Could Kaye Forbes-Smith be headed to Bamboo Town?


What was Kaye Forbes-Smith doing at that Borrow_A_CROWD meeting in Bamboo Town last night. Bahamians are accepting a new low.

Bahamas Press wonders if, Kaye Forbes-Smith, the official resident Ambassador to Atlanta is still operating in her office of has she taken up the job as the new FNM spokeswoman for the upcoming Nov. general elections.

The ambassador was seen in Bamboo Town, big as Billy, standing in the middle of the chair flinging exercise at the borrow-a-crowd meeting last evening. WHAT A NEW LOW!

While matters are pressing in the diplomatic world, and while the Bahamas is in dire need of new capital inflows from investors around the globe, the GRAY HAIR Ambassador could be seen smiling away in Bamboo Town as the outgoing regime made its case.

Ambassador Kaye, you would remember, was at the center of the FNM Grand Bahama Women’s Association big bust up last year, when she returned to that island in a desperate attempt to become the candidate for the Eight Mile Rock Constituency. She was rejected. She then sought another seat and was again rejected there. Now all this is happening while she should be in foreign doing the people’s business. In protest to her return to GB, the entire executive committee of the FNM Women Association on that island tendered their resignations.

What gets us though is this, why would a woman representing ALL BAHAMIANS in Atlanta, use public money to come to Nassau to attend an FNM Borrow_A_CROWD meeting; Staged, Managed, Produced and Directed by Papa himself; all at the public expense?

What a new low in the Bahamas.

Branville has nothing to fear! There were only 7 voters out of Bamboo Town Constituency at the meeting. The remainder were borrowed. Each MP in the southern district were required to invite 40 members of each branch in that area. In fact, a close relative of a senior editor of BP was contacted by Brensil Rolle to come out to the meeting. She lives in Garden Hills.

Perhaps Kaye Forbes-Smith was a special guest of Mavis Johnson-Collie, who a couple of weeks ago was said to have acted like the leader of a ZOE POUND Gang, which tried to breakup Bran McCartney’s town meeting on the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

It is also alleged that Collie and the other ZOE POUND members were instructed by FNM headquarters to disrupt the meeting held by McCartney.




  1. Chal if the men of bamboo town know what’s good for them they would not let this woman run in their area. The muth of kay is a hot mess. Papa better be careful Kay don’t sneak in his house and eat his pie like she sneak in Sidne Collie house and eat his pie. Kay is a pie eater, and I hear that tongue of hers is powerful. Ol bulldagger!

  2. Boi if Kay Smith runs in this next up coming general elections she would get beat so bad… her attitudes stinks…… i been to something what she been to in freeport she walk into the place and didnt even speak… na she want ran man papa running desperate. hurry up ring the bell man……

  3. Besides all the personal nonsense of these folks we really have to question the governments opening of that Atlanta Office. What is the cost to the public purse? Is it of any benefit to the Bahamas to have a consul general there? Why two consul generals in two states bordering each other? ie. Georgia and Florida

    I understand that the Consul General’s home in ATL costs quite a bit of money. Not only that but the Independence celebrations on July 10th of last year was exorbitant and costly. Who is paying for all this? How can we afford such luxuries in a time of such recession? Its truly disgraceful how these ambassadors and consul general’s are chosen. People with no diplomatic experience or qualities. All based on political nonsense.
    Anyway these things don’t last forever. She’ll soon crawl back down the hole she descended from in Grand Bahama.

  4. BP, correct me if I am wrong, but based on your article and the rumors that this lady was involved in a sordid affair with a young American lady (which is currently before the U.S. courts) indicates that Bamboo Town in for one real battle of personalities!

  5. Interesting possibility as am informed that the women were responsible for throwing chairs and they acted like she-bullies.The stage is set for a very contentious Gen Election and imagine the FNM acting like this against one of their own?Many forget that Bamboo Town was created and represented by the PLP who have been absent from that area for the past two Gen Elects.This appears to be 2002 all over again and from the lines at the registration offices change is coming.

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