COP Ellison Edroy Greenslade is ‘Person of the YEAR’ named by the Editorial Team of Bahamas Press!


A man with a mission to keep all citizens safe!

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade made a plea for help this afternoon, and 46 people evacuated from Pitts Town Point, Crooked Island, who were at Colonel Hill Airport, have been airlifted to Nassau.
Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade made a plea for help following the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin, as he assisted 46 people which had to be evacuated from Pitts Town Point, Crooked Island. Those residents who were at the Colonel Hill Airport, were been airlifted to New Providence.

SuperCOP Ellison Greenslade
SuperCOP Ellison Greenslade
Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has named Ellison Edroy Greenslade as our ‘Person of the Year’ 2015.

The Commissioner of Police, our editorial team concluded, is the most outstanding citizen on a short list of persons.

We decided that he was most deserving citing the fact that the most discussed topic this year has been the debate on crime in the country. Fortunately for the Bahamas, not only is Mr. Greenslade most highly qualified for the job, but his stellar record and global training places him in the right place at the right time in our history.

Upon graduation, Commissioner Greenslade continued studies on a part time basis. Climbing through the ranks of the Force, he subsequently obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from The College of The Bahamas and went on to complete a number of executive level courses in professional studies in The United Kingdom, Canada, and The United States of America. These courses include: Senior Police Administration (SPAC- RCMP Canada in 1994), International Commanders program (ICP- Bramshill, UK in 1997), International Strategic Leadership program (ISLP – Bramshill, UK in 2005) and a wide range of Law Enforcement courses in The USA. He is the holder of a postgraduate certificate in police management and criminal justice from The University of Leicester, UK, and also holds an MBA degree from The University of Miami from which he graduated in 1997 with honors. Commissioner Greenslade has completed a third of the requirements for the award of a doctoral degree in organizational Management and leadership studies at the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The country, we believe, is at war on the social front, and today, like the growth of violence around the world, including Paris, California, in the Caribbean and in the Middle East, we in the Bahamas are blessed to have this leading General with credentials like Mr. Greenslade guiding and defending the Bahamas against this tide of evil called crime.

Imagine what the Bahamas would or could be like where a former politician is convicted of toting deadly, lethal instruments had we not had someone like the decent, respectable and upright officer that Greenslade is at the top.

Since taking command in 2010, citizens have seen Greenslade’s hands-on swift no-nonsense shakedown of rogue members in the ranks of the Force, stripping them of the uniform that represents what is decent in the Bahamas!

He has realigned the Force with a comprehensive policing policy, restoring important intelligence divisions necessary for the good order of the nation. His record of restoring trust, law and order is unmatched and the People of Grand Bahama can testify to that!

And what we most admire about Commissioner Greenslade is the fact that, as one of our finest sons, he has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the protection of the citizenry of the Commonwealth. This year we saw evidence of his dedication following the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin when he undertook the Herculean task of galvanizing the team to mobilize his ground forces to bring quick relief on affected islands. The Commissioner of Police on National Radio proved his abilities and then, like a leader, hit the ground running to rescue Bahamians in THE wake of this national disaster.

For these, and many more, reasons we at Bahamas Press unanimously thought it right, proper and fitting to cite this countryman who has given his whole life and heart to the task of protecting the citizens. A man who in this time of history stands out as an example to the youth. A man who stands tall as a model police officer of the first order!

To this we extend our salute to Mr. Greenslade and also pay tribute to the fine men and women on the Force who collectively have stood tall in our midst to propel the nation to higher standards! Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed and on behalf of right-thinking citizens we thank you!

Today we join the country in saluting Ellison Edroy Greenslade Dr. h.c., QPM, MBA –
Our ‘Person of the Year’ 2015!

We report yinner decide!




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