Citizens of GOOD WILL must do more to beat back the tide of hunger now beating our people in this season of pandemic and depression…

This could be any one of us,

In Montagu Beach, right across the street from where tall financial houses trade, exist the depressed, the poor and the hungry, searching the garbage bins for food! 

NASSAU| The times are getting tighter across the nation for the poor and yesterday’s experience by myself proves that as a community we must do more to reach the vulnerable in our country.

Food security is fast becoming a dangerous reality of many who have been stricken by this global pandemic and economic downturn. Bahamians and residents alike are facing the most challenging time of their lives in this season of Christmas. 

A season that comes with restrictions and orders, making it harder and harder to function in this NEW WORLD of lockdowns and curfews.

And for some reason what becomes even clearer is the insensitivity which is being displayed by many who only look out for themselves in these most challenging times.

We at BP want to invite the many charity groups and programmes to redouble your efforts in looking after those in need. Yesterday’s visit to Montague shows that the foreshore for regattas and homecoming is a different space now. 

We witnessed the homeless almost at every garbage bin in search of food at lunchtime. There were there on Tuesday when we visited the area, almost one homeless person standing alongside the garbage bin in search of food to eat. And all this is happening just across the street from the powerful financial trading centres where big money is moved in and out of the Bahamas. WHAT IS THIS?

Bahamians and residents must be on the lookout for the poor in our nation. We must stand guard as the soldiers of humanity; filled with CHRISTIAN LOVE AND CHARITY where we can inspire hope in others.

We must do more to wrestle the reality of hunger and poverty now gripping our nation.

We must not become deaf, blind or numb to this reality that is beating our people a hard blow to their sanity. We must offer hope and live in our Christian mission for others which our work here demands.

Let us pray for the nation…and let our prayers be backed with kind actions and just doing!

We report yinner decide!