Chairs Fly at Bamboo Town Meeting after PM Shuts Meeting Down

FNMs from around New Providence gathered in Bamboo Town last evening to head Party Leader Hubert Ingraham.

Nassau, Bahamas — Police had to cool passions as tempers flared in Bamboo Town last evening forcing the Prime Minister to stop taking questions and leave the area quickly.

According to a Free National Movement supporter, “The meeting went well until a man got up. As he stood, those attending the meeting disrespected him as they attempted to remove him away from the microphone in the audience where the prime minister took questions. 

Another man then stood. The second man proceeded to ask the PM questions and then the PM said he wasn’t taking any more questions. It was then when tempers flared out_of_control and things got out of hand.”

Bahamas Press learnt Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham then quickly left the compound without incident as things got heated. However, its was shortly thereafter when things turned for the worse.

Giving a second account of the events in Bamboo Town last night a source said, “Celi Moss posed questions and so did a camera man. Then the meeting was shut down.

“Apparently as I was speaking to Mr. Moss in person, I saw the chairs being thrown and a crowd gathered.

“The officer on duty, Corp. Stanley Sands, my personal friend, went and broke up the fray and escorted the cameraman to safety. Why can’t we be people at a meeting? It’s expected! Grow the hell up!”

The incident is not the first to occur in Bamboo Town. Shortly after tabling of the BTC deal to Cable and Wireless, MP for the area, Branville McCartney, attempted to hold a Town Meeting with his constituents hoping to gain their views on the proposed sale. Members of the FNM Goons Squad, however, heckled the meeting; forcing that event to also close.

“As the Prime Minister exited, some unruly group, believe to be a small group of former FNMs, begin wildly throwing chairs into the crowd, and that is when everything got far out_of_control,” another eyewitnesses said.

All the media were present at the Bamboo Town event last night and we at BP will wait and see if members of the WUTLESS MEDIA report the same.


  1. i dont no who the persons who run bahamas press is but just for clarity anyone who know stanley sands knows he has no no personal friends and dont mingle like that
    so i would a appreciate if you would choose your words properly,I HAVE NO PERSONAL FRIENDS,NOT ONE

  2. I’m tired of all these old people with traditional party alliances. I expect some of them to vote FMN because of their direct connection with these politicians, (contracts, money) but most of these fools don’t even know or want to know about the real issues we face, or even know these politicians outside of politics, but yet they just vote FMN because of their foolish traditions. Look at that photo, only these old folks wearing RED. What about the issues? what about the future? The country? old a## thinking folks. The same goes for the PLP old a## folks.

    Young people please don’t be foolish and align yourself with political parties, vote as you see fit, let’s show them we are smart and we are all for one common goal – A BETTER BAHAMAS FOR ALL IT’S CITIZENS.

  3. KB please tell me you are not serious when you said the Bamboo Town constituency meeting “was staged to avoid Papa from having a real dialogue with residence of Bamboo Town! SHAME ON THEM!!!” May I ask you of one, just constituency or town hall meeting that Papa Chuckles showed up to have any form of a dialog with the people of the Bahamas over the sale of BTC? If this report is correct then Papa Chuckles is now developing a pattern of running to his car whenever anyone stands up to dare ask him to explain his actions and decisions? Papa Chuckles and his cabinet can run and hide but come the general elections the people may just hide their votes from of them. It is going to be so important that all polling stations are triple layer manpower manned by the opposition parties because you don’t want to end up with a ‘I don’t care how you voted, but who counts the votes’ election results?

    • What we find incredible is this; When Branville wrote the PM to join him in Bamboo Town to discuss the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless the entire Government refused to show. Rather, they sent the goon squad to break up the meeting. Now they want talk to Bamboo Town? THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME! I WOULDN’T come to listen to them either!



  5. Big fight in Bamboo Town again and everyone is ignoring the independence of the residents there.I see where Papa had his diehards out and for anyone thinking of joining the FNM as a candidate the message is clear,”you must be ballsless,willing to suck up to the Leader,and willing to compromise on issues,be blind and lack integrity”.

  6. This is the problem BP, “FNM from around New Providence”, why don’t they allow the constituents voices to be heard. Most of those attending will not be voting in that constituency! This was staged to avoid Papa from having a real dialogue with residence of Bamboo Town! SHAME ON THEM!!!

  7. Celi Moss all about causing problems. Does he live in Bamboo town? Cause he always seems mixed up and around bad gangster like behavior. This is the real world Mr.Moss, not one of your movies.

  8. I will like to bestow the HONORARY TITLE OF BAHAMIAN DONKEYS OF THE CENTURY on the following persons-HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM-He said that Bahamians who were against the sale of BTC to C&W were UNINFORMED,trying to hold the country back.Yet he DIDNOT KNOW that he needed GBPA approval in order to sell BTC and he REFUSED to listen to other persons views.ZHIVARGO LAING-FORMER EMPLOYEE OF GBPA and also DIDNOT KNOW THE LAWS AND RULES OF THE HAWKSBILL CREEK AGREEMENT which governs the Freeport area.However he claims to be an economist.JULIAN FRANCIS-FORMER CHAIRMAN OF GBPA.He was not able to attract ONE INVESTOR to Freeport while he was chairman.Mr.Francis was also CHAIRMAN of BTC but apparently HE DIDNOT KNOW BTC WAS PAYING FEES TO GBPA IN ORDER TO OPERATE IN GRAND BAHAMA.So now the Bahamian people know that BTC was paying mr.FRANCIS NOT TO WORK.Boy these three men INTELLECT IS LOWER THAN A DONKEY!!!

  9. I have seen pictures from the event and there is no sign of Kenyatta. It would be interesting to know if he was there and what are his thoughts on Branville’s actions considering they mirror his own. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

  10. ingRUM Voodoo wearing off, and look like the allopathic pharmaceuticals he promised the civil service, to keep everyone NUMM UP IN A STUPOR aint working either.

    After the foolish NO, I mean YES vote on the sale of BTC, to the Worthless & Cable company…

    Das good for the wicked ingRUM, his watery ricey cholera … in he face


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