Dangerous Civil Servant set plans to block, stop and cancel Davis’ aggressive New Day agenda to help the poor!

File Photo!

NASSAU| A dangerous government officer assigned to a major Government Ministry is set to frustrate the system and force protests by Vendors.

The Senior Civil Servant was assigned just recently to a key agency of the government. But rather than help the Minister and support the programmes of the department the senior civil servant has opted to display her dangerous, bold “MINNIS Colours” daily! STOPING plans to advance Bahamians! How long she thinks this ga last?!

In one major decision, the senior civil servant has gone as far as to deny CHILDREN and Senior Citizens support; against the values of the Davis Government which took office on September 16th 2021.

Party sources tell BP the plan here is to obstruct the aggressive Davis agenda, block the Minister, and stall programmes designed to relieve and support ordinary Bahamians. “Many senior citizen’s homes are leaking because of her! WHAT IS THIS BP!?”

Vendors who have been awarded contracts inside the Government Ministry are gearing up to protest – ALL BECAUSE OF THE WICKED SENIOR CIVIL SERVANT! STAY TUNED – WE HAVE MORE TO COME!!!

We report yinner decide!