Da 'VIGZY' head people fighting, and letting criminals OUT ON BAIL!


appealcrtopen07<<<The Chief Justice and Head of the Appeals Court listening to a presenter.

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Nassau, Bahamas: TheVigzy’ head people are now fighting among themselves after years of CORRUPTION, SLACKNESS and CROOKEDNESS warmed the bench of the Bahamian courts! And now the stench of that CORRUPTION, SLACKNESS and CROOKEDNESS is visible like horse dripping diarrhea all across the bench.

Suddenly without notice John Lyons resigns after in ruling, he was just short of calling members of the Supreme Court and persons in the Attorney General’s Office, WUTLESS! And his remarks were just after Justice Anita Allen came short of calling him a CROOK!

Now today reports reaching us are that Appeals Court head Dame Sawyer is just short of calling a ruling by Justice Anita Allen SUSPICIOUS! And it goes on, and on, and on. That’s what you get when you allow a BUNCH OF CRAZY PEOPLE TO SIT ON THE BENCH! [Bahamas let’s look to the Lord in prayer…LOOK WHAT WE HAVE SUNK TO!]

Families are raising hell over the WUTLESS STATE the JUDICIARY! Many people are asking this question, WHY IN THIS DIGITAL AGE ARE COURT FILES MISSING? CAN’T THEY BE ENTERED INTO A DATA BASE? BOY oh BOY! But the Attorney General says he has confidence in the Judiciary.

But today, reporter Paul Turnquest, a writer gaining some respect from BP, delivered an article in the ‘TOILET PAPER’ pointing out how many persons accused of murder are now released on bail! Now one must remember here again is the work of these same CRAZY judges who are having a fight amongst themselves! In Turnquest article he explains how documentation in his possession confirms that some 205 people were recently released on bail [BP publishes the names above], MANY OF THEM HAVING MULTIPLE CHARGES AGAINST THEM LIKE MURDER, ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON AND ARMED ROBBERY!

heweljonesNow here is what we know. One of these persons released now on bail is a SERIAL KILLER! No wonder every Monday morning someone could be found floating in the Nassau Habour. EVERY MONDAY! Why would judges on the BENCH OF THIS COUNTRY DO SUCH A THING TO THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SWORN TO PROTECT AND UPHOLD LAW FOR?

It is no wonder why people across these islands have taken justice into their own hands! The family of murdered businessman, Hywel Jones and all the people of Great Britain should know, with the WUTLESS justice system in the Bahamas, even if the police had captured his killer, two months later a judge on the WUTLESS BENCH would release that same murderer to kill again. THIS IS THE BAHAMAS!



  1. I am happy to be back after going on vacation which I need to do again as hoodlums rule the street and the Minister of National Security twiddling his fingers.They sure red and scared if they dont even have the courage to attend their own meetings.Me and my buddies at ourv regular bar meetings remember back in 2000 when the Govt lost the referendum and everyone was hiding from the press.The more things change the more they remain the same.The Govt needs to govern and not have persons like 10/45 trying to prove his manhood by being mean to his staff.Where are you Loretta ?I heard you actually agreed with Melanie Griffin?Well blow me down.Where is Bethel EMR ?Vernie Grant out of her league?Neko no fix traffic lights?Brent passport fiasco ?HAI wuthlessss?I give you all an “H” for hopeless so I see why you are all afraid to show your faces or even put on red.Two short years and you already gone belly up.A failing justice system is a tell tale sign of of a society.The Govt illegally fired workers so what more can we expect?Get the water put out the torch ,the people cant stand you no more so beah.

  2. Did any one went to the wuthless meeting? Who cares what was said in the meeting? I don’t time short for them they pulling straws.

  3. I am still perplexed over remarks made by the Bahamas Court Of Appeal in the matter involving Senior Justices Allen and Lyons.I am getting the inpression that Justice Sawyer is berating Justice Allen for having the courage to let all and sundry know about how Lyons had broken the code of ethics.Shortcomings of the judiciary must be put in the public domain so the average man can know of any indiscretion.A non functioning judiciary puts the whole country at risk to investors bypassing us for more stable countries.While all of this is going on not a peep from HAI,Perry Tommy .Barnett or Johnley who tries to pretend he knows it all. You notice that I have not mentioned the Commissioner of Police simply because he was 63 years last Wednesday and is out of his depth.Never was an efficient cop only got the job because his brother is the Chairman of the governing party.Politicians are poor administrators and HAI and crew are proving this assumption correct.In the early 2000s Janet Bostwick and Reggie Ferguson blamed the judiciary for problems being experienced then so it is ironic that those problems are still with us.THe blogger P has a case pending for two years now and claims that when the case was called two weeks ago the prosecutor nor any witness showed.I say the resignations of the Attorney General,and the person in charge of Prosecutions are needed.HAI retire now as you are no better than your predecessor who you publicly attacked and coined the word WUTHLESS.It did not have to be like this.

  4. @Altec
    You are right Altec and unfortunately our people are very complacent so they just beat up their gums and do nothing really to make good positive change. Its obvious we cant put our trust in politicians as they are very selfish men and women who tell a lot of lies to get to where they are.

    I, too, sometimes wish I had stayed in the U.K. where I schooled but my burning desire to make a positive contribution to my homeland is what led me back to our shores. My desire got busted many years ago when I realized that this country is totally corrupt and no matter what government says, “kisses still go by favour”. Its who you know and a boys club that makes this country tick. The rich will get richer and the poor will stay poor.

    I have a “no confidence vote” in our present and past leadership and quite frankly I see nothing good going forward for this country unless a clean, new slate of people come in and take it over with fresh, young, new faces that bring new ideas to the table.

  5. Drama i wont lie to you, at times i really regret coming back home after i finished my studies in the US. The Bahamas has no one at the helm with the will and vision to lead us. This country hasnt moved forward at all since 1992. As a country our leadership has a mindset that is stuck in 1970’s…nothing new just the same ole same ole.

  6. I’ve read all these comments and I truly feel sad. I clicked on to the link and it makes me really sick. Guys and girls I think we are truly living in a Cowboy Town – Wild, Wild West! If I didnt invest so much I would truly pack up my family and say good bye to this place forever.

    Its a sad day in your country when you can no longer trust the Justice System.

  7. @hardhead gal
    You know, you are right, rehabilitation is key. I have to say though. There are many people in this country that are out of work, that are struggling to feed their families and send their children to school. There are many people out there struggling to keep their homes, pay their rent, even put gas in their cars. They aren’t out there robbing people and breaking into their homes. They are not out there selling drugs and stealing cars. These are young men. They know just what they are doing. They idolize easy money and many of them have no intention of contributing to society. This is a heavy argument for me because we should not give up on these men. But imagine working hard to come home and meet your house broken into, or having someone just put a gun in your face and take your earnings as if it was nothing. We cannot make excuses for these men. We simply cannot. THEY MAKE THESE CHOICES KNOWING JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING! And the justice system is enabling them. Hopelessness doesn’t make criminals. The choices we make make us criminals. Many of these men do not want to work. You see them on the blocks, hustling, that is what they want.

  8. Bail is fine under certain conditions. The ones who are getting it are the ones who could afford to pay the lawyers to defend them. Not everyone who commits a crime should be locked up. Rehabilitation is key. We are turning our young men into criminals when they make the slightest mistake so their crimes become more and more serious. Like ronica7 said, they have no outlet, no hope.

  9. @ronica7
    When I received that email, I was disgusted. The majority of those men are out on bail for serious crimes and many of them have previous arrests. Letting these men out on bail is clearly not the answer. It saddens me to see that there are so many young black Bahamian men that have chosen this path. I blame their parents, because they are the ones cloaking these young men and are fully aware of their actions. Our nation is dying and it seems that no one knows what to do. The Bible says in the last days darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness will cover the people. We are failing. Our policies are failing, our judiciary is failing, and our government is failing because over time we have allowed our foundational principles to be corroded. This government is especially toxic because we are in need of leaders that have vision. Instead, the HOA is a meeting place for jokers. They talk big and argue to make points that are circular because they lead nowhere and nothing seems to be accomplished. We need a Christian Council that has vision. We need to get these young men off the streets. We need to give them alternatives. It is sickening and sadly it affects all of us. Crime is eroding this nation.

    I never imagined that I would be afraid to take my purse for fear of being robbed. I never imagined that in order to protect my home I would have to have security alarms, security bars, and cameras. II feel like a prisoner in my own home. I never imagined that I would be afriaid to go out at night for fear of losing my life. And you have a Police Commissioner saying that there is nothing to fear. Surely we deserve better than this!

  10. To my fellow BP bloogers:

    Whats so sad is seeing the disintegration of a country that was once the crown jewel in the region. The Bahamian governmental, judicial and social structures are on the verge of collapse due to years of neglect, foresight and will. You can say what you want, but L.O. Pindling built a foundation in which none after him has sought to maintain or build upon.

    The problems in the judicial system are not new. the broken down judicial system is aiding in criminal activity in this country and the politicians are too busy doing nothing. If HI is such a decisive no nonsense leader then why hasnt he cleaned out the AG office? He is cleaning out all the other government agencies, why wont he touch the AG office and the judiciary?

    The current state of the Bahamas is a lesson in spineless leaders. Truth be told, our MPs just love “being” MPs and all its trappings. The responsibilities that come with leading the country is foreign to all them.

    The Bahamas is shell of what it once was.

  11. Urban renewal was the panacea for all of our problems but since the PLP campaigned on it during the Gen Elect.the representatives from GB in particular felt it had to go.I see where Neko Grant who spends the majority of his time in GB has finally taken a ride around Nassau and seen the faulty lights.Now we need the AG Barnett to ride around on Sundays to see the many young persons searching for an outlet.The Court system has collapsed and it may be too little too late.HAI is only talk and only deals with matters when they become public knowledge.This u graded Cabinet is hopeless and should confess their lack of knowledge.Bail is granted whenever Defense attorneys ask for it and the Courts blame everyone except themselves.HAI coined the word WUTLESS when he first spoke on the ineffective Court system but now the Courts are twice as WUTHLESS.HAI is now throwing his arms in the air and asking the people to criticise the Courts.Well HAI apologise to Christie and then we can have a bipartisan approach to justice in the Bahamas.

  12. When i received that email yesterday, i was appalled but i realize this is nothing new. This has always been the norm someone just had the courage to publish it.

    What this has shown me is that our young men are in dire straits. Albeit some of those were foreginers, and illegal immigrants, but for the most part they are young black bahamian men!

    We are in a sorry state folks! Our young men have no role models! every day they are paraded across our television screens, either shackled, or just handcuffed doing the “bank lane bop”. Our young school age boys hang on the blocks with grown men (who by the way, to me are, overgrown boys) learning deviant behaviour, from some of society’s known miscreants

    We have a serious problem and it will only get worse. Our young people, our boys in particular have no outlet. That is why i wholeheartedly supported the urban renewal program, in its initial stage because i saw young boys waiting expectantly for the marching band classes to begin.

    Mr. Ingraham has failed us miserably, not only in his pronouncements in the house concerning the murderers on bail, (which is still happening on his watch), but more importantly what he has allowed to happen to the urban renewal program, the school policing program, and the national youth program. I tell you, Sir. Lynden was a visionary! Alot of what is going on would have been nipped in the bud, if the national youth service was allowed. God help us all!

  13. My GOD,my GOD with these people now released we all now need to be more careful in our day to day movement.GOD help us in these serious times.

  14. Tristan :In the next 6 hours, this post will be filled with comments. I want Thomas Finley and all the faithful dismall FNM Supporters to see that their Prime Minister and Minister of National Security and Attorney General has no plan, no vison for this Country. Approximately 200 people was released into society last month, most of drug charges, one with murder and others with assault, rape and robbery. We know which was addmitted by Tommy Turnquest that most crimes are committed by these same criminals who are on bail. Ingaham blamed Christie and claimed he will fix it. Well Thomas and others, go ask Hubert this question: When will he fix it or rather when will he resign? He has failed this country in 2 short years and he gets away with murder because of the ineffective performance by the Opposition. But sinse the FNM was hired and the PLP was Fired, We must put Hubert Ingraham under the fire to fix it or call for his resignation.

    Hey Tristan, while I hear you, I must disagree with you on your conclusion of the Opposition.. I believe that the Opposition waited until the 90 days were up before they started pressuring the govt. on certain issues that they promised would be dealt with within that time during their campaign..

    And the Opposition has been outspoken on many issues but you must understand that in parliament the opposition is NOT allowed by the speaker to stray from the topic at hand which is the main reason why the opposition seems ineffective… Many times the Opposition has had to hold press conferences outside of parliament to bring up issues but the WUTLESS media houses do such poor jobs of reporting that they seem useless!! I do think that the media deliberately do that to the Opposition though!!

    On the other hand, the FNM said that the PLP was out of ideas to fix this country’s problems and that they had all the answers but now they are saying that they are looking for answers!! By the way the FNM thought that once they took the police out of the schools and they purchase more vehicles for the police, our crime problems would have been solved but boy they were they surprised because crime has increased to levels above any single year when the PLP was in power over the 2 years since they were in power!!!

    The FNM mislead the Bahamian people big time!!!

  15. In the next 6 hours, this post will be filled with comments. I want Thomas Finley and all the faithful dismall FNM Supporters to see that their Prime Minister and Minister of National Security and Attorney General has no plan, no vison for this Country. Approximately 200 people was released into society last month, most of drug charges, one with murder and others with assault, rape and robbery. We know which was addmitted by Tommy Turnquest that most crimes are committed by these same criminals who are on bail. Ingaham blamed Christie and claimed he will fix it. Well Thomas and others, go ask Hubert this question: When will he fix it or rather when will he resign? He has failed this country in 2 short years and he gets away with murder because of the ineffective performance by the Opposition. But sinse the FNM was hired and the PLP was Fired, We must put Hubert Ingraham under the fire to fix it or call for his resignation.

  16. Bahamas Press, justice and the application of justice depends on how well connected an individual is.Jail was only made for poor,nobodies like me.I will give some examples,some $73-$100 million dollars disappeared from Clico the police is not called in to conduct an investigation and no one is charged in a court of law.Mr.Turnquest from the prime minister’s office is said to sell beach front crown land to family members for less than $2500.00.These same family members later sell the land for $500,000.00 and all that happens is that mr.Turnquest is made to resign.The prime minister said he made a senior goverment official retire for sexual harassment.I want the public to realize that a crime was committed in all of these examples yet no one has been arrested or charged.However,the police could find time to report to the prime minister that 2 consenting adults,one a PLP member of parliament and an adult woman were having sex at night in a car.No crime involved and the police could raid number houses where i submit again that no crime was involved.For those of you that argue that gambling is illegal,i ask you to go to the casino over Paradise Island and Cable Beach,there cannot be 2 separate laws to apply to different persons in a country.For example all working persons are required to pay National Insurance.Until the law is applied equally to every individual irregardless of ones status,creed,gender and politics we will continue to suffer from a high crime rate and persons will decide to conduct street justice since the state refuses to do its job.

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