Queen’s College to cut faculty payroll by 25% by month-end…


NIB is reporting more than 30,000 unemployed due to the COVID19 pandemic!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now reporting another private school in the east has told teachers in writing to expect a 25% cut by the end of the month.

BP understands Queen’s College faculty have been given notice by the school’s board that salary cuts are coming. And with a further drop in the school’s financial position more serious decisions will have to be made.

The announcement was expected as schools have been ordered closed for months now and joblessness in a deep global recession has hit hard every sector in the economy hard. Scores of lawyers, accountants, and businessmen and women have furloughed staff across the nation and around the world. At home, The National Insurance Board has reported more than 30,000 requests for unemployment benefits.

Meanwhile, the Principal at Kingway Academy is shaking to make any decision on staff after BP reported meetings taking place at that school in April. The principal has warned teachers to trust the institution and stop dragging news like bones to BP. Threats were made to educators that if they are caught carrying news to the number one online news agency [BP] they will be dealt with swiftly! The Principal should know BP is worse than the COVID-19 pandemic – we are everywhere, even in her ZOOM meetings with faculty and board meetings with owners in the US. In fact, BP and Ms GRACE are great friends. We are everywhere just like the virus, so learn how to live and cope with us. Be fair to people!

The uncertainly of COVID-19 is having serious financial fallout across the country and, as BP reports, jobs in the tourism industry will be hardest hit in the coming months. MORE THAN 50% of the employees in tourism will not return to work in the next year.

BP is also learning a private school, which has been around for years,  could close its doors for good this summer. The decision is creating a serious uproar inside the institution. A few years ago the will from a deceased woman of a prominent Bahamian family left more than half a million dollars to keep the school open.

We report yinner decide!