DAVIS: New PLP Economic Plan Will Enable Transformation Of Education System

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Leader of the Opposition Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

NASSAU| In order to build a strong and vibrant economy that is beneficial to everyone, Opposition Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis says the new PLP Economic Plan promises to pave the way for a much needed transformation of the country’s education system.

He said this important aspect of development must be done so that the nation can keep up with the ‘rapidly evolving’ world of work. A primary means by which this can be done, he advised, is through virtual learning, which he is certain is a ‘great equalizer’ that can close opportunity gaps for all interested in higher learning.

“We’re going to support Bahamians who are willing to upgrade their skills and pursue certificate and degrees online….Bahamians know that acquiring new skills is the key to unlocking opportunity,” he said. “We must constantly look forward and ask what are the core competencies that will be required in future careers and how do we plant the seeds now to build these.”

Confident about the unique benefits of the economic plan, the PLP leader emphasized that through it, the nation can revolutionize how it is educated and train Bahamians to keep pace with fast-moving technological and economic changes.