Could the murder of Haywood Thompson be over an alleged molestation of a young boy?


Haywood had received death threats over two months before his murder…Eleutherans are quiet over the incident

Rex Rahming - shown here far right - leaving the Governor's Harbour Airport Saturday at 5:20pm -Photo by Eleutheran Newspaper

Murder suspect Rex Rahming leaving Eleuthera following an intense manhunt for his arrest.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press can now confirm according to sources that murder suspect, Rex Rahming, who is accused of the murder of Haywood ‘Woodi’ Thompson of Palmetto Point, Eleuthera, is now in New Providence.

Sources at the Eleutheran Newspaper on that island have confirmed Rex, who was on the run for just under a week, was taken off the island via a Bahamasair flight at 5:20pm on Saturday bound for New Providence.

According to the online paper, “Rahming (22 who is) also of Palmetto Point, was reportedly seen moving about the town the day the deceased was discovered on Sunday July 6th, but by the time the detectives began to focus on him, he had fled.”

Our team on the island reported how Rex had told relatives that he was prepared to kill himself rather than being taken to jail.

In Hatchet Bay 3 days later in the vicinity of the Packing House, detectives caught up with the suspect in hiding.

Now this story is getting interesting because Bahamas Press has asked repeatedly what was the genesis of this crime. And why would two men go at each other in such a violent fashion? It is obvious that both suspect Rex and murdered man Thompson were known to each other and both were seen together on the night of the killing. Why they ended up in a big bust-up is still the big question. And, yes, there is more to this story.

And here’s what we now know – you should remember how BP broke that it appeared the victim had put up a struggle as there were quite a lot of defensive wounds on Thompson’s hands.

But the ‘hush-hush’ news on Eleuthera has focused on the deceased with some eye-opening revelations as to what may have led to this incident of blood and violence.

Sources now suggest that this may go back to an incident of buggery! Sources tell us that just a few months before his death, the deceased was accused to have allegedly paid a young boy $10 for sex on the island. Some believe the young child was indeed a relative of Rex Rahming, and thus the slaughter and threats against Thompson. Even residents who refuse to speak on the issue believe the case might have been a vigilante attack.

Just over two months ago now Thompson had received death threats according to the Governor’s Harbour police station and relatives – but no one mentions over what?!

Could the murder of Haywood Thompson be over the buggering of a young boy child? Inquiring minds want to know!

We report yinner decide!