Crisis within the FNM as another candidate attempts to withdraw as the candidate for West End and Bimini – David Wallace withdraws offer to replace Parker!


Senior voter told National Radio she dreamed Pindling was campaigning with the PLP!

West End and Bimini candidate.

Bimini, Bahamas – A new crisis is developing deep within the Free National Movement as another candidate has formally requested of the leadership to withdraw her nomination.

Bahamas Press can report West End and Bimini FNM candidate Pakeisha Parker has advanced a request to have her ratification for the FNM withdrawn. We learned tonight the decision is as a result of personal reasons following the massive Tsumani wave of the PLP, which launched on Grand Bahama Friday evening. At that massive PLP event thousands drove through the streets of that island creating four lanes from the West and East ends of Grand Bahama. The motorcade was two miles long.

Parker is also dissappointed after the party failed to meet financial obligations promised to her following her ratification process.

The decision by Parker spells serious trouble and crisis within the FNM, and confirms that big money support has withdrawn from the organization. What is this happening deep inside the opposition on the eve of a General Election?

From credible sources BP has learnt the leader of the party, in an attempt to save his structure, has made a call to former West End and Bimini MP David Wallace to accept the nomination. He flatly turned down the offer. A second attempt was made to Bimini Administrator, Sherrick Ellis. But after failed negotiations and the inability of the party to muster financial support, he, too, has failed to accept the FNM’s emergency request to run.

This leaves the gates wide open for current MP Obie Wilchcombe, who we know could not lose no matter who ran against him.

Today on the Darold Miller Live show, an Eight Mile Rock woman in her 80s told the nation that last night she had a dream and the dream was that the Father of the Nation Lynden Pindling was campaigning with the governing Progressive Liberal Party and that she has already seen the victory of the PLP as the next government of the Bahamas.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie in a special broadcast this morning announced the election date of Wednesday, 10th of May. Ten was Pindling special number which brought the PLP to Victory on January 10th.

We report yinner decide!