Current FNM General and Potential Candidate Arrested on Cat Island?


<<< Johannes Maximillian Harsch the German man gone missing. An FNM general and potential candidate, Ezra Russell, is still in police custody.

Fernandez Bay, Cat Island – We were shocked to see the WUTLESS TOILET PAPER SPINNING like a top this morning. The headline blared out loudly, “EX PLP General in Missing Man Probe”.

BP reported the story yesterday that police were conducting investigations into the disappearance of Johannes Maximillian Harsch, a 46 year old expiate of Germany and resident of Fernandez Bay, Cat Island.

In that report our deep throat in the high command reported that officers from New Providence were on Cat Island assisting their colleagues with the investigation.  We noted that Ezra Russell along with Devon Seymour and a resident name Rob Law were all in police custody.

What the ‘dutty’ paper did not say was that during the Elizabeth by-election it was promoting Ezra Russell as a featured speaker of the FNM. The paper was happy to report that Mr. Russell had a falling out with the current MP and had planed to run against him as he sought the FNM nomination.

Well, now all of a sudden Mr. Russell features prominently in their story after getting the report off BP because they have no sources with the police. They are now trying to spin when this was the FNM man two months ago.

Oh what a tangled web we waive when set out to deceive. We hope that WUTLESS DUTTY TOILET PAPER would call Carl Bethel to get his response, as he was running the election campaign in Lizzy for the FNM and was going to put Ezra on the platform.

The Tribune has no Credibility left in this town and they have no SHAME!