Coconut salesman fined $700 for selling outside on Friday…

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| A coconut vendor has been find for violating the Minnis CHINESE Lockdown Orders in attempting to sell his coconuts on May 15th.

Jason Williams admitted to the charges of operating as a NON-essential business and breaching the curfew. Williams, 18, of Culmerville was brought to court in shackles, unlike Johnathan Ash, and was unable to get police bail.

Police discovered the teen selling coconut water and jelly around 3:20pm on Friday on Harold Road. He was fined $400 for operating outside the orders designed for essential services only, and another $300 for failing to keep his black ass at home. ONLY the selected rich and privilege are permitted to operate under the Minnis ORDERS!

Next time keep ya back ass home! See, we at BP gata tell yinner like it is.

We report yinner decide!