Corruption at BPL Can’t Done!

People paying their bills in BPL and yet the power remains off!

NASSAU| Ever since Whitney Heastie took over BPL, there has been a stench of corruption stink in the air. 

Why is it that all the good employees at BPL are either getting fired for stupid reasons or having to leave for some other crazy reason. Then as soon as they leave the good for nothing CEO Heastie is quick to fill the position with someone from his great and endless Grand Bahama family. 

CEO Heastie fired WemCo Security Company which is the best security company in the Bahamas. Always clean officers who are well trained and well mannered that stand out completely. because of their professionalism. CEO Heastie didn’t think they were good enough because he had his in Freeport who had a failing security company. The company only had three fat officers who the only thing they could guard was a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and that’s only while they were eating it.  

So Heastie fired WemCO and hired a company that had three officers and the chief of the company was so low he tried to quickly hire officers from WemCo to try to make it look he had a full team. This patched up security firm that took over from WemCo was so slapped together that it didn’t even have uniforms for it’s officers to wear. When people came to BPL they couldn’t figure out if they were at the place to pay a bill or to dine, seeing that the few men were dressed in black and white like waiters. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!

Just like Minnis and the crooked FNM, CEO Heaistie is running BPL like a tuck shop, hiring and promoting all his friends from Grand Bahama. He is in an unprofessional bed with the head of Human Resources who facilitates his demand for hiring his Grand Bahama friends who are either unqualified for their positions, have no experience to do the job or both. 

How many more Grand Bahamians are going to be hired by Heastie, overloading BPL’s payroll? But wait a minute! This is the same Heastie that gave everyone and they ma the BPL separation packages and left the place understaffed to make way for his Grand Bahama family and friends. Well BP guesses at least someone looking out for Grand Bahama cause it’s surely not Lying King Minnis.

The public’s money is up for grabs for the FNM and their agents and they so like to talk about corruption. 

We report yinner decide!