Update on the Passing of Lady Edith Turnquest


Nassau, Bahamas — We here at BP, have only twice in our existence retracted a story. We have sources and agents all over the World. We have affiliation with international news media and are well respected in our field. We double and triple check our sources.

We have agents and sleeper agents in all departments of Government, Police Force, Defence Force, OPM and the Attorney General’s Office. We do not spin on this site. In fact, all of the news media in the Bahamas come to this site to get news stories.

While we are not given credit or attributed as the source for their stories, you our loyal 7.2 million strong monthly readers are aware of our stellar record.

We have broken more news in one month than the entire press corps in the Bahamas has done in the last two years.

We first reported the massive stroke suffered by Lady Turnquest in London , when the press did not know that she was there. We can report that the Turnquest’s won a one week stay in London during an auction. Sir Orville decided to stay an additional week due to the British Elections. We can report that the Turnquest’s attended a theatre in Central London after dinner on Saturday night. When Sir Orville arose on Sunday morning, he noticed that his wife was unresponsive, he called the hotel personnel who called an ambulance. She was rushed to a hospital in Central London and operated on immediately.

Shortly after 9.00 GMT ( London Time) on Monday morning, the family doctor here in Nassau and a close family member was contacted by  the doctors in London and brought up to speed on the situation. Based on that communication by doctors in London, it was decided to take her off life support.

We only repeat and outline what happened for the naysayers including the Wutless Tribune and Carl Bethel, the FNM Chairman, who must have a contact for Tommy Turnquest and could have been given the facts.

We respect the Turnquest family highly and would not spread rumours on a serious and sad matter as death. We want the family to know that they are in our prayers and we wish for all the naysayers to pray for the family as well.  

May her soul rest in peace.     


  1. What a beautiful and wonderful Lady. The Bahamas has truly lost a jewel. My prayers and heart felt sympathy are with the Turnquest family during this very sad time for them all.

  2. Keep up the excellent work BP;you are doing a great job!!! I express my sincere condolences to the Turnquest family and wish God’s presence be with them in this time of bereavement.

  3. BP this probably the reason the other medias are not doing what they are suppose to be doing. Here it is you are doing your best to keep the people informed and they are acting like you and your team are the villains. Not everybody will give you credit or show appreciation for the good job you are doing. Mind you, when the other Medias don’t tell them anything or doesn’t see the need to put in the time to do a proper research before reporting a story, these same people on here who are attacking you is be quite happy and contented, you don’t hear them ranting and raving. That is why the other medias is treat them like that.

  4. @Sheriff well said

    @ kim sands I can’t see why minister turnquest would say on zns that he and the family was sadden and stressed that people were reporting that his mother was dead when she was very much alive. What could he hope to gain from this?? This is someone who was there hope this helps you to understand why people are attacking BP about their reporting

  5. BP thank you for all the update on Lady Turnquest. I don’t know why people attacking you about your reporting unless they were there or had their people on the ground. I can’t see why you would say the woman is dead and she was still alive. I mean what could you hope to gain from that? Anyway, if she die yesterday or today, the point is the woman is dead. We will sorely miss her , it is a very sad time in the nation and for her family right now. Instead of running on about her death, lets celebrate her life and what she meant to us.

  6. Get over it BP. You were wrong. Mrs Turnquest died around 2pm Wednesday(our time).Patting yourself on the back and belittling the other media does not make you look credible. Self praise is no recommendation. Let the readers
    sing your praises.There are no brownie points to be gained from this.

    • WE REPORT YOU DECIDE R G. And day will come when we at BP ga tell yinner RUN, Leave the country for something coming. And plenty PLENTY will say we talking fool. Wait for them people to tell ya. ONE DAY BP ga be GONE!


  7. If you ever encountered Lady Turnquest you couldn’t help but to love her, she had a very pleasant disposition and she such a sweet person no matter what time of the day you run into her. This is a sad moment for the country and I am sure she will be sorely missed by many. My heart goes out to her family and may God’s love be with them during their time of bereavement.

  8. My sincere condolences to the family of Lady Turnquest who passed TODAY (and not yesterday as reported by BP) . May she rest in peace.

  9. BP should stop being bias and stop choosing what comments they accept… why are you holding back on my post BP? truth hurts?

  10. My heart felt condolences go out to, the Turnquest family in their hour of bereavement, on the loss of Lady Edith Turnquest. An illustrious gem, in the treasure chest of Bahamian first Ladies/Mothers, is a great loss for all of us, with her gone, but not forgotten. We keep the precious memories of Lady Edith in our hearts, so the joy of her spirit live on…
    BP, Keep up the good work, and be mindful that self praise has no recommendation.

    You report, we comment!!

  11. BP, please get over yourself. I heard this story on two news stations early Sunday. And they had comments from the family. BP may have only RETRACTED its stories twice, that means that the other 548,987 that you got it wrong you simply moved on and focused on another story. You are not a credible site and it seems you have an axe to grind with the media.

    I find myself coming on here every blue moon to laugh at your misspelt headlines.

  12. Examiner don’t be fooled. That story has a number of inaccuracies. Not because it is typed means it is facts. What you see written above is BP’s version of what they ‘heard’ from their ‘sources’ it is not the facts as they happened.

    With this sort of reporting you will always come 5th and 6th. Real journalist know the key is to speak to the source and not ‘voices’ on behalf of or ‘voices’ who spoke to the source.

    We want facts straight from the source and if you can only get your information through the grapevine you will never be first class journalist. Because each time the story is told it changes! You are not even deserving of the title and from the looks of things will never be.

    Don’t think publishing this post clears you – the viewers know you are ALWAYS IRRESPONSIBLE.

    you should change your site name to what it truly should be – reckless press or even better irrational press.

  13. Now that it is official, all those people who doubted BP, should apologize right now. BP was was right on. May her soul rest in peace. The Tribune and Carl Bethel and all those people on facebook have no shame. BP, You are number 1 in my books.

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