people to tell them what to do in finding a job. And what did the party – VOID of COURAGE – had to say? NOT A WORD! NOT A WORD THEM SAY! How could the FNM be holding a Job’s Fair and they are the government of The Bahamas? Ya know why? Cause they firing everybody! The traffic lights don’t work. There are no doctors on the family islands. Civil Servants are being dismissed; workers in this country mistreated, land being stolen and young people cannot find work. But the Pussy Cat [without courage] cannot see that far to speak, BECAUSE HE LACKS THE COURAGE TO EVEN CHALLENGE HIS OWN THOUGHTS!

This writer is amaze to see day after day the rudderless state of this country, and is depressed to see the tormented condition of the PLP. The organization has gone adrift. Sleep at the wheel. Daydreaming in the middle of the day! And they say convention coming?

They say October will be a gathering of the Oz singing Midgets and the Munchkins. They say they will come from all around the country. They say the Wizard of the party [Paul Adderley] will take charge. They say the Wicked WITCH will be there. They say Dorothy will be there. They say the Scarecrow and the Tin Man will be there. They say the Pussy Cat will be there with them all, holding hands together and dancing to a musical beat of ‘kumbaya’ and the old church hymn ‘Abide with me’ in their colours of golden shades.

They tell us at BP something BIG will happen in the leadership of the organization. But trust us when we say, if you follow that Yellow Brick Road, you’ll discover, that those are only words. Under Christie the lack of COURAGE has ran through the body of that organization like a river from the top of a mountain. NONE WILL CHALLENGE CHRISTIE, but all feel they could beat Hubert, ‘VELL MUDDO’! These people better wakeup and smell the Green Tea. If you don’t possess the COURAGE TO MOVE CHRISTIE, HOW IN THE HELL YOU CAN FIND THE STRENGTH TO FIGHT HUBERT?

To put it simply, there is NO COURAGE to change the PLP leadership, nor is there any to REMOVE CHRISTIE! HUBERT IS BACK!


  1. @Altec

    I agree most MPs and their leaders share the same sentiment. Most are afraid to standout, because they fear their leader would view them as challenging their leadership. Maybe the best thing for us to do is look at how well they are performing with their current portfolio and if they are capable of running their offices in an effective and efficient manner then maybe we would be able to make a decision as to who we would like to see run for PM and the leader of the opposition.

  2. @Wisdom
    Wisdom, thats a tough question because no one knows what any of the current MP’s views are on the issues. They all repeat the leader or the party’s talking points. If they dont then he/she will be seen by the leader and party establishment as a rogue MP who is gunning for the top leadership post. Voicing ones independent opinion is frowned upon in Bahamian party politics, but we have to get away from that. That stifles growth and ideas.

    We need a system where you can vote for the PM separately from the MP. That way the MP controls more of his/her fate and wont depend on the leader’s coat tails so much. That would force these MPs to speak about their own vision for their constituency and the country.

    Add to that a system of recall for MP’s and you will see those MP’s be more independent.

  3. Altec, who do you like as the next PM? Sir. Lynden took over the country in his early 30’s I think we need a younger person, OR, if we are going to stick with an old person let us go with “GRANDPA” PAUL ADDERLEY. I think he would do a great Job as PM, Then die in peace.

  4. @media
    Media, one week you take a stab at HAI, then the next week you take a stab at PC. I beginning to think its calculated. Your posting on both of these men are a bit repetitive. We get it, you dont like neither.

  5. BP, I guess Paul Adderley is the GREAT Wizard of the PLP. …They say the Wicked WITCH will be there? Is this the Wicked WITCH of the NORTH? We all know who that is . …They say Dorothy will be there? I guess that is the Chairman, because she seems to always be looking for Toto the dog. They say the Scarecrow and the Tin Man will be there?…BOY! It seem to me that Christie is playing three (3) roles in the political production; The Heartless Lion, Scarecrow and the Tin Man!
    They also say the PLP will win the next election, but like The Wizard of Oz production, the characters will all find out under the leadership of PC it is only a dream.

  6. I have no problem with media hitting on Mr. Christie, It sweetens the pot
    all praise and no critiscms is the fnm’s way!

    Keep it coming media, it will keep the plp, on it’s toes, hearing commentary from all and sundry.

  7. …lol….Media you really needs to behave, I could see the resemblance. You must be trying to upset these PLP supporters. This is just too funny!!!

  8. @media
    PC is the leader of the PLP… The chairman’s job is to keep the party together and she has just started that in the last month or so trying to be re-elected later this year!! But Media I know that you won’t blame the chairlady because you like her!!

    She is worthless and is making PC look bad but yet PC is entrusting her to do her job… I think that she and others in the party are messing things up for PC….

  9. I have made this statement before but I am not sure if it was here on this site….When PC was in power and HI was nowhere to be found, everyone was blaming PC for everything that was going on!!

    No one blamed HI or cared whether he commented on issues or not!! All everyone was saying is that HI has to come back… HI returned as leader of the FNM in 2005 as thanks for doing nothing!!!

    He did NOTHING in opposition and I did not expect him to do anything in govt!!! HI did not want to be our PM but was pushed into returning for certain reasons and he has been doing what he was returned to do which is why many persons still see him as their hero!! He is making them proud as he weeds out all the PLPs from top positions-displacing them, then putting FNMs in those positions, stopping certain projects and allowing others to go on and the media has been making his job easy by not putting any pressure on him….

    HI can proudly say that when he goes, he will take PC with him because sites like this one is doing his job for him by making PC out to be worthless!!!

    It does not matter what BP says, HI has this site wrapped around his little pinky finger!!!!

    PC is better on his worse day than HI is on his best day at being a leader that one can TRUST!!!

  10. how many times will you say the same thing. There’s nothing else I can say, you saying it all. And this is where the other party will attack and those writing comments will be high. So I guess you can say Mr. Christie is good for somehting. Keeping your ratings up

  11. For the umpteen time i will repeat myself,Hubert Alexander Ingraham and Perry Gladston Christie are pulling A CON(SCAM,SCHEME)ON BAHAMIANS.They are both guilty companions in this DIABOLIC PLAN to duped us,in other words THEY ARE TAG TEAM PARTNERS.Nothing will change in this country unless we the ordinary people decide to put a stop to this SHAM and rally(marched,demostrate) for CHANGE.Like our FORE PARENTS we must be prepared to make SACRIFICE for us and our children’s future and if we are not willing to do this then lets prepare ourselves for THE ECONOMIC AND MORAL DESTRUCTION OF THE BAHAMAS.

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