COVID cases spread at a private medical facility in eastern New Providence and Health as yet to examine that operation or have it closed down!


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is warning every citizen of the Bahamas to remain on high alert as we understand a third more dangerous wave of COVID19 spread is about to hit the country. As you go about your business be mindful of protocols.

Right now we can report a medical facility on Prince Charles Drive has had several cases of staff members who have tested positive for COVID 19.
And also more of the staff and relatives have been forced to quarantine due to exposure. Some connected to these cases are still awaiting tests.

We at BP also understand a few patients have tested positive, and, yes, as expected, a couple of the patients who frequent that facility have died over the last few weeks.

But while this all has been happening and cases worsen at that facility, as in the food stores, they have failed to close to permit deep cleaning and sanitizing.

Staff is forced to pay for their own COVID tests in the major medical scam and scandal before returning to work.  Again, here is the work of the medical cartel in the Bahamas who are supported and protected by the political directorate! How SAD!

And so, while these cases grow and grow, business at this medical facility in eastern New Providence continues with business as usual!

There is no plexiglass to protect the staff from patients breathing on them.

There is no temperature check at entry points. No proper channels to ensure to keep staff and by extension patients safe, but yet nothing is done by Health?

You know one of the powers vested in the Chief Medical Officer of the Bahamas is that she/he has the power to OPEN and CLOSE DOWN any medical facility that is violating protocols. 

We ask the CMO why COVID TRACK AND TRACE has yet to visit that medical facility to examine what is happening in the east? Will they be inspected and issued a citation like Potter’s Cay Vendors?

Or does someone in the Cabinet Room have shares in that facility which makes them untouchable despite the community COVID spread there?