Hot media personalty tells relative “Go Mind Ya Own Damn Business!”


NASSAU| A hot media personality who climbed all the way to the top has struck gold once again, this time becoming the close friend of a “holy man”.

The media personality is known for their professional “SKILLS” on the mattress and one time made international news with the Bahamas.

BP is learning, however, a relative, who is also powerful in the country, is deeply upset with the new relationship with the side couple and wants it to end.

But the relative is having a hard time because no one pays any attention to his advice. What’s worse is the fact that the relative has his own pile of skeletons and has been spotted hanging out on the beach with one rich foreigner in the gated community on Paradise Island in tight bathing suits.

Sources told BP the media personality, who never backs down from a fight, told the relative, “When you want to talk to me about my relationship, you go to the press and have a discussion about your own!” Boy, the relative was a shame!

All we at BP says is this – THIS ONE JUST MIGHT NOT END WELL!

We report yinner decide!