Another Conflict of Interest at the Airport Authority



Bahamas Press is investigating another ‘conflict of interest’ in The Airport Authority. Brent Symonette was reminded how he was fired as Chairman of the Authority in the first FNM administration. The reminder came from the former minister of transport Glenys Hanna-Martin during the debate in Parliament today.

Bahamas Press has learned that FNM financier and sitting president of Colina Emanuel Alexiou was appointed to the board of the Airport Authority under the new government. Hubert Ingraham announced in the House of Assembly today that Alexiou’s architectural company Alexiou & Associates has been proposing a contract to design the new LPIA airport facilities.

Will the Airport Authority under the direction of chairman Frank Watson go down the road once again by allowing its board members, this time in the name of Emanuel Alexiou, to now raid contracts for himself? And if the Prime Minister is allowing this conflict to proceed, will he now do what he did to BRENT SYMONETTE, and remove ALEXIOU off the Airport Authority board? Bahamas Press has reasons to confirm why that would NEVER HAPPEN!

Another conflict of interest is brewing in the Airport Authority but this time no one will stop what is about to take place. Emanuel Alexiou owns most of the radio stations and newspapers in this country and so NOT A WORD about this will be spoken or written. The Trust Agenda Strikes AGAIN!


MP Glenys Hanna-Martin former minister of transport laying fire on Hubert Ingraham in the House of Assembly today. Hanna-Martin is credited for her toppling of the the minister of lands and local government Sidney Collie who resigned from the Ingraham Cabinet last month.



  2. It is reasonable to say that all and sundry are standing by and allowing the cronies in the FNM to fire PLP’S and get away with it no word spoken of it in the senate or house of assembly. Johnley is the biggest culprit come lets not sit back and talk amongs ourselves and leave our people high and dry with out any kind of support. It helps when you come back looking for a vote. most recent firing last week marcellette from min. of YOUTH AND SPORTS. COME ON PLP PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL

  3. We need to stop arguing and find out why Emmanuel Alexiou trying to buy up everything in this country. He seems to be a man on the edge with too much power and money. Soon everyone will have to bow to him like a Master as he will have a stake in EVERYTHING in this country. Just how everyone watching the Haitians slowly take over The Bahamas, they need to keep and eye on Manny Alexiou too.

  4. Please, it was far more than bad behaviour and you know that. Do you really, honestly believe that if Sidney Collie was in a Christie cabinet he would have resigned. There were a number of MP’s who were deplorable at carrying out their duties, but not one shuffle. The PLP should bite their tongue everytime. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe when you take over as chairman I’ll change my mind cause I certainly couldn’t call you a hypocrite!

  5. But Jay, no Supreme Court ever ruled against the PLP government as it did against the FNM government, essentially confirming that the FNM cabinet conspired to break the law. That is a governance issue.

    The PLP cabinet, from what I observed, suffered from bad behavior that was an embarrasment, but they never broke the law. That is the big difference. Charles Maynard was comparing apples to oranges. For example, when Charles’ female friend destroyed government property, he embarrased the government, but his social behavior that caused the incident was not a breech of the law, therefore it is not a governance issue.

    The situation involving Symmonette and the container port relocation; the granting of a taxi plate by Earl Deveaux while there is a moratorium and bypassing the duly authorized board; the Mona Vie debacle and scandal; and the preparations for the Local Government Elections in at least 9 districts are all isues of governnance, breech of public trust, and violation of the rule of law. In each case, the law was either broken, or some code of ethics was violated.

  6. Politicians are all a bunch of hypocrites, I never thought I would agree with Charles Maynard but today he finally made sense when he chastised Glenys about speaking with conviction but not supporting it with conduct. How can she argue when she sat around a Christie cabinet and said nothing. Please, stop the theatrics and try and learn form your mistakes. Talk about resignations, she should have used all that mouth and energy to call for some of her colleague’s resignation, maybe she would still be Minister.!!

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