Colour Red destroys brigade at ZNS newscast and is set to embarrass new government


Unofficial RED sick-out is taking place at BCB…

Nassau, Bahamas — Colour red is still on the move at the country’s oldest broadcasting institution.

Sources deep in ZNS are telling Bahamas Press that an unofficial RED sick-out is taking place at the Corporation [ground zero for the epidemic is in the newsroom] with senior reporters taking turns being sick in an attempt to humiliate the new minister, the incoming chairman, and the government.

These reporters had hoped to send a “big time PLP producer” and two known PLP reporters home if they had won the government. Actually, even though that was not the outcome of the election, they are still trying to frustrate them and the system.

They are also trying to humiliate a senior manager by telling her one thing and then talking about her behind her back.

Those persons participating in the ALL RED sickout are even trying to get some GOLD members to join in the sickout.

The plan is so rooted in the newsroom that reporters are leaving before shifts and government minister’s assignments are going UNCOVERED — all in a plan to shame the managers who are professional in carrying out their duties.

Many of the “RED REPORTERS” are still reporting day and night for FNM operatives and one even tried to shame a Minister of State recently during a live interview—but she got more than she bargained for when the minister fired back.

When some of these senior reporters and editors DO show up to work they do the bare minimum — sometimes leaving without even completing their assignments. They are hoping that they are embarrassing certain managers and editors so that these BLATANT FNM reporters can look good and take over the newsroom.

Additionally, if you walked into the newsroom, as BP sat inside all day, you would believe the FNM was still in power. We witnessed it ourselves.

These same reporters—who were promised top jobs in the newsroom if the country had gone red—in the days leading up to the general election, were all over town saying who was going to get axed.

Senior deputy general manager of radio and television Kaylessa Deveaux-Isaacs at a press conference at ZNS offices.

It is unbelievable!

Many we know who were openly campaigning behind the scenes are now upset that the new producer doesn’t let them have stories that run on forever and resent the senior manager because she’s allowing him to put standards in place.

The RED SICKOUT participants are hoping to cause chaos with the producer so that an FNM is brought back, and the “RED news” could drown out the government’s news.

Boy, dis come S**** EH?

Meanwhile the minister is getting bamboozled as many of the RED SICKOUT REPORTERS are kissing up to the new ministers and government by rushing to cover all their events in an attempt to earn brownie points.

Just days ago they were running behind Papa and everything RED. These obvious RED reporters and editors sit in a corner of the newsroom or call each other on the phone and whisper their next moves to each other.

One of those senior reporters recently sent an email to management and the entire newsroom complaining about the newscasts and that FNM releases aren’t given equal time. This is the same reporter who openly suppressed EVERY PLP RELEASE THAT CAME INTO THE NEWSROOM BEFORE MAY 7. Where has this newfound zeal for fairness come from? One of the senior editors seems to agree because every opportunity she gets to manage the newsroom she has all the FNM releases included.

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

We report yinner decide!


  1. WHAT KIND OF MESS IS GOING ON !!! Fire all of em!!! See how they like dat!!! How unprofessional!!! a Job is a Job so long as it helps you take care of your family!!! Gold and Red My behind!!! It’s all one freaking country!!! no matter who you support!!! People definitely losing their mind … so what would have happened if DNA had won… Red & gold would have called for a recount!!! Aint no pleasing yall!!! Grow the hell up!!! Embarrassing the Country not just one person!!!

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