FNM crony gets $215,000 in funding

Cheryl Ferguson and PM Minnis

One taxi driver is singing the praises of the Minnis government as other angry cabbies gather in protest.

It turns out that Cheryl Ferguson, owner of Cheryl’s Tours and Taxis, is literally singing for her supper.

Her company has secured a staggering $215,000 RBC secured loan, thanks to the Access Accelerator Small Business Development Programme.

Ferguson is trying to ensure that her bread remains buttered by appearing in TV commercials promoting the government.

In contrast, the concerns of other taxi drivers remain ignored.

The Taxi Cab Union held a protest last month over their lack of ownership in the industry as many taxi drivers are leasing plates from others.

Union President Wesley Ferguson expressed disappointment that successive FNM Ministers of Transport have failed to keep their promise to resolve the issue.

Ferguson and others are now faced with the stark truth that it’s only “The People’s Time” for a select few.