Coco Nuts Bahama Grill Closes Because of LANDLORD JEALOUSLY!!!


1cocNassau, Bahamas: Two young Bahamians Erin and Eldin Ferguson, the owners of CoCo-Nuts Bahama Grill Ltd, held a press conference on Wednesday last week announcing the closure of their signature restaurant. The two young Bahamian men returned home from university to work hard and gather their fair piece of the Bahamian dream.

They opened their restaurant and served up scrumptious meals in the El Greco build just along the western strip of Bay Street. The Ferguson boys are decent, hardworking, ambitious, educated and well grounded. They like many believe in their country and wish the best for it.

They entered into a contract with Harry and Mike Pikramenos the owners of the property at El Greco. Now unlike their father Nick Pikramenos who was a DECENT and HONOURABLE Greek Bahamian, Harry and Mike are two SHYSTERS! And issued the Fergusons a contract they (Pikramenos) themselves never lived up to. And did everything to make sure the two aspiring young men would not succeed in their venture.

Mike once opened a pasta restaurant in the same building, but had to shut it down because his sticky hands kept the cash register clean. And the corrupt ways of Harry caught up with him, when his restaurant in Cable Beach ‘Johnny Canoe Cafe’ lease was suspended. And we know why that was suspended.

We at Bahamas Press know to well of these CROOKED PIKRAMENOS boys. They have brought SHAME and DISGRACE TO THEIR FATHER’S GOOD NAME in this city. These PIKRAMENOS boys are SLIMY SCUMBAGS! And here is what they did.

Back in 2001 they went to Manny, another DECENT Greek Bahamian and got a loan from their father’s friend. Manny being the GENTLEMAN HE IS could not forget how good NICK PIKRAMENOS was to him in days past. Nick employed Manny as a night auditor at the hotel. See, Manny had just lost his wife back-in-the-day and well he wanted to stay busy. So when Harry and Mike came to him for help after his successes in life Manny faithfully committed to assist. He gave them a $1.2 million loan to renovate the El Greco property, bring it back to its days of glory.

But guess what? To this very day them two SHYSTERS have not paid a dime back to their father’s friend. Now, to put this context we ask this. If Harry and Mike could not be honest and forthright with their father’s friend, a fellow Greek Bahamian, do you think Erin and Eldin would get an honest deal with them?

The Ferguson boys not only proved they paid the Pikeramenos CROOKS on-time but produced to the entire Bahamian community signed copies of the receipts of payment for one year. (CLICK TO SEE Signed Receipts of the Rent letter-of-payment)

We at Bahamas Press could not be more proud of the professionalism and forthrightness of these Ferguson boys. Their story reminds us of the THOUSANDS of YOUNG DECENT PROFESSIONALS who are now demanding CHANGE this NEW BAHAMAS. To Erin and Eldin we wish you every success for we know this is just a test! And hope you both have filed another writ in the Supreme Court to deal with that WICKED ATTEMPT BY THOSE CUNNING PIKAMENOS BOYS who sought to publicly BESMIRCH your good names.



  1. HELLO BAHAMAS…. Harry and Mike are opening cafe Johnny Canoe that is why they made the Ferguson brother’s life impossible. Also Harry had a huge fight with his father Nick Pikramenos and hit him big times in the face that is why Mr. Nick left to Greece to run from his devil son Mike and Harry. Mr. Nick betrayed Theo and this is what he got from Harry and Mike. Disgussting……

  2. But Theo does not have anything to do with Harry and mike. Mike and Harry did it to Theo too. They are evil people and now they are opening cafe johnny canoe in the EL GRECO HOTEL…. they are fixing the place already. i HOPE NO BAHAMIAN WILL GO THERE….I HOPE WE STAY TOGETHER AND DO NOT GIVE A PENNY TO HARRY AND MIKE PIKRAMENOS EVIL GARBAGE

  3. Those three wicked brothers would not change their evil ways for nothing. Knowing them very well I can just picture how Mike and Harry latest stunts were played out. They were still upset after Johnny Canoe was forced to close against their will. They begin to notice how Coconuts was doing so well and out of jealousy and vindictiveness they launched a series of attacks on those Ferguson’s boys. They continue to torture and torment them until they just could not take anymore and just wanted to get out of their building. I am sure those Ferguson boys were never exposed to this type of evil before and the best thing they could have ever done was to get out of their building, because they would have never been any match for Mike or Harry. The Pikramenos brother had years of training on how to master the skills of wickedness and trust me they mastered it.

  4. Ferguson brothers keep it up and do not fall asleep. This Pikramenos,Mike and Harry are opening cafe johny canoe in your locations of Coconuts. Take them to court. They are using our culture. Shysters people shame on you.

  5. Coconuts i wish you the best. Take this two devil brothers to court and hopefully justice will be done. This is descrimination against our own people by people that came to our country and used our history and culture. You should be thinking about this Harry and Mike Pikramenos.

  6. Sad to see Coconuts Closed the doors because of Harry and Mike Pikramenos
    This people are very bad,they called the police to take my car because i was waiting for a take out order and it cost me $120. They should be ashame to behave like that and to handle the Coconuts brother so bad. All because Coconuts was being successful, and by the way they are already getting everything ready to open Cafe Johny Canoe at the end of the summer,Harry just called my cousin that used to work for him in CJC in Cable Beach. They did on purpose. They used Coconuts and when they saw it was doing good they want it the place for themselves. Shame on you Harry and Mike using our History and Culture, Hiprocrits when you do not even care for the Bahamian people…

  7. This is another sad situation that is going to put a blight on race relationships in our country.Everyone is being fired from Paradise Island to Inagua.Yes the economy has quite a lot to do with it but the Farher of the Nation back in the 80s convinced hotel property owners to let Bahamians work fewer days thus preserving jobs.Is HAi a protege of Sir Lynden?has he lost his way?does he really care?is he under pressure from persons in his own party?Because of bad policies by HAI everyone is either sacking Bahamians or reneging on contracts.I put this unfortunate dilemma at the foot of HAI.

  8. Just as we find it unacceptable to be called the “N” word , so must we be careful using derogatory terms to describe someone of another race. Many young persons, our own children, are coming to this site. If we want respect from them we must show respect to them and others. Anyone can call another by vile names : it solves nothing. We can get our point across without doing that and are better persons for it.

  9. They are white trash. Harry and Mike Pikramenos crazy and greedy they want to take over two good black bahamian boys.

  10. Is sad to see that Coconuts was forced to close, because of the two devil brothers Harry and Mike Pikramenos. Even though the father was send to Greece because of a big fight due to the greedy and craziness of Harry and Mike Pikramenos El Greco Hotel still operating, but it will never be the same as when their late mother Calliope N Pikramenos was alive. Harry, Mike and Nick Pikramenos used to treat this poor woman like dirt and never care for her, the only one that took care of their mother was Theo and he does not have anything to do with this animals. Harry, Mike and Nick kicked Theo out of the business after the late mother passed away. None of them are good. Ferguson brothers do not feel bad they did it to their brother Theo, is not surprising that they do it to you or someone else. This two brothers and father are very bad, they are evil people and the first thing they did after kicking Theo,(the little brother out) was cancelled his insurance and he is a diabetic for 22 years, they are animals and God is watching and justice will be done. The father Nick was always unfaithful to his wife and left her in many occasions to be with his sweetheart, he is not good either. He went to Greece and left the Hotel and Restaurant at that time Island Pasta to his wife and Theo and when the late wife pass away he came and got together with Harry and Mike after more than 10 years that they did not talk to each other but at that time they had Café Johnny Canoe and they had money so the father betrayed Theo. Before Mrs. Pikramenos passé away she asked Mike for $3000.00 to send it to her husband in Greece and Mike denied it . Harry and Mike never care for their mother, how can they care for someone else? Coconuts will make it again and God will always look after good and decent people like the two of you. May God bless you and do not forget God is always watching and protecting us from evil. Let them eat each other like snakes. Harry and Mike were very furious after the reading of the will that the late Mrs. Calliope Pikramenos left everything to her son Theo, and she did this because Theo was the only one there helping his mother and caring for her when the two others were making a lot of money and never care to help their mother and the father in Greece with his sweetheart. Believe me they are garbage and also their wives. But justice will be done. Ferguson brothers be strong and have faith believe me you are going to get up and get stronger than ever. God is with you. Harry wanted to bury his mother on a cartoon box, what else you can expect from this Satan man. God help them, they need it.

  11. @Russell Johnson
    and those letters regarding rent… sorry but if theyre dated 2 weeks after months beginning, theyre still behind…regardless if its paid or not.

    behind means its not paid on time….they didnt pay on time. the restaurant failed. point blank. if times were good and money was being made, with that location and bankroll, what those dudes did would not have mattered. bahamians dont care about the principles when it comes to making money particularly entrepreneurship

  12. @Russell Johnson

    actually mr. johnson, i don’t even KNOW those 2 “scumbags.” i just don’t have the potcake/pack mentality. those men never did wrong by me so i won’t badmouth them b/c i dont have any personal experiences. i never have and never will jump on the bandwagon.
    there are 2 sides to every story.

    personally, i don’t feel as though this story went public for the ferguson brothers to “save the bahamian race from being attacked and taken advantage of by those scumbag, disgrace for skin pikramenos men”

    i feel they made it public to save face b/c when ppl saw that the restaurant had closed, they didnt want ppl to assume they went out of business b/c of mismanagement or poor clientele.

    im in no way saying their lawsuit filed has no basis, im simply saying they made it public to save face.

  13. I pray for a happy ending, may God continue to bless the Ferguson brothers in all their endeavours. Sincerely…

  14. Seriously and dpm you two are a disgrace.Instead of supporting the two independent sources you are trying to coverup.I hope you two are not related to these ttwo scumbags.I do not kinow any of the writers but the stories are horrors.A b oycott of their establishment is suggested and the involvement of the public will begin. It seems as if the fight against indigenous Bahamians has begun but there will be no turning back.

  15. Seriously? :Obviously this article is biased. how about a little professionalism on your part? this article is slander based on everyone’s personal feelings. and this sort of stuff happens all the time, why did it have to be made public? to save face?


  16. Obviously this article is biased. how about a little professionalism on your part? this article is slander based on everyone’s personal feelings. and this sort of stuff happens all the time, why did it have to be made public? to save face?

  17. Media; Since we want change for the Bahamas, could you arrange for a discussion about the possibility of the establishment of local government on New Providence? An exchange of ideas about how it could be effected and what the parameters could be and the benefits to localities would be a welcomed change. This is a time when we need to get into constructive changes that can benefit our people. Thanks.

  18. The Bahamas needs to get rid of sickos like The Pikramanoes brothers they are worst than Hitler. Only the God Lord can fight this kind of evil. Bahamians are to decent to fight dirty.

  19. Yes some one did warn these brothers when they called for my assistance with recruitment I warned them but I guess they could never imagine people as nasty as the Pikramanoes brothers they have prostituted the Bahamian labour force for years. I was sadden to see that they are still up to their old tricks my family and I have not yet recuperated our lives and careers ruin by these people and yet the people of the Bahamas sit by and believe everything they said but you know what I am still pray full for myself and all the Bahamians young woman who worked in their employ and have felt their wrath but the prophecy came that this time they will not have to say they made me and like the Ferguson brothers you will survive because God is on the throne. Trust me it grieves me every time I saw Bahamians in their restaurant because they care nothing about us and they have verbalized these on many occasions. Something has to be done with them. Just a correction it was the brother Theo Pikramanoes who opened the Island Pasta Market and could not keep his hand out of the cash register but Mike and Harry are scrums all the same look at all the weight he has lost he is dyeing slowing from greed. People like them should have never been allowed in this country never mind they will tell you they are Bahamians they hate us and will never change thank God Harry only has one child and he and Denise his wife never choose to reproduce because that *** is a witch her self.
    I salute you people for showcasing the Ferguson story do not continue as you may well be able to produce a show called the Fergusons of Farm Road highlighting all the lives that these this evil empire has ruin.
    God bless you all for letting the Bahamian people know about them but trust me the people they have hurt will probably never read this column so take your protests to the streets in the front of the establishment they are so evil you can’t imagine it makes me stick to speak of them. They have continued to prosper because good men and woman have remained silent.

  20. It is sad in these modern times , that these two bright young were not not allowed to continue to suceed in their own ancesteral country. I loved coconuts food!

  21. Man I love coconuts, their food used to be off the chain! Those boys sure know how to mix ingredients and could have done so well there, if it was not for those wicked brothers. I am very surprise nobody warned them about those Pikramenos boys before they decided to lease that place from them. They don’t have good ways. They have ways just like their cousin Manny Alexiou, even though they are not too particular with him. Anyway, as soon as I saw them on ZNS telling of their experience, I could only imagine what went down between them and those greedy Pikramenos boys. I just want those Ferguson boys to know that what God has in store for you, nobody can take that away from you. I know what you are going through, because I have been through a similar experience with a landlord where he believe I was making too much money and wanted to raise my rent every minute. I have recently relocated to a better location, paying less for rent and generating more customers, my current landlord and I have a great business relationship and the potential for my business to succeed is endless. Just keep on believing in God and he will work it out for you.

  22. This reminds me of a similAR Situation on Blue Hill Rd where the owner had no didfficulty renting out the place but each time he saw the leasees having successses he did all in his power to discourage them.The FNM Govt did the same thing with investments the latest being anchor projects.I would encourage no Bahamian to rent this building and we will see how they pay their bills.

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