DAVIS: Primary Focus of Economic Plan Is Job Creation

Opposition Leader Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

NASSAU| At a time when thousands of Bahamians have been left unemployed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, PLP leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis is introducing a new Economic Plan for the nation that will ‘relentlessly’ create jobs, new industries and new opportunities.

Determined to find ways of building a better Bahamas, Davis, while speaking during the launch of the plan last Sunday, said Bahamians are crucial partners in helping to achieve this great feat, which is full of solutions for ‘kick-starting’ the economy.

Mr. Davis noted that there are alot of ways in which one can measure the severity of the nation’s current crisis. This, he said, can clearly be seen when looking at the country’s current unemployment numbers or the number of families who have fallen out of the middle class into poverty.
“I believe that if we give Bahamians the tools to change their own lives, they will change our country too,” he said. “This faith in my fellow Bahamian underpins the entire economic plan.”

The PLP Leader added that it has been clear for years that the country’s economic model needed reform and change. The Covid crisis, he said, has brought home how vulnerable our economy is to external shock and how urgently ‘diversification must be pursued.